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'Dean, shouldn't we wait for morning before going off to look for this thing?'

'Relax Sammy, I'm just scoping out the place.'

'...With all the camping stuff, the ammo and the guns?'

'...just in case...'


Sam Winchester stopped dead on the forest path and crossed his arms, scowling at his brother's back.

Dean, sensing his brother's presence was no longer beside him, stopped too, and looked guiltily back at his younger brother. 'Come on man-we can set up camp and spend the night here, then go look for the bastard at first light.'

'That's not "staying in a warm cabin, making sure we have everything and are all set" is it Dean?' Sam scowled, using a high pitched voice for his brother's.

'Dude, this thing is killing people-and it aint resting! So come on, we can set up before it get's too dark.' Dean said, before walking back off again, leaving Sam in the middle of the path.

'Unbelievable...' he muttered, before trudging up the path after his big brother.

For the past few days they had been in a small town near the mountains of Ohio. The fugly on offer this time was a suspected Wendigo, and they had managed to track it down to this area of woodland, on the bottom edge of a high mountain range lined with trees.

'Run this case past me again.' Dean asked as Sam caught up with him.

'The local's has been reporting missing livestock, sheep, cattle, for months now, but no ones taking any notice-but now, the local kids are disappearing, and the last place they were in were these woods, and the base of this mountain.' He said, pointing at the mountain which rose prominently beside them.

'But the bit I don't get it why the wendigo is feeding so greedily? I mean, one monster can't get so hungry, can it?' Sam gave his brother a sideways look.

Dean shrugged. 'Depends what their doing when their not feeding.' He replied.

Sam nodded, trying to stop the tide of unease flowing through him.

The sun was setting over the mountain, and pretty soon it was getting so dark Dean couldn't see in front of his face, let alone spot a supernatural creature lurking in the damn undergrowth.

He sighed and stopped, looking around him. They had come to a stop in what looked like a clearing.

'Ok, we'll came here tonight Sammy-and tomorrow that fugly in going down.' He grinned, dumping his backpack full of gear on the floor, as well as the duffel he had slung over his shoulder.

Sam gingerly put down his bag as well and surveyed the clearing. It was deadly silent, not even the sound of crickets permeated the air.

'I hate it that it's so quiet.' He muttered, and he saw his breath misting out in front of him like smoke.

'I like it-you can hear the creature better when there's no other sound around.' Dean replied, and Sam turned to see him with his tent material out in front of him.

'We should make a fire first, and get warm.' Sam pointed out, shivering to make his point.

'Ok then Mr outdoors-go get some firewood and I'll build you big fire!' Dean grinned, before turning back to his tent, frowning and scratching his head.

Sam chuckled and started to walk into the slightly wooded bit around the clearing.

'Sammy, be careful, ok?'

'Sure Dean...' Sam smiled, grateful for his brother's care. He spent a little while getting used to the area, before picking out some dry wood and leaves to make some good tinder for the fire.

'Sammy?' he heard Dean call out, and he hurried back to find Dean with a worried look on his face, before he glared at him. 'Don't do that again.' He warned him, waving the hammer he was attempting to use to pin down his tent.

'Do what?' Sam grinned, knowing full well his brother's anxieties when it came to him. It annoyed him, but he was used to it by now.

'You know perfectly well what-go on then, get a fire going...Ug.' Dean muttered, bumping his chest with his fists.

'Ug?' Sam repeated, getting on his knees to sort out the fire.

'Yeah, you know-like a caveman? Ug Ug!' Dean repeated, banging his chest again.

'Weirdo...' Sam muttered, grinning and shaking his head.

'Bitch.' Dean replied.







'...My tent broke.'

Sam sighed and unzipped himself from his sleeping bag and got out of his tent. The fire was still roaring in the middle of them, and Sam stoked it a little to help it along. He crept to his brother's tent and laughed out loud when he saw what had happened to his brother's tent.

It had completely fallen apart. With Dean inside it had totally collapsed, and now it lay on top of his brother like a big, waterproof blanket.

'You know why that happened don't you?' he grinned, raising his eye brows at where he guessed his brother's head was.

'No, why?'

'Cos you put it up!'

'...shut up'

Sam laughed as he began to rescue his brother from the mess of collapsed tent, and soon Dean was out, his hair flattened with a mood to match it.

'Well, it's ruined now!' he glared, kicking the remnants of his tent.

'My tents big enough for us both to sleep in?' Sam offered.

'I don't wanna sleep with you.' Dean replied, looking shocked at the very idea.

'Dude, we'll be in separate sleeping bags.' He chuckled, before heading off to his own warm- upright- tent.

As he zipped himself back in he heard Dean mutter- 'Wait up!'- Before he was jostled aside and his brother bolstered his way into his tent.

'I thought you said it was big enough for the both of us?' he grumbled, growling as he fought to get into his sleeping bag and zip himself up.

'Well, I thought it was!' Sam replied indignantly. 'I could have let you sleep in your waterproof bedding!' he grinned, before lying down and looking at the top of his canvas.

'Well...night then Sammy!' Dean said, elbowing him in the side.

Sam grinned and shook his head. 'Night Dean...' he muttered. His smile faded as the uneasy feeling returned with a vengeance.

He knew this was just the beginning of something-and neither of them were going to like it one bit.

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