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He clenched his fist around his wand, feeling the icy power flood up his arm. Harry gritted his teeth and glared at the carnage before him. The rebels had decided to perform one last, irritating raid on a target they had never touched before.

St. Mungo's.

Specifically, the permanent spell damage ward. Only two patients were attacked, but those that had been were very, very important to him. They were his trophies and prizes and they were currently splattered around the entire ward, utterly obliterated by a rebel's blasting curse.

The rebels had finally pushed him too far. They had killed Bellatrix and Rodolphus as a final act of defiance against him, and he would not allow them to escape his justice. The Lestranges were his. His to keep, his to kill, and his to care for.

Small flickers of lightning arced around his fingers and the aurors that had accompanied him backed away cautiously, wary of what the Monster would do in his rage. Harry barely kept himself under control as he stared at the remains of his parents. His hand twitched and the wand encouraged him to kill everyone in the room.

Harry gritted his teeth and replaced his rage with an icy calm. Rage would do nothing for him. He needed efficiency and planning for the slaughter he was about to commit.

"Aurors." He hissed. "Prepare thirty aurors and thirty hit wizards. It's time to end these rebellions once and for all."

"Yes, sir!" They exclaimed before scrambling away from him. Harry paid them little mind as he stared at the destroyed forms of his parents.

Only one person had the knowledge to strike his parents. There was no reason to assault this part of St. Mungo's other than to strike at him, and it was only made more suspicious due to the lack of attacks on the other residents of the hospital.

Gabrielle Delacour had finally overstepped her bounds. He had offered her mercy and aid many times over and he had thought she'd finally accepted his offer, only to discover that she was now throwing it in his face.

He snarled as he made a portkey to the Ministry. His retribution would be swift and overwhelming. Gabrielle and her little birds were going to be torn apart and destroyed with fiendfyre. Had he not been merciful to them for the past four months? After his destruction of the powerful rebels he had allowed these traitors a chance to earn their redemption and leave their petty struggle behind.

It was clear now that he had made a grievous mistake. Instead of taking advantage of his mercy they had simply festered like an infected wound upon Britain. They were all going to be put down like the rabid animals they were.

He barely even noticed as he appeared in the Ministry staging area. Harry was already wearing his grey battle robes and was more than ready for combat. His wand was ice in his hand as he took to the podium and began to speak to the aurors that had already assembled.

"Hello, my friends." He greeted in a deceptively calm tone. "I have gathered you all to put an end to these rebels once and for all. They were given the chance to flee, but they have thrown it in our faces. The rebels have attacked the one place that all sides have recognized as a safe haven."

Stony faces glared back at him, each auror disgusted by the rebels. St. Mungo's had been recognized as de facto neutral territory for a very long time, and any group that violated the hospital was destroyed swiftly.

"Capture as many rebels as you can." Harry ordered. "We are going to make an example out of them and eliminate any rebellions from forming on British soil ever again. Kill if you believe it necessary. Are there any questions."

His disciplined aurors didn't ask anything. They knew what he expected out of them and set out to go above and beyond his expectations every time. Harry waved his wand and activated their portkeys, staying behind for a few moments to ensure that everyone had left.

He activated his own portkey and found himself standing in front of his men. They had appeared in a small area directly outside the Burrow. After intelligence realized that it was the new base of the rebels hundreds of portkeys were created in order to attack at a moment's notice.

"Curse breakers, destroy their wards and set up anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards. None of these mongrels are going to escape us."

Six aurors in grey robes nodded and began to cast spells at the Burrow. Harry ignored most of their chanting and examined the home.

It was a pathetic work of construction. The house was at least seven stories and was falling apart. He assumed that additional space had been created inside it using charms, but those charms would be extremely unstable. A powerful enough spell would cause the expansion charms to collapse, which could easily kill or injure anyone caught in the failing charms.

He thought of simply conjuring fiendfyre to tear through the wards and condemn the rebels to a torturous death, but realized that it wouldn't make them suffer long enough. They would be sent to Azkaban for at least ten years before he allowed any of them to be Kissed, and he wouldn't let them escape that fate so easily.

