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Warning: felching, rimming etc.

During the next few days we actually did talk a lot. I thought it would be easy – once Jasper was back with us, but it wasn't. The moments of honesty and progression were intertwined with silence and pretending the important topics didn't exist.

Questions like "How can you even think that you're a third wheel?" or "Why wouldn't you tell me from the very begging of our relationship you were still in love with Jasper?" were not easy to answer and the answers itself sometimes left us brooding and walking out of the room, shutting the door loudly behind us. Sex that followed our discussions was often as heated as the words that were flowing around. But I couldn't get enough of them both and they clearly couldn't get enough of themselves too. They were constantly touching and kissing, reassuring themselves of their presence.

After one long shower we all finally emerged from the bathroom and put our clothes back on to at least try to do some productive stuff. I was trying to fold the laundry, placing it in the proper drawers when I heard Jasper approaching me. He was in his jeans, bare foot, and I couldn't keep my eyes of him. Shower was nice, but I still wanted more of him.

When Edward came into the room with more laundry to fold I just sighed. He looked at me and then at Jasper, then at me again and laughed.

"I can't believe it," he said. "Still? More?"

"What can I say?" I smiled while folding the next shirt.

Edward just shook his head at me and joined me in the folding task while Jasper sit on the bed, playing with two not matching socks.

"You're not of much use, are you?" I teased him.

"Nope," he grinned, showing off his dimples.

I handed him the matching socks, but he just looked at me with surprise. I huffed, took them all from his hands and folded them in matching pairs. "How come you can be so clueless when it comes to any domestic chores?" I asked in disbelieve.

"I've got other qualities," he said, prolonging the vocals in a cheesy way.

"I bet you do…"

"You. Are. Insatiable." Edward laughed again.

"You think?" I raised my eyebrows and in the next minute I was being tackled to the bed, all the folded clothes ending up in one big mess.

"Hey!" I shouted in disagreement, but Jasper's hands were already skimming across my stomach and then up to the edge of my bra, underneath the elastic band, until he was brushing his fingertips over my nipples. He leaned to my ear and whispered, "You're gonna watch what I do to him. And then, then I'm gonna do exactly the same to you, baby."

And fuck if I didn't shiver at this.

Jasper released me to turn to Edward who was watching us, surprised, but interested, still with a t-shirt in his hands.

"Leave it," Jasper told him, pulling it from his hands and throwing on the floor. I opened my mouth to protest, but was silenced with the sight of them kissing. I could never get bored with watching them together.

By the time Jasper got Edward off his clothes he was already hard, his long cock begging for attention. Jasper placed his hands on Edward's hips and kissed him again, deep, their tongues meeting each other over and over, and little moans escaping their mouths. I moved behind Jasper, wrapped my arms around him to reach to his jeans' buttons and slowly pushed his trousers down, before slipping my fingers in his underwear through the leg hole, stroking his sac gently. My fingers were traveling up to his straining cock while my boys were kissing deeper, breathing loudly. I could hear the wet sounds of their lips and tongues moving together. I pulled Jasper's underwear down, freeing his dick, allowing it to rub over Edward's and they both groaned at the sensation.

Jasper pushed Edward backwards on the bed and turned him around. He kissed his neck and spine, going lower – licking down his crack while brushing his hands over Edward's sides and buttocks. He urged him higher on the bed until Edward was on all fours, his ass in the air. Jasper was still licking down his cleft and moving his hands to Edward's ass, spreading his cheeks for him before he pressed his tongue to Edward's hole firmly.

"Oh God, fuck," Edward gasped, his hand bucking underneath him so he was now lying with his face on the bed.

Jasper licked in slow, deliberate strokes, brushing his fingertip alongside his tongue, and then he spread Edward's ass a little bit more and thrust his tongue inside, fucking Edward with it. He backed for a moment and slipped one finger in Edward's slicked hole, just a little bit – to the first knuckle, making Edward groan and reach for his cock.

