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Sharon was in her car. Not her own car, it was a replacement her mechanic offered while fixing the BMW. Somehow this bothered her. The little Nissan seemed to understate her. The engine was off but her hands were still at ten and two on the wheel. She bent forward to check the windows again. Nobody was in. They left together, why the hell was it taking so long for the Chief to get to her own home? In the afternoon Brenda had gotten a confession. As she always did. How can someone so smart be such a lousy driver?

Finally she heard a car approaching, she turned and saw Brenda slowing down, climbing the curb, then getting off the curb, backing up a few feet and turning off the vehicle with a bump. Sharon shook her head.

But all the disapproval vanished when the blonde opened the door and two incredible long legs appeared. Every single time she laid eyes on Brenda, Brenda got her. She could annoy her, hurt her, be clumsy, silly or nasty but in the end she could always win Sharon over.

She watched the blonde taking her huge bag and heading home struggling to find her keys. She watched her getting in, turning the lights on, moving back and forward putting away glasses, clothes and a pair of shoes. She watched her knowing she shouldn't be doing that but couldn't stop herself. She was adorable and Sharon missed being able to look at her without ten people around scrutinizing it.

When her mobile beeped she couldn't care less.

Then Brenda went to the window showing off her phone and she rushed getting hers. The text said: "Now the house is clean. Get out of that ridiculous car and come inside."

Apparently it was her turn to be busted. She slowly got out and adjusted her suit. She rang the bell and sighed in annoyance because Brenda was actually making her wait.

When the door opened she entered without saying hello. She looked around. It was the first time she was at Brenda's place.

"That's a clean house for you?"

"We have different standards."


"Now Captain I'm confused. Are you from the health authorities or a simple stalker?"

"I was just making sure you got here safely. I've experienced your driving skills."

"How nice."

They stood in the middle of the living room in silence for a while.

"Are you going to ask me to sit down or just testing my stamina?"

"I already tested that." The blonde smirked.

Sharon couldn't help blushing and Brenda took pity on her. "Please Captain, have a seat."

They both sat on the couch and crossed their legs in a very formal way. "Why are you here?" Pity wasn't a feeling Brenda could hold on to for so long.

"I… I…"

"Please don't start babbling. It's hard enough without you getting all –I… I…-"

"Can you please be gentle? Once in your life? Or when you see someone trying to keep afloat do you always feel the urge to push him down with an oar?"

"I'm nervous, ok?"

"Well you're not the only one."

"You slept with that Mendoza detective." Brenda blurted out.

"That's none of your business."

"So you're admitting it!"

"I'm not admitting anything."

"She's kinda cute, though."

"She's gorgeous."

"Then why are you here?"

"I don't know Chief. She's young, beautiful, kind, caring, with the right sexual orientation... Oh my God, what am I doing?" She moved to stand up but Brenda grabbed her arm.

"You are awful!"

Sharon smiled. "You are too."

"And you slept with her. I don't know if I can forgive you."

"I'm not asking for your forgiveness."

"What are you asking for?"

"I don't know."

Brenda was quickly losing her temper. "Then what do you know?"

Sharon leaned back staring at the ceiling. If she had to throw her heart out, she didn't want to watch Brenda squashing it. "I missed you. As simple and unreasonable as that." She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "What I feel for you is rare and precious. Too bad you're not the most delicate person around. But still I fell for you. You're a mess, your life is a mess, even your house is a mess and as you once pointed out I don't like mess. Yet my life without you is so messier than it's ever been. I want stability, peacefulness, order but more than everything else I want you. I don't think it will work out, I think you'll hurt me even more than you already have but I can't help this longing, this need of you. And I'm tired of fighting back. I love you Brenda."

She closed her eyes and breathed out. Brenda wasn't saying anything. She had expected that so she went on.

"You know what they say, that the truth will set you free? I think the correct way is the truth will make you an ass."

Warm fingers touched her hand. "Are you touching my hand?"

"Yes." Brenda's voice was unnaturally husky.

"Are you going to talk too?"


"Ok. Why?"

"Because I already told you that I love you and I don't like to overdo."

Sharon smiled and turned to look at her. "You are mean."