Harry grinned at the thought of eliminating the rebels, but suddenly felt something biting him. He looked down into the thick, uncut grass he was standing in and saw a small, potato shaped creature clamping down on his leg. The wizard sneered at it and picked it up.

The small creature tried to struggle away but he held it tightly and snapped the gnomes' small neck before dropping it. It was unwise of the irritating little creature to attack him today. He was not in the mood for such things.

"Sir, we have fulfilled our orders." One of the curse breakers said. Harry nodded his thanks and began walking further down the path to the pathetic home. He swept around the traps that had been set up, easily neutralizing the majority of them with a jab of his wand.

Harry finally made it to the door and tapped his throat with his wand, sending an icy sensation through it. With his voice – made much louder with the sonorus charm – enhanced he cleared his throat and shouted, "By the command of the Ministry, you are to allow us entry. Should you resist your arrest you shall be executed immediately!"

He waited for a moment and motioned for his aurors to surround the home. The rebels would not be escaping him this time. When no one opened the door for him – which was what he expected to happen – he leveled his wand at the flimsy wood door and blasted it down, quickly leaping to the side.

His caution was rewarded as several killing and blasting curses streaked out of the doorway, impacting three of the aurors behind him. Harry gave an annoyed glance at the aurors as the three were killed by the curses and swept into the room.

The wizard conjured a wall of fire and forced it outwards into the room. It wouldn't burn anything but living beings, so he didn't have to worry about unnecessary destruction. Panicked and pained screams greeted his ears as several of the twenty-something rebels in the room were too slow to dodge or shield against it.

Harry wasted no time and moved behind a torn couch. He identified all of the surviving Weasleys – Molly, Arthur, the other twin, Ginevra, and Ronald – and a large group of rebels that weren't quite as distinctive. Fortunately he didn't see Gabrielle amongst them, although he knew that she had to be in this place somewhere.

He smiled as a variety of curses landed on the couch, scorching it and tearing the battered piece of furniture even more. Harry heard several of his aurors moving in as well and taking some of the heat off of him. It sounded like several of the rebels had already been killed.

It was a grave mistake on the rebels' part. Harry was now free to stand up and deliver his own retribution for what the fools had done. He slashed his wand at the rebels and tore their cover – some used furniture, much like he had – and shields apart with a dramatically overpowered cutting curse.

More screams greeted his ears as the cutting curse slashed into their frail bodies, their magic far too weak to protect them from the curse. Harry leapt over his cover and heard a crashing at the back of the house. It seemed that the aurors had finally come in to flank the rebels.

One of the Weasleys – he thought it was Ronald – saw him and raised his wand to attack him. Harry sneered and shot a blasting curse at the tall man's chest. The other Weasleys screamed in shock and sorrow as Ronald's torso exploded, splattering them with his remains. Harry flicked his wand and shielded him and his aurors from the gore.

The rebels' retribution was swift. They focused all of their attention on Harry, completely ignoring the aurors that flanked them as they sent a ridiculous number of lethal spells at the Monster. Harry rolled his eyes and batted the majority of them away easily, the streaks of light easily tracked and avoided. He only had to move in order to dodge the four killing curses that flew towards him.

Unfortunately for his foes, their attack left them completely open for his aurors. Half of them had been stunned or paralyzed, and the rest were too focused on destroying Harry to realize their end was in sight.

Harry laughed as he danced around spells, glad that he was finally able to feel the rush of combat. He slowly grew closer to the Weasleys as he weaved through their attacks until he was only a few feet away. Nearly all of them had been neutralized and those that were left – Molly, surprisingly enough, and the other twin – had begun to try and fight off the aurors.

He walked up behind Molly, motioning for his aurors to stop casting spells, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around with terror in her eyes, but it quickly shifted to confusion as Harry launched a powerful punch into her face.

The wizard laughed as the portly woman fell to the ground with a broken, bleeding nose. He turned to the last Weasley and did the same thing to him, although the twin attempted to cast the killing curse at him before being knocked down.

"Stun those two and let the others back up. Disarm before using incarcerous."

His aurors nodded and quickly performed his commands. Most of the rebels were unfrozen after their wands were taken save for Molly and the twin. When they were bound and staring up at him balefully he simply smiled at them before speaking to his aurors.

