Hooray! It worked!

Guess what? I got a flame! This makes me happy!

I know, you're thinking, 'Say wha...?'

But see, that story there, and nobody seems to understand this, but it was written badly on purpose. :D I tried to write a fail of a story so that people would see how marshmallow reviews are kind of stupid when you write them for every story. So it was kind of disappointing when I got a lot of 'oh, it's not that bad...' comments. Nobody seemed to understand that I wasn't being detrimental, I was actually being honest when I said that the story was a piece of crud.

It was also there because it's illegal to post ANs as stories and because I figured if I advertized Puckabrina people would read it who wouldn't otherwise. But the WHOLE POINT of the story was to get to the massive AN at the end. Nobody seemed to get that, not even the flamer.

In fact, this review was such a perfect example of a flame that I'm going to copy it here for all of you to see!

All in all, this was some of the wordt fucking crap I've ever read. Seriously, all the characters were ooC, it had too mant spelling errors, and frankly, you butt-sucking asshole, it was ultimatley shit.

If I had to sum up this story, I'd just say, some lonley cat lady with no kids of her own decided to write about the birth of fucking sparkly damn pixies. it involved ooc crap, splling errors.

And was so hell fucking bad, I actually bothered to check my spelling, and that's saying something. So goodbye, you negative-two-cent-crapshit-talking cat lady.

~the flaming ReViEwEr

So, to: the flaming ReViEwEr: Thank you! I succeeded! You made my day! I did it all on purpose! I wish you'd understood that it was a farce, too, but hey, at least you were honest. I put the spelling errors and OOC (not ooC, btw) behaviors on purpose. However, I am neither a butt-sucking asshole (something is wrong with that description. It's physically impossible) nor a lonely cat lady. I'm eighteen, have no pets of my own, live with my family.

Just a question, though. Why do you enjoy trolling like this? I mean, yes, the story was awful, but you don't have to be a jerk about it. I don't mind, but I have a thick skin. There are other people who don't, and you're probably hurting their feelings a lot, because I assume I'm not the first person you've done this to. Also, if you're going to do this, at least get an account so that people can respond. It makes you look cowardly to review anonymously. Gotta take if you can dish, my friend.

Also, one more point: You're yelling at me for my grammatical errors, right? And you told me you bothered to check your spelling. (You missed a few things, btw.) So, why are you all 'grahhh! misspellings!' when you feel that you yourself are above that? Double standards are killers, you know. They make you look kind of stuck-up and/or stupid.

I hope I have improved the quality of your future flames, at least, since I know I can't make you stop, no matter how immature you're being. :D

To lol: I'm glad you reviewed, very grateful, but... what did you want to say? Do you agree with my list of review types? Disagree? Think I'm an idiot who should shove her head in a bucket?

Demigod536: You liked that story? Really? (insert skeptical face here) I purposely copied mistakes I've seen other people make. And made them OOC.

sorry cant log in: Yes, you do need spelling help... Again, the story was bad on purpose. I was writing out my butt.

squirriel101: Yes it was, don't lie to me. The POINT was the review thing.

SunsetTiger: You UNDERSTOOD! And, yes, the story at the top was just to get people here who would ignore this otherwise.