Lost and Found

He was so close. So fucking close-

And then the door opened. Which could only, ever, mean one thing.

"Master Richard, Alfred wants to see you."

'Richard' grit his teeth so hard his eyes started to water, reminiscent of blue jewels. His partner in crime snapped back with an audible 'pop'and stared at the redhead with a mixture of shame, guilt, embarassment, and awe.

Then again, it wasn't everyday that your butler walked in on you when you were getting a blowjob. With no reaction whatsoever.

With a final curl of his toes he covered his face and pinched his nose, an annoying habit he picked up from Bruce. "You can go Tristan."

Redhead #2 (Tristan) tugged on his clothes in record time and hunched over to cover the bulge in his pants, leaving the room without glancing at anyone.

"And it's Dick. What's your problem?" He lit up a cigarette before the cancer stick was fished out of his mouth and snuffed in record time.

"Wow, if I didn't know any better I would say you have super speed." The boy cracked, not liking the cold, monotnous look the redhead was fixing him.

"Alfred wants to see you." He repeated for the last time, turning his back on the boy, throwing his uniform jacket over to cover the naked body of Richard and his...'dick.'

The Boy glared at the retreating red head as he pulled his arms through the too long and baggy jacket, hoping to burn holes through the back of his head.

"Hey Alfred."
"Have a seat." Looks like he wasn't in the mood for pleasantries today.
Richard took the adjoining armchair across from the withering man, who looked more and more haggard as the years went by. He ignored the fact that Wally was standing close to him as he tried to calm his frantically beating pulse.
"Wallace has told me much about what you with your...spare time."
The boy quelled the urge to throttle the redhead.
"And to say the least, I disprove." What a shocker.
"Richard, son, can you tell me why you intend to sell yourself?" Although the question was bound to come up sooner or later, the boy was startled by the phrasing. He made it seem like he was whoring himself out for money!

Err, although it was the other way around. Or vice versa. Wait-no! Not vice versa- oh well it was useless fighting a losing battle.

Dick bit his lip in frustration, because the source of this 'frustration' was not even standing a few inches away.

Alfred seemed to sense this as he bid the boy off with a knowing look.

Wally followed him to his room. The walk was quiet and he was about ready to explode at the butler and demand why he couldn't mind his own damn business until the redhead grabbed his shoulder roughly and squeezed hard enough to fracture a bone.

"Alfred may understand, but I don't. And I don't choose to, but I will ensure that if you ever approach another man or woman sexually in or outside of this house again, I will see to it what Bruce has to say. Are we clear?"

Dick was about to bitterly mutter out a 'Crystal,' until the butler decided to take matters into his own hands and delivered the hottest, longest, passionate kiss that Dick ever experienced.

Cold green eyes gave him one last look before turning his back."Are you satisfied?"

If Dick didn't still have a lump in his throat, he could have answered.

Ofcourse, Wally was bound to figure out that the only people Dick slept with were redheads with green eyes.

A/N: Are you readers confused? Good :)