"Have five of you investigate the upper floors. There might be more rebels. Same rules."

"Yes sir!" The auror captain said before gathering up four of his aurors and going up the stairs. When they were gone Harry looked around the room. Three more of his aurors aside from the ones outside had been killed, an impressive feat. The wizard took this in before returning his attention to the rebels.

"I must admit that I'm impressed with your handiwork." He said to the bound group. "In fact, I'm so impressed that I'm going to allow you trials instead of killing you right here."

"We would rather die, you filthy bastard!" Ginevra shouted from the floor. Her brown eyes glared up at him, showing all the hatred she could muster.

"That could be arranged." Harry drawled, lazily twirling his wand. "But such a waste of magical blood would be quite the shame. It had become quite scarce as of late."

Inwardly smirking at the heated glares he received from the resistance, Harry continued. "But you see, my fellow witches and wizards, there is a slight problem that I must hold you accountable for. You have fought well, and I admire your courage and stubbornness, but you have committed a grave infraction against my Ministry."

Harry paused for a moment, and his cold green eyes seemed to glow as a brief surge of rage flowed through him.

"You see." He hissed, nearly descending into parseltongue, "Your little group has committed a terrible deed against me. Two people that were once very dear to me were killed on your little raid on St. Mungo's. And unless you tell me who gave you the information that they were there and who led it I plan on torturing each of you to death."

The rebels' faces blanched, but they still didn't answer. Harry was about to make good on his threats and continue his monologue when he felt something very, very dark flash throughout the Burrow. He looked up and saw a killing curse heading straight for him.

Harry instantly dodged, barely getting out of the way before it scorched the ground he had been standing on. He looked up and saw a pair of blue eyes as hard as his own staring at him. The wizard turned to the aurors.

"Take all of them to the Ministry. Kill any that resist. I'll interrogate them later."

The confused aurors nodded their assent and watched carefully as Harry cast off his battle robes. They would just slow him down and wouldn't help him at all against his new prey.

Harry ran over to the stairs and began to hurriedly go up them. He had a chance to avenge the deaths of his trophies, and he would not let her escape. She had overstepped her boundaries for the last time.

Several lethal curses careened towards him as he sprinted up the long flights of stairs, but he easily batted them away and sent his own killing curses up in return. Harry kept an eye out for any more hidden enemies, but nothing attacked him and his spells didn't detect anyone. All he caught was a glimpse of silver hair.

"Get back here, damnit!" He roared as he stormed up the ridiculous amount of stairs. The only response he got was a stunner, which he batted away without even pausing. Harry continued his journey up the stairs and after another flight they abruptly ended, leading into a small room.

Harry was wary as he entered the room. Gabrielle had proved that she was willing to kill him and she had the advantage by knowing the home. She was certainly intelligent enough to create a trap.

He had his wand raised and was more than ready to summon an object to block a curse or dodge. It was that paranoia that saved him. A streak of sickly green light flashed towards him from the corner of the room and he barely managed to summon a small chair in front of him. The killing curse scorched the chair, and Harry wasted no time in responding.

Harry fired several stunners into the corner he knew she was hiding at. He didn't quite want to kill the traitor yet, not when he wanted answers as to why she made herself known to him again.

Another killing curse followed by four stunners shot towards him, but he easily conjured a small slab of stone to block the killing curse while the stunners were easily bat away. A blasting curse in her direction forced her out of hiding.

Gabrielle's disillusionment charm faded thanks to the strong spell that had nearly hit her, and Harry quickly began to attack. The teenager actually managed to fight back, proving that she had become quite skilled since he had last seen her.

She was still easily beaten, but it took him several seconds before her defense was broken. He quickly disarmed her and used incarcerous. When she was bound and immobile he walked over to her, summoning a chair from the small desk. Harry left her wand less than a foot away from her in order to taunt her.

"Hello, Gabrielle." He said in a frosty tone. "Doesn't this remind you of one of our meetings? Of course, last time it was me who was bound and defenseless."

"Go to hell." Gabrielle snarled; her blue eyes cold and hard. Harry wondered what had happened to change her so much. Perhaps her family had been hurt by the war. If so he hadn't heard about it.

