There once was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. With blond hair, blue eyes, a button nose and a full mouth, she was a beauty. The body full, with soft curves and pale skin. She lived in the forest with her mother, a lonely woman, who's lover had abandoned her and left her bitter and resenting of everything. So she warned her daughter, of men and the horrors they spread around them.
"Watch out Riding Hood."
She told her in a low, husky voice, sprung out of years of turning to the bottle for comfort;
"Men are predators. They are animals. They will do anything to get their filthy hands on you and ruin everything sweet about you. Trust me I know. I know."
At which point Riding Hood would have to put her mother to bed, kiss her on the forehead and listen to her cursing between hiccups until the cottage was quiet again.
So the girl lived in the forest, and never spoke to anyone other than her mother, and her mother's mother who lived just down the road. This left her innocent, as one would figure, but it also made her curious. Where men really animals? Would they try to ruin her if she met them? Dangerous thoughts for a young girl to be having, but they came as sure as October-rain.

One day, Riding Hood's Grandmother took ill. Worried about her mother, but not able to leave the house out of fear for the dangerous men, Riding Hood's mother gave her a basket of sweets and treats to bring her Grandmother.
"Be careful my love. And don't stray of the road!"
Her mother warned her, hugging her little girl and then sending her off, watching from the doorway with spotted red eyes and a slight shivering of hand, as the young woman disappeared into the deps of the forest.

The Forest was as warm as ever. It was a late summers day, and Red, as she liked to call herself, pulled down the hood of her cape to look around. The sweet smell of late blooming flowers filled her like a perfume, and she closed her eyes, the pace of her step dropping slightly until she stood completely still. The leafs rustled over her head, just a slight tremor from the wind to make them sound like a whispering woman. She could almost hear her mother…
"They are animals."
Animals… This sounded ridiculous to Red. How could they be? Or, well, how could they ALL be? There must be some good men out there. Right?


From behind a tree He stood, watching her. Watching the skirt slide up her milky white thigh each time she took a step. Those round soft breasts jiggling when she walked, begging for some sort of restraint, from his hand, his mouth… A low growl escaped him as she looked around and he could see a flash of her golden hair and blue eyes. The mouth was perky, soft, just enough for him to feel a twitch underneath the ragged, torn apart, pathetic pieces of fabric he called trousers.
He wasn't even aware of the snarl. It came as so natural to him. He had forgotten what it felt like to be human, so it wasn't strange that when he saw a woman he desired, his instincts told him to claim what was his. But not yet. The forest forbade him, and you did NOT go against the forest's very strict rules. He had to wait until she crossed the lines. But the bloody girl stayed on the road…

Red looked around, and frowned a little. It was nice and all to go to Grandmothers with treats to make her feel better, but she needed something else. Something nicer to make it all better. By the side of the she could see the trees parting a little. A field spread out beyond them, covered in light blue Forget-Me-Not's, Poppies, Lavender, Lilies, just about everything that made her dizzy with its heavy scent. The road before her layed out like a river. Safe. All-knowing. Going to a place she knew. The field… The field was strange waters. Dangerous. Monsters lured in those waters. But before she knew it, she had made her way through the trees, and to the field.

His heart skipped a beat. She had done it. The stupid girl had done it, left the road, and gone into his territory. As everything living in the forest would know, she was now up for grabs. And he was certainly not letting it go.