"I'm sparing."

"You're painfully beautiful."

"You're incredibly short-sighted."

"I'm wearing my glasses."

"They just make you hotter, Captain."

"Is this foreplay?"


"Can we skip it?"

"You're such a romantic."

"Come here, Brenda."

They kissed on the couch, slowly. For the first time neither of them was feeling the need to hurry. They didn't have to steal, everything was theirs to take. Sharon cupped Brenda's face, kissing every inch of it. When she was through, she nipped her lower lip and focused on her neck, biting right up Brenda's shoulder. The blonde moaned and started undoing Sharon's shirt.

Sharon felt suddenly cold. "What are you doing?"

"Do you need a tutorial first, Captain?"

"Funny. I don't think we should do that, now."

"You don't think what?" Brenda couldn't help raising her voice.

Sharon's heart started beating very fast, she was panicking. And it was so much unlike her that she panicked more just because she was panicking.

"I think I need some fresh air." She left the couch and in a few seconds she was out of the house. Brenda was still sitting, with her lips swollen and her skin flushed. The door was open and she could see Sharon motionless in the porch. With a sigh she stood up and reached the other woman.


"I just need a minute, I'm sorry."

"It's ok."

They stayed like that for a while, close but without touching.

"You know, I'm not like that. Maybe you are like that, but I'm not."

Brenda couldn't look more puzzled. "Like what?" Then a thought crossed her mind. "Gay?"

Sharon slowly turned to her. "Seriously?"

Brenda blushed. "I don't know. You are all tense, no speaking, no kissing! I have no idea why or what to do."

"And the gay thing is the best you could come up with?"

"Of course not! Well, maybe. And, by the way, I wanted to tell you this for months, it's probably not the right time, I know, I'm sorry but do you appreciate how good I am with this whole gay thing? And I've been good from day one. Not everybody would have…"

"Are you done bragging?"

"I'm sorry, when I'm nervous I just can't stop talking. And you're so silent and you stopped kissing me!"

"Ok, Brenda, listen… why don't we go for a walk?"

"Walk? In L.A.? Are you feeling suicidal?"

"I do it all the time."

"Can't we take my car?"

Sharon sighed. " But I'll drive."


Sharon wasn't going very fast but she had opened both windows and Brenda was struggling with her hair.

"Why do you look like a movie star with your hair flying gracefully behind you and I look like a crash-test dummy?"

Sharon laughed. She was feeling better, the cool air was calming her and she could think more clearly.

"I still find you attractive, don't worry."

"Oh, good to know. I was getting insecure with you leaving me high and dry and all that stuff..."

"I didn't mean to upset you. I think it was too much and I couldn't handle it."

"I'm not very good with people, you know?"

"I got a hunch."

"Ah. Ah." The blonde look intently at her. "But I want to try."

Sharon took Brenda's hand and held it.

"I could try harder without my hair in every hole of my face. Just saying…"

"I can arrange that."

The windows started rising up "Oh, thank God! Now if we can just pull over somewhere…"

"Why chief? What's on your mind?"

"Besides a brush?"

"Oh! It's beautiful here! What's this place? No, never mind, I have absolutely no memory for Los Angeles' topography and it would just frustrate me."

The city, or what it really looked like L.A. to Brenda, was spread before them. Street lamps, tiny red and white cars' lights moving in the late evening traffic, it was beautiful.

"Tell me Sharon, is it here where you cheerleaders make out with the football players?"

"Well that and an OIS a couple of years ago."

"How endearing."

"I knew you'd appreciate it."

Brenda looked at the sight. "So…"

"So…" Sharon echoed.

"Here we are."


Brenda started pressing her palms down her skirt, suddenly nervous. Sharon turned off the engine and moved on the seat to look at her. She reached out her hand and stopped Brenda's.

"Chief, it's ok. I feel much better."

"And what if it happens again and I don't know what to do. And you feel unhappy, then I feel unhappy too. And we're both unhappy and somehow it's all my fault?"

"It's nobody's fault and I'm not unhappy. Actually I'm very happy."

"But you panicked!"

"And you made it all right."