"Now, now." Harry said calmingly. "What have I done to earn such hatred? You were quite polite at our last meeting. And to use the killing curse. My," he said patronizingly, "how the mighty have fallen."

He watched with amusement as she struggled against the magical ropes, obviously controlled by the desire to kill him.

"Do you want to know why I hate you so much, you bastard!" She screamed in French. Harry just smiled at her again.

"Of course. That's why I asked."

Harry smirked as her face turned red with anger. This was far more amusing than he had expected.

"I hate you because you and your sniveling little followers killed my family and burned Delacour Manor to the ground! If it weren't for you they would still be alive!"

He felt a small twinge of guilt, but didn't quash it. Harry wasn't sure why he felt the guilt, since he had done plenty of things to keep anyone from sending assassins. And why was she so upset with her family dying? When he learned of the Lestranges' true motivation he recovered quite quickly.

Gabrielle laughed a bit before continuing.

"But I got my revenge!" She crowed. "Your bastard father and bitch of a mother died by my hand, you know. You took my entire family, but I took yours in return!"

Harry felt a brief surge of anger as she giggled. He didn't care about the Lestranges, but she had infringed upon his possessions and had lowered herself to Bellatrix's level. It seemed that it would be a mercy to kill Gabrielle.

"Do you know what I saw when I killed them?" She whispered excitedly. "I saw that they were broken and pathetic and weak. But you know what?" Gabrielle asked mockingly. "I'm not finished yet."

Harry felt a dawning sense of realization and leveled his wand at her. She had a plan. Just as he began the words to the spell that would end her life, he felt the magic in the room shift. He paused and looked around in confusion.

"What the…" he muttered. He couldn't detect anyone and Gabrielle didn't have a wand. But that could only mean that she was doing the magic wandlessly.

He looked at her in panic and saw that his suspicions were true. She had managed to burn through the thin ropes keeping her bound in the time he had looked around the room and had already grabbed her wand. Harry cursed himself for his arrogance and prepared to kill her. He should have realized that she had a trap ready.

Even as he raised his wand and uttered the words to the killing curse, she had cast her own spell.

"Infernus!" She cried. Harry widened his eyes and tried to apparate away in panic. He couldn't avoid the devouring flames from such a short distance. The wizard groaned as the heavy weight of the anti-apparition wards held him back and tried to find a new way out.

He sprinted out of the room, leaving Gabrielle to die. There was no way he would survive the inferno long enough to take control of it from so close, so he would have to use his own fiendfyre to devour it. Harry couldn't escape, so he had to dominate.

"Infernus!" He roared, leveling his wand at the flaming dragon's head that had followed him out of the room. His own tightly controlled fiendfyre burst out of his wand, roaring and crackling as it twisted towards the other fiendfyre.

Harry weathered the intense heat and roared in victory as his own fiendfyre suddenly surged into Gabrielle's and absorbed it. The wizard quickly extinguished it, aware that such powerful and dark magic had probably completely obliterated the magic holding the Burrow together.

He suddenly became aware that the fiendfyre had ignited the home with ordinary flame. Harry's eyes widened and he felt true fear for the first time in many years as the mundane flames began to spread throughout the home at an unnaturally fast pace.

The wizard moved to extinguish the blaze, but even as he raised his wand the flimsy home began to collapse. Harry was powerless to stop his fall as the burning house fell into pieces around him.

Harry barely managed to raise a shield as he fell with the charred pieces of the Burrow, and silently cursed the Weasleys for making a house that relied on magic to keep it from collapsing. The fiendfyre had completely destroyed the fortifying magic and caused all of this to happen.

Even as he fell, he heard the distinctive sounds of potions exploding. Purple and green flames began to mix in with the ordinary orange flames that had appeared at the base of the tower-like home. For once Harry cursed his magic. It enhanced his reflexes so much that he every second of this torturous fall felt like several seconds. He could easily see the horror that he was about to fall into. Harry doubted his shield would fully protect him from the heat of the charred wood or the long, sharp pieces of the home that angled up at him.

His shield managed to protect him from the worst of the damage as he finally reached the ground, however. It dispersed much of the energy gained from the fall, although several long, burning splinters penetrated his shield and landed in his body.