A bright blue flower caught her eye, and a smile made the corners of her mouth twitch. It had the same colour as the midday sky, so she bent down, and stretched out her slender hand to pick it up.
The next thing she knew, someone was pinning her to the ground. For a couple of moments she thought she had fallen into the fragrant flowers, but someone was on top of her. Panting. Every hair on her arms and neck stood right up as she felt a hot, wet tongue slither its way down to her ear. An equally hot breath following it made her squeal, and she was sure she heard laughter.
"Don't you know you're never supposed to leave the road? There are beasts in these woods…"
Her heart sunk. Filling her stomach with ice, and turning her breath into uncontrolled little yelps.
"And there seems to be one lying on top of me too! Get of me or I'll kick you so hard in the balls your mum will feel it!"
The Wolf, for it was a wolf, made a noise that both reminded her of a laugh and the growls she had heard by night while walking home alone in the woods. She should have stayed on the road…
Suddenly she was turned around, fiercly laid down on her back. Disoriented she tried to catch a glimpse of her predator, but he pressed his head against her neck, and all she could see and feel was thick, ragged, golden fur. Her arms where pinned to the ground, moving them was as hard as if it had been stone, not the wolf's hands. And then… The rough tongue made its way down her neck, to her cleavage. It swirled down between her breasts, making every untouched piece of skin jump and turn to fire. As the wolf pulled down her blouse with his teeth, all Red could think of was her mother's words.
"Animals. They are animals."
Then the rough tongue started rubbing her the hard nub on the mound of her breast, and she forgot all about her mother. Pleasure that she had never known of started rolling in waves through her entire body, as she shook like a ship lost at sea a soft cry escaped her throat. The wolf snarled, opening his terrifying jaws and biting down on the milky white mound of flesh, not hard enough to hurt, just enough to make her pant harder and feel the ice-cold fantastic chill of his teeth pressing against your flesh.
"My my, what big tits you have…"
The growl came from the very amused wolf.
"Oh well, all the better to squeeze I suppose.."
He listened to the young woman moan under him, and loved how the milky flesh turned rosy with excitement. It made him hard, so hard it almost burned. A warm hand slid down her thigh, pulling up her dress as she answered, still panting hard.
"My what big hands you have…"
"All the better to touch you with…"
Laughing softly, for he had to admit the girl had a sense of humor, he rose a little, biting down on her neck. The panting grew harder, and he felt an almost painful twitch from his pants. He wanted more… He wanted to hear the girl moan, he wanted her to shout, he wanted to feel that tight girl clamp down on him as he had the hardest orgasm in a… The Wolf stopped. Without realizing it, he had started rubbing his crotch against the ground. This was new to him. Usually he was much quicker than this. Much more organized. It frustrated him, not being in control. His jaws pressed a little harder against her neck, drawing blood without breaking skin, and she twitched hard under him, moaning hard.
"My, what a big mouth you have…"
The Wolf pulled away, and now she could see his face. It was the face of an oversized wolf, a beast, but still.. Handsome. Like she could see some human in those big, blue eyes. Without knowing why, without even trying to stop herself, she lifted up her head, and kissed him. It wasn't a hard kiss, a passionate kiss, it was just a trying, soft, curious kiss. Wolf stiffened as if he had a hunters gun down his neck. For a couple of moments he had nowhere to turn, nowhere to run.
He kissed her back. Softly, as well as he could with flesheating teeth in the way, letting her soft, smooth tongue meet his rough and undefined one.

For how long they lay there, kissing, he had no idea. When he looked down on her again, her eyes where sparkling, and she was smiling. Smiling like she was looking at a man, and not a stray wolf. He had let go of her hands long ago, and she stroke his cheek in a gentle way that almost made him brush up against her like a common house-dog.
Enough. He grinned at her last comment, and slid up her dress, parted her thighs.
"Oh please. Don't make me say it."
His head disappeared out of sight, and for a few seconds, Red thought he was going to leave. In the next she started shouting. The wolf was eating her. His big, rough tongue sweeping and rubbing against her clit, going as far into her as he possible could, licking up every drop of juice he could get his mouth on. To Red, it was an explosion. His fantastic tongue, the wilderness, the forest, everything made her pleasure rise to platforms she didn't know where there, and every time she thought she had reached the highest one, he surprised her by swiveling his tongue over her clit and making her cry out again. It felt like fire, hot, boiling fire between her thighs and he was feeding it with his glowing mouth.