Sharon kissed her and since Brenda wasn't responding so well she held her head tight and deepened the kiss. When Brenda finally relaxed Sharon wondered if they would always be better at this than talking.

Brenda's hand was on her thigh going up, Sharon grabbed it and put it between her legs so the blonde could feel how hot she was. Brenda groaned in pleasure.

Sharon reassured her. "See? Everything is fine."

"Just fine?"

Sharon smiled and kissed her lips, her jaw then whispered huskily in her ear. "Every time I see you, every time I talk to you, every time we argue, we fight, every time I think of you my body aches. Every time we are in the same room, every time I hear your heels or knock at your door, I'm so wet it hurts."

Brenda moaned and pressed her hand harder on Sharon's centre.

"Yes, Brenda, as wet as I am right now." Sharon bit her neck hard, pulling up her skirt, feeling her skin burning under her touch. "I want you on your knees facing the seat." Brenda hesitated. "Now, baby." As soon as Brenda was like she'd been told to, Sharon moved behind her, standing on her knees as well and holding her tight.

"I'm here, baby. Put your hands on the headrest and keep them there. Good."

Sharon kissed her sweetly on her cheek, then pulled up her sweater stroking her stomach. "You're so beautiful, Brenda." With one hand she untied her bra and caressed her breasts. She was moving slowly behind her pushing her body against hers. Brenda couldn't speak anymore.

"I love touching you." She pinched her nipples harshly and Brenda moaned. "I love the way you let me touch you." Her right hand slipped gently on her skirt, fisting it and folding it back at the waist. Her fingers trailed on her thigh and her panties. "Is this for me?" Not receiving an answer she cupped Brenda's sex. "I said: is this for me?"

"Yes" Brenda breathed, "Yes, it's for you."

"Then those have to go." And she pushed down her panties. Brenda still had all her clothes on yet she was almost naked.

Sharon lightly stroked her dump curls and Brenda tried to move forward but Sharon held her back with her left arm. "Please."

Sharon removed her hand and used it to free Brenda's ear from her hair. She sucked her lobe and whispered "Now you be a good girl and shut up." Brenda's breath hitched. "Do you want me to fuck you, Brenda?" The blonde nodded. "Can you feel me? My body? Do you trust me?"


"Look at me."

When Brenda turned her face Sharon kissed her deeply. Her hand was suddenly stroking her sex and Brenda cried in the kiss. She was trapped between Sharon's body and her hands. She could feel the heat radiating behind her and pushed her ass against Sharon's centre.

Brenda was so wet that Sharon had to press harder inside her folds. Her hand moved down and found her opening. A finger entered Brenda but only to the first knuckle and she bucked trying to get more. Sharon bit hard on her shoulder and removed her finger.

"No!" Brenda groaned.

Sharon made her finger slip further caressing the tender skin between Brenda's ass. The blonde stilled.

"Do you like this?"


"Tell me Brenda." Brenda felt the finger stroking gently and her legs trembled. Sharon held her. "Yes I like it, I like everything you do to me."

Sharon smiled and licked Brenda's neck. "I'm going to fuck you now and I want you to come for me baby."

"Yes, please, yes."

Sharon started a slow motion inside Brenda, moving her whole body with each thrust. As the pace increased, Brenda's breath grew more and more frantic. All the windows in the car were steamed up and the oxygen was rapidly consuming strengthening the dizziness in Brenda's head.

"Don't stop, don't ever stop."

"I won't, baby. Let it go. It's ok. I'm here, I've got you."

Brenda came with a hoarse cry and Sharon guided her sweetly through her orgasm.

Sharon leaned back on the dashboard taking Brenda with her. She opened the window and the fresh air on Brenda's bare skin made her shiver.

"I have so many doubts. We are so different and what we have in common is what makes us fight the most. Are we doing the right thing? Are we going to hurt each other? Well, you, are you going to hurt me?"

Brenda was listening to her lover and, still worn out, trying hard to focus.

"Then we do this, we make love and what I feel... It can't be wrong, you know?" Sharon kissed her head. " It just can't."

Brenda turned to her. She watched the city light blurring through the steamed glass. Dark green eyes were looking at her and Brenda, once again, let herself drown.