Harry groaned as the shield began to dissipate and he finally became aware of the injuries he had suffered during the fall. The splinters were causing him horrible pain and the sheer heat of the burning wood was beginning to burn him.

The wizard tried to push himself up, but the heat was beginning to disrupt the magic that kept his hands active. Harry growled and forced himself up, ignoring the pain and his slowly dying hands.

He was aware that he had suffered a vast amount of trauma from the fall and heat, but he didn't care. Harry took slow, steady steps as he navigated the wreckage. His wand nearly fell from his hand as he limped through the charred remains of the Burrow, so he put it into his mouth. He would not lose the wand that made him invincible.

Strange colored smoke from the burnt potions hung heavy in the air, and he coughed and choked as he breathed in the dangerous fumes. The smoke had an oily texture and seemed to cling to the inside of his mouth, but Harry continued to ignore it. He had to escape this place.

He finally collapsed, unable to continue due to the agony and trauma. The heat seemed to be dissipating, meaning that whatever magical flame it was had been extinguished. Harry finally felt the horrible burns, however, and grit his teeth to keep from screaming.

The wood he had collapsed upon was still extremely hot and continued to destroy the magic that held his hands together. Harry grimaced as the silvery magic seemingly began to melt off, leaving him much more helpless than usual.

Harry could see black on the edges of his vision and dimly realized that he was dying. He growled and continued crawling through the wreckage, ignoring the horrific burns that marred his form. They could be easily healed once he escaped this death trap, and his hands would easily be repairable.

After what felt like hours of agonizing travel, his body began to fail him. Smoke filled and hung to his lungs, and he collapsed and rolled down the small pile of wreckage he had been on. He screamed as his body was subjected to the torture of being burnt further and felt the hot wood roughly scrape his sensitive burns.

Harry closed his eyes and breathed heavily in an attempt to clear the pain away. He tried to get up again, but found that he could only push himself up enough so that he wouldn't be completely on the wreckage.

But his bleary, burning vision identified a fallen body next to his own. He blinked for a moment to clear his vision before realizing it was Gabrielle.

Her formerly flawless features were covered with soot and various burns and wounds. She wasn't dead and even seemed to be conscious, but she was closer to death than he was. And he was right on the threshold of succumbing to his horrific injuries.

"I guess you got your vengeance." He coughed out, wincing in pain as he used his raw throat. "My men might not be able to get back in time for me."

She smiled at him in response, and he saw a hint of the girl he had once saved from Bellatrix. For some reason that he couldn't comprehend, she was happy. Harry frowned at her, but hissed as the burns and cuts erupted in agony.

"You…You've reaped what you've sown." Gabrielle choked out. She smiled one last time before she closed her eyes. Harry felt a bit of sadness, but he was confused.

How could she be happy she was dying? Death was the end. He hadn't come so far and done so many great things to die in a fire, not when he was so close to succeeding and fulfilling every wish he had.

Harry grimaced as he collapsed again, his burnt and torn body too badly injured to support itself. He could feel his magic slowly weakening and leaving him, and he realized that not even he could survive this.

He was bitter as he thought of Gabrielle. After everything he had done for her, why would she kill him? Harry had never done anything to hurt her. The dying wizard grit his teeth as he forced his body to roll over and look at Gabrielle one last time.

Her eyes were still open and he could see the familiar, clear blue. Harry felt his bitterness melt into regret. Regret for being so foolish as to leave her alive just so he could keep some vaguely defined meaning of humanity. He didn't regret anything that he'd done, not when it had led to him becoming great.

This wasn't fair, the childish part of him cried. He internally snarled at the universe for just killing him like this. He had done everything to make himself the greatest he could possibly be, and then the one good thing he had done turned around and killed him? That wasn't fair.

Why couldn't the foolish girl have just listened…

Harry felt the blackness beginning to overwhelm his vision. Just before his eyes closed he saw a dark shadow twirling their wand at the edge of his vision. As he closed his eyes and let blackness overcome him, he heard the familiar shouts of his aurors.

Just before the blackness wiped him away, he felt gloved hands grab him and soothing magic wash over his body.

At least he had proved Apolline Delacour right. He was great.

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