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It was an understatement to say the contents of this letter were quite shocking to Rukia. After reading it...she put the letter down on the kitchen table…and strongly considered curling up into a ball and just dying right there in the middle of the apartment.

The letter was unmistakably written by her brother, Byakuya. His elegant handwriting filled up nearly the entire page, and she had seen his signature many times on various papers, usually pertaining to his company, in which she had shares now that she was of age. Yes…there was no doubt it was authentic.

It was the contents that made Rukia want to throw up her intestines and die in a pile of them.

Dear sister,

If you are reading this, it means this has been placed in your hands by a man, an Ichigo Kurosaki. He is tall, with orange hair and he constantly wears a scowl. He is also a bit of an idiot, but you will find this out in due time.

This letter serves one purpose. To ask a favor of you. In the past, I have done you many favors. I would go so far as to say you are indebted to me. I have given you an apartment in which to live, I have provided you with money each month for food and various other things. As you get older and become more self-reliant, I am aware this will change…but as of now you are not in a position to turn me away.

I am indebted to Ichigo Kurosaki, as you are indebted to me. However, I owe him more than I can ever repay. In my lifetime, I intend to attempt to pay it back as best I can. He has had a hard life. As a result of this extremely hard life he has lived…Ichigo is a damaged person. He cannot live effectively in our society in his current state. This pains me, Rukia. He is my closest friend, and very important to me.

Rukia, you are a ray of sunshine in this world. You make others smile in a way I have never understood, and you are compassionate to a fault. None of these traits are needed to run a business empire…but all of them are needed to be a good person. I believe the more time Ichigo spends around you, the more the wounds his life has left him will heal.

Therefore, Ichigo Kurosaki is moving into your apartment, effective immediately. He should have been present for the reading of this letter, in which case, he will move in at the earliest convenience.

Please…understand you would be doing me a great favor by helping my friend. There is no doubt much you can learn from this as well.



She honestly didn't know how to feel. An extremely attractive professional martial artist and war veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was going to move into her apartment…and according to her brother, she was tasked with helping his "wounds" heal. What in the hell did he expect her to do? She read over his words again carefully.

You are a ray of sunshine in this world. You make others smile in a way that I have never understood, and you are compassionate to a fault.

Those words made her blush. She was told things similar to this by Rangiku, Momo, and various others every once in a while, but her brother rarely praised her, and usually in a roundabout manner that made her think for a moment about whether or not it was actually praise. She always knew how compassionate she was. It had held her back in life on more than one occasion. Compassion and ambition definitely didn't go together, and Rukia had been told numerous times by Byakuya that she could never take over the family business if she insisted on placing her kindness over her drive to place herself above others.

But Rukia just couldn't do it. She could never place her finger on it…never pinpoint exactly what it was….but something made her have an excruciating need to help others. She looked over at Renji, who was meters away in the living room watching television. That was just one example of her kindness getting the best of her. Renji was pleasant company…but there were times when she wondered how nice it'd be to have the entire apartment to her. Would she be lonely?

She directed her focus back to the task at hand. Ichigo Kurosaki….living…with her and Renji. A famous fighter…who happened to have psychological problems, according to her brother. And Rukia was supposed to help him?

Help him? She could barely even speak to him without her blushing like a tomato and fumbling over her words like an idiot. Still…she owed Byakuya more than she could say…and her brother held Ichigo in high regard. She had never heard him speak about someone in that way before. She figured Ichigo must have saved his life, probably more than once. It was hard to picture Byakuya as he is now in the middle of a war…but Ichigo looked like he'd fit right in with the bullets and the gunpowder. Still, she could only guess the nature of what Ichigo had done for Byakuya in those days. She would have to ask Ichigo more about it. How am I going to approach him with this tomorrow? Will he even want to move in?


"What's up?" Renji said, craning his head around to look at Rukia from across the room.

"We're getting a new roommate."