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This is PWP threesome story (B/E/J) with a lot of sex in it, also slash. Don't approve – don't read. Only 18+ please. You've been warned. ;)

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Uh, I am so blushing now…


I was pretending that I was reading, while really I was devouring his body - practically eye-fucking him. I watched how the muscles in his lean, tanned arms stretched and moved as he leaned down to pick up the surfboard. I couldn't keep my eyes of his chest and stomach – outlined in just the right way – not too broad but not too boyish either. But what really was making me swoon was his smile. He had incredibly white teeth and a dimple in his cheek that I wanted to dip the tip of my tongue in. His sun-bleached hair kept falling into his eyes and he was constantly pushing it from his face. I longed to tug on those offending tufts. And then he bit his lips and glanced at me from underneath that fucking hair and I was done.

"Seeing something you like?" Edward asked, sitting down next to me and I jumped from the shock. Fuck. I got caught.

"Ugh... I..." I started explaining.

"That's okay," Edward laughed. "I would totally do him too." I glanced at him, surprised. He was a little amused, but he seemed to be looking at Jasper… hungrily.

"Are you serious?" I asked him incredulously.

"Oh yeah," he said, still keeping his eyes on Jasper. Wow. That was something new. And here I thought I'd got to know my boyfriend pretty well during the last year. But apparently, he had a thing for hot boys as much as I did. For a moment I let my mind wonder to places surely twisted and forbidden – I was assaulted with a vision of bodies slamming into each other, lips kissing and two pairs of men's hands groping me, groping each other, groping their cocks. I had to stop imagining it. I shot a glance at Edward, extremely happy he wasn't a mind reader.

Edward stood up and went to fetch his board. He stopped near Jasper to talk. They both laughed and for a moment Edward put his arm over Jasper's shoulder. I felt a wave of heat spreading down my stomach. I seriously had to stop that. I had to stop ogling Jasper in the first place and really, really, had to stop imagining my boy with Jasper in most intimate ways possible. I put my sunglasses on and went back to my book. But no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on the sentences, I couldn't get my mind on the right track. Maybe the sun was messing with my head. I gathered my stuff and went back to the bungalow.

They could surf as much as they wanted, and probably wouldn't be back before sundown. I hated waves and boards, so I usually spent my days watching them from my safe place in the shade, reading and preparing meals for us all. I really didn't mind cooking for us – it was relaxing and I enjoyed them humming appreciatively as they ate what I'd prepared.

Sure enough, they came back hungry as usual.

"Hey, baby." Edward kissed me and went to take his turn in the shower, while Jasper sat by the table and started stuffing himself with some chips, trying to roll a blunt while eating.

"Hey! Stop eating junk food!" I slapped Jasper's hand. "I've made us spaghetti and salad!"

"Mm, smells good," Jaspers hummed, dipping the spoon in the sauce and licking it. I couldn't stop staring at his lips and tongue. I almost leaned down to lick the remains of the sauce from his lips. What was wrong with me? He was my boyfriend's friend for fuck's sake. Luckily, before I did anything inappropriate, Edward emerged from the bathroom and hugged me from behind.

"Let's eat, before you eat Jasper." He chuckled in my ear and tugged on my hand to make me sit by the table. How come was he so calm about it? Shouldn't he be furious, or at least jealous, that I was ogling his friend?

We ate and drank some beer and after the meal Jasper spread his long legs under the table, so his feet were touching mine, and lit the blunt. We passed it between each other, inhaling the burning smoke. My eyelids were a bit heavy, and I felt the familiar tingling in my hands. I also felt Jasper's feet moving along my leg under the table. I glanced at him to see him smirking at me. Edward stretched himself in the chair, extending his arms above his head and then placed his arm around me. With his other hand he gently pulled on my chin, directed my face toward him and kissed me deeply. His tongue slid in my mouth and pushed on mine. He tasted delicious, like always. I moaned a little, as he deepened the kiss even more. I was aware of Jasper's foot leaving my leg, but just then I felt his arms around mine and opened my eyes to see Jasper next to us, his other arm around Edward and his face really close to ours.

"Can I join you guys?" he asked softly, smiling almost shyly. I took a deep intake of breath and didn't say anything.

"Can he join us, baby?" Edward repeated, looking expectantly at me. Thiswas not happening… oh my God, this was happening.

