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At first I ran to it. It was all that I had left of Percy. So I sat on the beach. I let the cool water lap over my feet and soak the hem of my jeans.

I would run off of the dock and let the roar of the water fill my ears. I would remember our underwater kiss on his birthday this summer.

Then people started whispering. I could hear them as I walked past.

But I pretended not to notice.

"she's crazy."

"he's not coming back."

"the poor girl."

I fought them at first.


Then it started hurting.

At first it was just a nagging feeling of "someone should be beside you." as I walked the beach. "someone used to hold your hand." "Why is there only one set of footprints?"

So I stopped. I never went back to the beach. But it still hurt. I began to find that there wasnt a cure.

When we played capture the flag, half-hearted games to take our minds off the heavy dark cloud of fate hanging over the camp, I couldn't bring myself to lead a team. If I was sent to get the other flag I couldnt cross the creek. My feet would stop working, and my mind was flooded with memories of capture the flag games before the war.

And I couldn't touch the water.

There was only one day left of camp. And Percy wasn't home.

The Hermes cabin pulled a prank that got out of hand yesterday. Travis Stoll got the genius idea of setting off fire works on the Demeter cabin's roof. The sparks caught the grass on fire. The blaze was melting snow like crazy and the grass crackled as it dried and burst into flame. Someone, a Demeter camper I believe, ran out of the cabin and yelled:

"Someone go get Per-"

She saw me and stopped herself after she realised what she'd said, but the damage was done.

Percy could've thrown the canoe lake onto the blaze, but he had to be here to do that, didn't he?

I ran off toward the woods and couldn't bring myself to look at his cabin as I ran past it.

Because it was a dark useless shell without him.

Has to have a camper to be a true cabin, doesn't it?

I veered away from the woods at the last second. And ran toward the beach. I didn't want to go there. I didn't want to go back. The salty air smelled like him. The familiar hills of the dunes we walked hand in hand.

I crashed down onto my knees as the waves beat the shore. I let the water overwhelm me. And my salty tears mix with the water and are washed away, wave after icy wave.

Percy is like the sea. He's wild and unpredictable, but something you enjoy being near. He's familiar yet strange, and overwhelming.

I left camp that winter torn in two, torn but secure. Because like the tide Percy would come back.

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