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The hum of the overhead light drummed into Dean's head as he sat nervously waiting for any news about his brother. The acidic smell of antiseptic stuck in the back of his throat, making him cough as he looked around; at this late hour it was surprising to see this small amount of people in the waiting room, there was only himself and another equally nervous looking man sitting in the seat opposite him, his face pale and his legs shaking.

Dean gave a polite nod to this stranger, and the man nodded back, giving a very weak smile.

'What are you here for then?' he asked, pointing at Dean with a shaky finger.

'My brother was hurt yesterday, I just managed to convince him to come to the hospital today-they packed him straight off to surgery.' Dean said, actually liking having someone to talk to-all the silence was making him more nervous and edgy.

The man blew air out his cheeks, shaking his head with what looked like pity. 'That bad eh?' he said, before his face fell again. 'My wife just went in, she's just broken her pelvis falling off her horse-the horse fell on top of her.' He said, before his lip quivered and he fell silent.

'I'm sorry man-I'm sure she'll be fine, these doctors are pretty good round here.' Dean said, giving him as much of a comforting smile as he could muster. The man nodded but couldn't seem to speak any more, and Dean watched as the tears began to fall.

He was quite glad when a Nurse called him into the room, but nonetheless, as he passed the man he put a comforting hand on his shoulder, before following the nurse to a room where a serious looking man in scrubs was waiting for him.

'Mr Winchester? Sit down please.' He said, motioning a chair opposite him.

Dean did as he was asked, sliding into the chair with his heart in his mouth.

He watched as the man in scrubs took his glasses off and folded them neatly in his palm before putting them in his top pocket, before he smiled at him, his eyes kind.

'We've just put your brother back in his room to come off the anaesthesia, and I'm very happy to say the operation was a success!' he said, smiling broadly at the younger man in the room.

Dean felt like he could dance with happiness. He returned the smile with vigour, mentally punching the air with joy. 'Thank you so much Doc.' He said, standing up to shake his hand.

The Surgeon did stand up and shake his hand, but when he was finished he gave Dean a serious look and pointed at him. 'You said your brother broke his leg on a trip into the mountains-why where you climbing them in the middle of the wet season, surely you knew the dangers?' he asked, obviously confused.

Dean panicked, wondering exactly what he was going to say, but in the end he just gave the doctor his patented grin and shook his head. 'We thought we could handle it-obviously not.'

The surgeon nodded, before nodding his head to the door. 'Your brother should be awake pretty soon, you can go see him if you want.'

'Would I?' Dean grinned, before thanking the man again and heading for the door.

When he reached Sam's room he slowly opened the door and peeked inside; Sam was still out like a light, an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose to help him come round.

He made his way to his bedside, pulling out a chair and sitting down, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on his brother.

All he had needed when he had dragged Sammy into the hospital was a bit of pain relief for his shoulder and an hour wrapped up in tin foil to get his body back to its normal temperature, but Sam had immedialty been taken into surgery for his leg, and he hadn't seen him since.

'I'm sorry kid.' He whispered, taking Sam's limp hand and giving it a squeeze. He had never meant for the hunt to go this wrong; he thought it would just be a simple afternoon of ganking a pesky fugly, and then back out on the road to their next gig.

He spent the next few minutes staring around the room, occasionally rubbing the back of Sam's hand with his thumb to let him know he was still there.

He couldn't believe he had left Sam alone, but now, with hindsight, he guessed that it was a good thing-if Sam was with him when that bastard had attacked him near that crevice he probably wouldn't be here now, recovering or not-that had too be a good thing.

He heard a cough beside him, and as he looked down he saw Sam's wide brown eyes peering up at him. 'Hey man, your awake...' he smiled, gently lifting the oxygen mask off his face to let him talk.

'Hey Dean, you ok?' Sam asked, his voice husky.

'Me, never better dude-it's you I've been worried about, don't ever scare me like that again!' Dean said, feigning anger before winking at him.

'Sorry...' Sam said, looking down, before trying to sit up.

'Whoa, don't try and move yet Sammy, you might bang your leg again- and don't you dare apologise, none of this was your fault.' Dean said sternly, before nodding to Sam's leg which was now encased in white plaster.

'Ok.' Sam replied, settling back onto his pillows. 'We made it out then?' he said, looking up at Dean with big eyes.

'Yeah, I promised, didn't I?' Dean teased, poking Sam's shoulder and chuckling. 'When your brother promises something, he means it-haven't you figured that out yet?' Dean smiled, rubbing the spot he had poked a little guiltily.

'I guess I have.' Sam chuckled, before he looked down and put his hand down the front of his hospital pyjamas. He pulled something from his neck before thrusting it into Dean's palm.

'I think this belongs to you.' He said, watching as Dean opened his hand.

Dean looked down, before breaking out into a smile; Sam had given him back his amulet, the string a little muddy and wet, but his old amulet nonetheless.

'Thanks little bro.' He said thickly, before putting it back around his neck and pushing it down his t-shirt.

'Your welcome.' Sam nodded, smiling at his brother, before he lay back on his pillow, closing his eyes against a twinge of pain in his leg.

Dean got the hint, and slowly got up, putting a hand on his brother's shoulder as he did. 'I'll come back later once you've had a rest, bring you some fresh clothes and stuff-then I'll see how long they're gonna keep you here, I wanna get going ASAP.' Dean smiled, walking to the door.

'Hey Dean, what about the other Wendigos? Are we gonna go back up there and get them when my leg's better?' Sam asked in a small voice, and Dean's heart sank when he noted a pang of worry in his voice.

'No Sammy, we're not. I'm gonna call around, see if any hunters in the area that can finish the job, sound ok to you?'

Sam nodded, and the look of relief, of total happiness, almost made Dean break down in tears. 'I'm never gonna let anything like this happen again Sammy, I promise.' He said, before he nodded at his brother, who had settled down to sleep, and quietly walked out the room. He shut the door with a small snap, and as he walked down the desolate corridor, which stank of antiseptic and the raw emotion of desperate people, he vowed that this time, no matter what was said, or what happened-

He was going to keep that promise.

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