"I don't know," I said. "Wouldn't it be weird?" Could I allow it? I'd imagined it so many times before, but could I handle it when it was real?

"Not if you want Jasper to join us. And if you do, I would really, really love it," Edward murmured looking me in the eyes.

I don't know if it was what he said, or the way he said it, but I felt my insides turn and clench with desire for them both. I wanted to see them kissing and I wanted to feel them touching me. I turned my head toward Jasper and pressed my lips lightly to his, tasting him for the first time. He was soft and warm and as delicious as Edward. His darted his tongue a little and was tracing the corners of my lips. I smiled into his kiss and closed my eyes, relishing the moment. We made out for a while, before Edward claimed me again. I opened my eyes to see Jasper standing up and leaning over to Edward to kiss his neck. Edward must have loved it because he moaned in my mouth. Then he pulled back, looking at me expectantly.

"Please, Bella," he said.

"Yes." I nodded.

Jasper tugged on my hand and pulled me up from the chair, leading us to the bedroom.


I sat on the bed, watching them kiss each other. I could see their tongues pushing against each other in the most arousing way. Edward buried his hands in Jasper's hair, while Jasper was slowly undressing them both. T-shirts were off and he tugged on Edwards fly button, groping his ass with the other hand. They seemed to be so familiar with those movements – with each other. I had a suspicion it wasn't their first time, but I didn't care. I kind of envied them their experience.

Their shorts were off now as well. They stood there naked, facing each other, with erect cocks right in front of me. If it was physically possible, I would absorb them with my eyes.

"I want to watch you," I heard myself telling them. I wanted to see them touching and sucking each other. And I so wanted to see them fuck each other. I crossed my legs at the ankles and leaned back on the bed, positioning myself for a better view.

Edward must have really had some parapsychological mindreading abilities because he just held my gaze for a while. Then he pulled Jasper towards him again, kissing him hard. Jasper broke the kiss after a while and turned Edward around, making him put one hand on the frame of the bed and the other one on the wall. Then Jasper was kissing Edward's shoulders and neck, and sliding his hands down Edward's body. He grabbed Edward's cock from behind and stroked him with long, skilled movement a few times. I could see the drop of pre-cum shining on the top of Edward's cock and I felt the urge to go to him and lick it, or smear it with my fingers.

They were so beautiful like this.

I saw Jasper slide down Edward's body, kissing along his spine and then the top of his buttocks, before he took a long lick up Edward's crack. I'd seen it in porn, but hadn't ever seen it done in real life. That was so fucking hot. Jasper reached over to the nightstand to grab lube, pouring some on his fingers. I could see Edward almost trembling with anticipation, his eyes closed and head pushed back. Jasper put one of his arms around Edward's stomach and with the other hand he reached down, circling his entrance before slipping one finger inside him, then another one. I swallowed hard and opened my mouth again, licking my lips. Before I wanted them to fuck, now I needed to see them do that.

Edward moaned and leaned back a bit more, pushing his ass on Jasper's fingers and I couldn't contain myself any longer. I stood up and moved in front of Edward, capturing his face in my palms, while kissing him, then licking along his jaw line and up to his earlobes. Through the thin fabric of my tank top I could feel Edward's erection - hard and throbbing on my stomach.

Jasper smiled at me from behind Edward, and withdrew his fingers to roll a condom down his cock. He positioned himself in front of Edward's entrance.

"Ready?" he asked Edward softly, while still keeping my gaze.

"Fuck yeah," Edward moaned in my ear. Jasper pushed and I could feel Edward bracing himself, using my body as a support. When I was sure he was steady, I slowly kneeled down and took Edward's cock in my hand, before opening my mouth and licking around its head.

"Oh my God," Edward panted, tensing his muscles. Jasper withdrew a little, before pushing into Edward again. I felt their every movement with my hands which I placed on both of their bodies. I was moving my mouth up and down Edwards shaft in rhythm with Jasper's movements, sucking lightly and licking on the underside. I kept my eyes open, glancing up at Edward's face and at Jasper's hands on Edward's hips. I was mesmerized by his fingers digging slightly in the flesh, grabbing at the skin and twitching. I felt like I could get off by that sight alone.