"Let me," I told Edward and moved to curl my hand around his erection, spreading the pre-cum over the glistening head.

I watched Jasper fingering Edward for a while before he moved back to spreading his ass cheeks and licking him - alternating long and hard strokes of the flat tongue with teasing Edward's hole with just the tip of it and fast licks. Edward was squirming, pushing his hips into my hand, but I just gripped him hard and kept my hand motionless, not wanting him to come too quickly.

Jasper slicked his cock with lube and pressed it to Edward's ass, pushing a little. So, I thought, we said goodbye to condoms for good then. Edward's shaft jerked in my hand while I was watching Jasper pressing his thick dick inside, slowly, inch by inch. When he was balls deep he stilled for a longer while, as if bracing himself. Then he gripped Edward's hips and backed out, still excruciatingly slowly, until only the tip of his cock was in Edward's ass. Then he slammed again, all the way in. He kept that torturing pace while Edward was almost wailing.

"Oh God, please, please," he was pleading for Jasper to move faster, harder. And Jasper took mercy on him, fucking him hard, the sound of their flesh slapping loud and arousing me. I pushed my other hand down my panties and inserted two of my fingers inside me, feeling the dampness coating them, dribbling on them. I fingered myself a little before taking my hand out and offering it to Edward to suck on my fingers. I felt him moan on my skin, as he was sucking and licking on them.

His cock was now throbbing, pre-cum trickling in long strands over my hand and I thought that he'd probably come hands free, but I squeezed my hand anyway, eliciting a deep groan from him and as Jasper hissed, "Oh fuck," from behind his back, they were both coming hard, Edward's spunk coating my fist and bed.

Jasper withdrew from Edward and kissed his back and then his ass. I gasped when I saw Jasper dip his tongue once more into Edward's cleft. I crawled nearer to watch and Jasper reached for my hand, placed it on Edward's ass and directed my finger into his hole, letting me see the white, thick cum seeping out of it. I rubbed it a little with my finger, enjoying the slick feeling of it on Edward's skin.

"Now you," Jasper said, still a bit breathless. "The same."

I didn't know what 'the same' really meant, but wanted it anyway. I quickly got rid of my clothes and crawled on the bed again. Jasper kissed my neck and breasts and turned me around, just as he had turned Edward not so long ago.

"Give me your beautiful ass here," Jasper said and pulled on my hips.

He stroked my ass and the insides of my thighs, brushing my folds with his fingers along the way. And then I felt it – first his hot breath, and then his tongue, sliding inside my pussy. But he didn't stop there. Instead he licked up, along the skin and inside my ass-cheeks, over my hole. I was never rimmed before. The feeling was new and incredible, mind-blowing. I was voiceless, frozen, not wanting this to be over too soon.

But Jasper wasn't planning on ending it any time soon. He licked me and stroked me with little brushes of his fingers and just like Edward I found myself with my face pressed to the mattress. Then I felt Edward's touch on my cheek and when I looked up I saw he was hard again.

"I want to suck you," I told him, needing something in my mouth while I writhed because Jasper pushed his fingers inside my pussy while thrusting his tongue in my ass. Edward pulled me up a bit and tapped my lips with his cock. I licked around it and sucked hard while he started moving, fucking my mouth. I was sure I couldn't take it much longer. I was unable to form thoughts, I was totally out of it. I needed Jasper to fuck me, otherwise I'd explode. I released Edward's dick from my mouth and turned my head to Jasper, pleading him with my gaze.

"Do you want to take me like this?" I asked, breathless.

"No," Jasper said, "I want Edward to come inside you. And then I'll lick you clean."

"Ah," I said, already on the edge, but Jasper sensed this and stopped touching and licking me instantly, before withdrawing completely. I almost cried with the loss. However Edward was already behind my back and I felt the cold wetness of lube and then Edward's cock spreading my ass-hole slowly. I pushed against it, helping him to get inside.

