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James was sort of starting to realize that some things couldn't be fixed, and all of the scary papers coming into his life were proving that to him. His parents divorce documents were out on the coffee table, lawyers now dragged into their arguments every night as they fought over custody… over him. He hated how his dad wasn't even trying. And then there were the eviction notices that were always plastered up on the Knight's door when James passed by...

He bet it was the talk of the town right now. "Did you hear about the Knight foreclosure? How sad…" James hated other people. Didn't they realize that this was humiliating enough for the Knights as it was? Who were they to spread the news around as easily as they would if it was about a new puppy or some budding genomes? Why couldn't people just leave well enough alone?

Plus, James wasn't particularly fond of the overwhelming amount of homework papers his teachers kept shoving over to him for Kendall. Like… do they really think he's going to be doing any of it? Of course, Kendall seemed to always be handing him completed worksheets, too, but… it was still annoying.

Of course, that wasn't really the hard part. No, the hard part was having to look at Carlos and Logan everyday, both so confused and concerned, and not tell them anything. Gosh, they were just so cute and innocent, but like… that was the problem.

Kendall was right. As much as he trusted the pair of them with his whole entire life, James didn't want to tell them a thing. They were his babies. His babies. And sure, that made him their 'momma', but he didn't care. Whatever it meant, James was going to protect his wittle Cargan, even if it entailed enduring endless puppy dog looks… Curse their giant brown eyes…

James was shaken out of his thoughts by the end of the period's bell. He collected his things and was walking down the hall when he felt two people fall into step on either side of him. He sighed. James knew this move… Both Logan and Carlos steered him, flanking both his sides, into an abandoned boys bathroom. "Okay, James, you've made it painfully clear that you don't want to tell us what's going on, but… but it's not fair anymore," Carlos announced decidedly once he had turned to face him. James laughed.

"Carlos, you have no idea what unfair is," James said a bit bitterly, a guilty feeling sweeping over him as he watched Logan and Carlos meet eyes.

"Alright," the paler of the two said slowly, "James. You're not allowed to say that kind of thing and then… and then not tell us what's going on. If we 'have no idea what unfair is'," he quoted, "then just tell us. Like… Stop stringing us along like this. We're both so worried about you and Kendall, and it's obvious it's weighing on you, too, so just… spill. Seriously, I can't handle this anymore."

James squirmed under both sets of eyes staring at him uncertainly. He knew he wasn't being fair… but even if he told them, wouldn't that still be? It's not just to shove your burdens on people either…

Gah. Everything was so complicated.

"Guys, you don't get it," he mumbled, letting his eyes fall to the ground. He didn't want to look at him, the tiled floor suddenly seeming much more inviting than his friend's troubled faces.

"But we want to," Carlos said quietly in response, and James bit his lip. Okay. Okay. He should tell. He should really tell. Probably. But like… but that was hard. That was really hard. Because even if he wanted them to know, James still didn't want to say it. Cause saying it makes it real. He decided for no lead in. Just now or never. Ready? Here we go. He could do this. Three… Two… One… Alright. Now.

"My parents are getting a divorce," he said quickly, the words blending together he said it so fast. For a second, he thought he would have to repeat himself, but by the way his friends' faces fell, he knew he wouldn't. "So… yeah…"

They weren't saying anything. Why weren't they saying anything? Things were getting super awkward for James and he fiddled with his sleeves, waiting for Carlos and Logan to respond.


Okay, James wasn't counting that as talking. He still waited, and eventually Logan cleared his throat. "Yes, well…" he sniffed and picked at his tie, "That really isn't fair, is it?" James nearly laughed at Logan's cute little face, twitching in discomfort. He suddenly regretted not telling him sooner, the way he was taking it brightening up his spirits a bit.

"No. No, it's not," he said with a smile, but Carlos frowned, something clicking in his big, brown eyes.

"And Kendall…?"

James's throat tightened. Technically, it wasn't his place to say, and he didn't want to become one of those people who spread rumors around, but… but Kendall definitely wouldn't tell, and Logan and Carlos needed to know… because yeah. It wasn't fair for him to keep stuff from them anymore. "Foreclosure," he answered, and once again, their eyes widened. "He's working during school." Naturally, Logan was definitely in near hysterics over that, and Carlos just stomped his foot.


"Carlos!" Logan yelped, distressed. He rubbed his temples. "Okay… Okay. I've got six hours after school, and Kendall gets off work usually at five… or at least he used to, so that makes three to tutor…" Logan was doing some hardcore planning, his face screwed up with calculations, and James wanted to facepalm. Logan could teach Kendall the lessons! Why hadn't he thought of that?

Suddenly, he felt Carlos's arms wrapped around him. "You can sleep at my house all this week, James," he offered happily. "Mom's making chicken tonight if you wanna start now." Oh… Oh.

Why hadn't James told them sooner?

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