Jasper reached around Edward and twisted his fingers in my hair, tugging on it a little. I moaned with Edward's cock in my mouth, which made him jerk his hips and bury himself deeper in me. Jasper moved his hand down my cheek and pushed his thumb in my mouth, alongside Edward's cock. His movements sped up and I could feel Edward tense. I knew he was close.

"Coming baby," Edward gasped and I took him deeper in my mouth, squeezing my hand on his base tightly. I felt the burst of cum in my mouth and swallowed it. Jasper was fisting my hair again – it was quite rough, but I found it deeply arousing. He was slamming into Edward, prolonging his orgasm. And then Jasper stilled as well and shut his eyes. His fingers twitched in my hair and after a while released me. He moved his hand very gently down my cheek, brushing his thumb on the corner of my mouth. They were both taking deep breaths. Jasper withdrew from Edward and rolled down the condom, while my boyfriend kneeled in front of me, taking my face in his hands and kissing me slowly.

"Thank you," he said.

"I loved it," I admitted. "I want more."

Jasper knelt next to us and put his arms around us, kissing me and Edward in turn. I felt his hands under my t-shirt, stroking my stomach and going up, caressing my breasts and nipples lightly.

"I really want you," he whispered in my ear. "I need to get these clothes off of you and taste you and bury myself in that sweet mouth of yours, just like he did." Fuck. I wanted him too. Jasper stood up, pulling us with him onto the bed. He pushed me on my back and tugged on my top. I lifted my hands so he could remove it. Edward was sitting on the bed, watching us intently. Jasper started kissing my breasts, licking my nipples, biting lightly and then trailing his wet, hot tongue down to my navel. He unwrapped my skirt and hooked his fingers in my underwear, pulling it down my legs. I was so fucking wet already that I almost felt ashamed.

"Beautiful," Jasper said, taking in my naked body.

"Yes, she is," Edward agreed.

Jasper kissed me just below the line my panties made on my skin, and then he licked my folds, spreading them with his tongue and sucking a little.

"Uhh," I moaned, trying to buck my hips, but he placed his hands on them and kept me pinned to the bed before he removed one hand from my hip and reached under his mouth, pushing his long finger in me.

"Please," I begged them.

Edward was watching us – he was hard again and stroking himself. Jasper sat up, licked the finger he had in me before and hummed, "You are delicious." He moved to kiss Edward and the knowledge that they were able to taste me in their mouth was making me even more wet.

Jasper moved up my body again and took my wrists in his hands, pinning them above my head. He was kneeling close to my face. I turned my head so I was almost able to kiss his cock. It was gorgeous, just like the rest of him – thick, long and straight.

"Open," he ordered, placing the tip of his cock on my lips. I did what he asked for and he pushed it deep in my mouth. I could taste his cum from earlier on and the slight bitter taste of the condom's lubricant, but it didn't bother me. I wanted to lick him clean, take him all in me. He moved in and out my mouth and I sucked on him, moving my tongue around the head and under it. I wanted to reach for his cock and balls, but he kept my hands firm above my head. I was looking up in his eyes – they were dark with desire, boring into me.

I felt Edward position himself between my legs. He was teasing me, rubbing the head of his cock over my slit. I moaned around Jasper while he kept pumping his dick in my mouth - now a little more frantically. Edward buried himself in me totally with one movement and I sucked harder on Jasper. I could feel Edward rubbing circles on my clit with his thumb. He was fucking me hard now and I lost it totally. I was panting and arching my back, pushing against Jasper's hands. I came hard, with my eyes opened, looking deep into Jasper's. Just then I felt him erupting in my mouth. He stilled and withdrew a little. The cum trickled from the corner of my lips down my face and I darted my tongue to lick it.

Edward, who had slowed, and then stopped for a moment to let me ride my orgasm, now picked up his pace again.

"You two were so fucking hot like that," he said in rasped breaths. Jasper let go of my hands and was watching Edward pumping in me. Just when Edward started coming, Jasper leaned over to me and kissed me so gently, almost lovingly.

We were totally spent. I curled on my side and Edward climbed behind my back putting his arm around me. Jasper lay on my other side and scooted closer to me, with his lips still lightly touching mine. He too moved his arm around me and placed his hand on Edward's side. I felt Edward kissing my neck leisurely. I sighed with contentment and closed my eyes, relishing the moment of having these two beautiful men wrapped around me like that.


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