It was like eating a Goddess. Every lap of his tongue filled his mouth with more nectar, and he drank as eagerly as if he had been thirsty for weeks. Wolfing down on her, he grasped her sweet round buttocks and pulled her close, lifting her a couple of inches of the ground to come even closer. His nose shivered, as taken with the scent of her womanly juices as she had been with the flowers. It wasn't enough. Each time she cried out, banged her fists in the ground, gripped her own hair and sobbed in surprised pleasure, he got more of the ambrosia and still it wasn't enough. It wasn't usually like this. He had always enjoyed it, it was a pleasant part of ravishing women, but just a part. He stopped after a while, and just took them. But now… He wanted to bring her to the edge. He wanted t feel it happening around his mouth, feeling her grip his fur and… What was happening to him?

Red couldn't breathe. Every single one of her breathes was caught in her throat as she looked down on the Big Bad Wolf eating away at her. Hotflashes rose and sunk within her, making her cheeks boil redder than the poppies and eyes blank.
"Please… Please… I… I need something…!"
Licking away at her, the wolf looked up, and gave her what she needed, all while watching her with his blue eyes. His long tongue found its way into her, rubbing her innards and making her sigh in a low, vibrating moan. But then. He started rubbing his wet nose against her clit, at the same time as his tongue rolled around inside her. It was too much. A pain grasped him, a delicious, wonderful pain, as she nearly scalped him while grasping the fur at the top of his head, and pulling him into herself. He could hear it happening, she could not. Red had thrown herself down into the flowers, and screamed while her stomach made hard knots, again and again, until she imploded around his tongue. To his surprised and sudden pleasure, Wolf had to restrain himself from soiling his trousers with cum when he felt it. Her whole body shivered, and around his tongue the muscles cramped, sucking him inwards, filling his mouth with enough nectar just to swallow and swallow. So hard it hurt, he shut his eyes, and enjoyed it.

When it was all over, when she had finally come down from that mountain-top of new pleasure, she looked at him. Rosy red cheeks, lips slightly parted, her hair a golden mess under her. With a trembling hand she stroke away a couple of drops of juice from his cheek, and smiled at him. A pair of big, blue, confused eyes met her, and she smiled broader. Lifting her head up, shivering a little, she placed a soft kiss on his wet nose. The wolf didn't know what to do to himself. The beast in his pants called for him to finish it, to rip up her dress and take her, she was nice and ready wasn't she? But something… Something held him back. That kiss. That damned kiss. Red said nothing. She just looked at him, and smiled. Before he was even aware of it, he had gotten up, and pulled up her blouse at the same time.
"You should get going. The woods are dangerous."
Red couldn't believe her ears. Wasn't he going to… Wasn't he a horrible beast that was going to make her carry his child and carry her to his lair?
"Are you thick-headed? Get BACK on the road!"
Those lips that had smiled at him so broadly a moment ago lost their glittering shine. They turned sad. The big blue eyes turned frightened. And it hurt him. It hurt him in a way he didn't know eyes could hurt. From inside the forest he heard the soft steps of someone moving closer.
When the Alpha-dog is done, the others get their turn.
Wolf stepped closer to her now, showing his teeth.
"Fuck of you stupid little twat!"
The blue eyes started filling up to the brim with tears. She gripped her skirt, pulled it down over her trembling legs, and stood up. Waiting, swaying a little, she stood looking at him, looking like she was both about to slap him, kick him in the chest, and cry. Then she stormed off. Wolf closed his eyes, and put his hands to his chest. It was aching. Perhaps she had kicked him. She'd just done it really fast.

Red stormed in tears down the road. Her Grandmother's house was still an hour away, and she couldn't really walk. Every step reminded her of him, of his smell, of his big, blue eyes. Angry she wiped away her tears. He wasn't worth it. Above her the trees rustled in the wind, sounding like an old bitter woman warning her daughter.
"Animals. They're all animals."

To be continued.