"I'd love to lick your pussy while he's fucking your ass, but I really, really need to watch this, my beautiful girl," Jasper whispered in my ear and reached between my legs to rub my clit and curl one of his fingers, slipping it inside. I felt Edward moving his hips. His thrusts were slow, but deep and I was right there in almost no time. Jasper moved his fingers in an out of my pussy, matching Edward's pace in my ass. My orgasm spread through my whole body, curling my toes and forcing strong shivers in all my muscles. Edward kept slamming in me throughout it and when I was coming down I felt his cock throb inside my ass and his fingers dug in the flesh on my hips.

Jasper let go of me and moved to kiss Edward before pushing him gently out of me. I wanted to collapse on the mattress, but Jasper wouldn't allow it. Edward moved in front of me, steadying me with his arms and then I felt Jasper's tongue on my ass again, lapping at the cum there. He didn't just take a lick – he sucked and rimmed me, and ate me out.

"I told you… I'd… lick… you clean," Jasper murmured in between the strokes of his tongue. "Off our man's cum," he added, still licking and kissing me.

I couldn't believe it, but I was feeling another climax building in me already. I heard a foil being ripped and saw with the corner of my eye Edward reaching for Jasper's cock to roll a condom on it.

Jasper stopped licking me and entered my pussy. The pace he set was fast and hard. I felt Jasper thrusting two his fingers inside my ass again and that was all it took for me to clench around his cock and his fingers, crying out loud. He was coming with me, I felt it, but didn't pay attention because my mind went totally blank.

"Oh fuck me," I panted when we collapsed on the bed, Jasper's body hot and wet with sweat, crushing me.

"Give me a minute to recover," Jasper chuckled in my ear and I tried to laugh, too, but I was too exhausted. Edward crawled to us and hugged us both. For a long while we stayed like that, not able to move even a finger, our bodies cooling down, sticky cum drying all over us. I felt Jasper slipping out of me. He reached with his hand to hold the condom in place while pulling out, yet he didn't bother to take it off. We desperately needed another shower...


Later that week we were all getting ready to sleep, but we were still resting, enjoying our closeness together. We were all lying on the bed. I was positioned on my stomach, with my head at the foot of the bed, reading a book. Jasper was propped on the pillows, playing Angry Birds on his phone, the muffled sounds of 'Wheepeeh!' making me smile. Edward was lying with his eyes closed, silent and calm between us.

I got to the point in my book where the characters agreed to have a baby and dared to ask the question that hadn't been brought up yet in our hours of last week's discussions.

"What if we want to have children?"

None of my boys answered. There was no easy way to do it. Finally Edward sighed and opened his eyes.

"Yeah," he said. "We'll just have to deal."

"I'd like to have kids. Someday," Jasper added, pretending to be paying attention to his phone.

"Me too," I agreed. "But, you know – they'd be ostracized. Kids are cruel. You know what they'd say: 'Two daddies and a mommy who is a whore'."

"I know," Edward said seriously. "But that's what happens to all kids whose parents are not 'regular'. Same would be with a gay couple."

"I think it will be worse. There is no social understanding of what we have," I said solemnly.

"We will deal," Edward stated with so much confidence that I raised my eyes in question. "I know it will not be easy – for us, or for the children," he continued. "I thought we could just pretend one of us was a brother, or an uncle, or something, but then – how would we survive living in such a charade? And who'd play the 'husband'? And people would talk anyway. So I guess there's no other way than just to deal with it, survive it, get used to it."

"Get used to a comment 'You're a whore?'" I asked bitterly.

"No, there's no getting used to this. This we'll have to fight. But I really believe it's possible. That we can be together. That we can even have children."

"One yours and one Jasper's?" I asked, feigning teasing, but the question was dead serious. And Jasper had long forgotten his chuckling pigs.

"Yes," Edward answered quietly, making me hold my breath for a while.

"You really have thought about it," I finally said. I didn't mean it to be a question, but both Edward and Jasper replied with serious 'Yes' to this. The silence that followed was so deep I was sure we could hear each other's heartbeats.

"I have thought about it a lot actually," Edward added. "And I also dreamed about how this would happen. You know - the actual act of us making love to create life."

I looked in his eyes, thinking how much I sometimes was forgetting that Edward was a sensitive, emotional boy, too, who was over-analyzing and contemplating each and every thing. Edward might have sometimes appeared as cool and arrogant but the truth was he was as emotional as Jasper.

"Tell us," I asked Edward. "Tell us, how it's going to happen."

"Okay," Edward said softly, moving to me, kissing my shoulder blades and neck. "I'll tell you, and I'll show you."

He skimmed his fingers along my body and pushed his hands under my t-shirt, pulling it up. I turned to face him and he placed his hands on both sides of my face to kiss me – lightly at first, his lips barely brushing mine, then deeper, his tongue entering my mouth, his breath sweet and hot. His hands moved down my body to stroke my breasts, thumbs grazing over my nipples.

"First, I'd worship your body," Edward said. "I'd undress you slowly, took off your lovely panties." He hooked his fingers in my underwear, pulling it down my legs. "Then I'd lick you and kiss your pussy to open you up for us." He moved down my legs, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses on the way on my skin. I moaned when he put his mouth on me and licked me with a flat tongue. He stopped for a while and looked back at Jasper who crawled toward us, his phone forgotten, listening intently to Edward, taking in the sight with his breath hold. He leaned to kiss me and then moved down to kiss Edward, tasting me on his lips.

"Then," Edward continued, "I'd lick you and finger you slowly until you'd be really ready."

And he did, till I was writing on the sheets, fisting my hands in his hair, tagging on them to pull him up to me. He finally complied and lied over me. I could feel his erection on my thigh.

"Then I'd thread my fingers with yours and slip into you and we'd make love, just like… this."

After that Edward was silent, his moves beautiful and perfect. Only little grunts and endearments were escaping our mouths. When his thrusts became harder and more urgent he moved our joined hands in between our bodies, perching himself on the other elbow to give us space. He pressed my palm to my clit, put his own over mine and directed my movements. I came, still kissing him and he was just waiting for me before he climaxed too, his cock swelling and jerking inside me.

We took a moment before he kissed me again and said, "And then, then I'd pull you up, and place you in his arms."

He hugged me, making me sit and guiding me toward Jasper who really was waiting with his arms opened for me. I kissed him too, on his eyelids, cheeks, and corners of his mouth before I got to his lips and our tongues started pushing on each other.

Edward pushed Jasper on his back and kissed my breasts and belly while I climbed on top of Jasper, guiding his cock in my slick pussy – wet from my own juices but also from Edward's cum. I placed my hands on Jasper's chest, stroking him. He was looking at me and then back at Edward, who leaned to kiss him, too, before retreating to sit on his knees behind my back, in between Jasper's legs. He hugged me from behind, cupping my breasts and kissing my neck. I leaned back, letting go of Jasper's chest, holding up my hands for Jasper to thread my fingers with his just as I did with Edward. Edward guided my movements on Jasper, rocking me on his cock. When I was getting close again he just supported me, leaving us for ourselves to have this moment together.

Jasper sit up to kiss me and to kiss Edward behind me, and we were all kissing together, tongues licking on each other lazily, breaths evening up, mingling. I was wrapped in their arms, warm and happy. I felt tears welding up in my eyes.

"This is how it could happen," Edward said and both me and Jasper whispered "yes" followed by softly confessed "I love yous".

I could see that happening, but it was just a metaphor for our whole life together. I knew we could do this right - no matter what the obstacles. Our future was tangled just as we were now in each other's arms. And yes – there would be tears and struggles ahead of us, but I wouldn't change it for anything else.

These were my men and I was their woman.


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