Chapter 4

Nita's Pov

We kept following the foot prints left by the boy. It was early morning when we saw a town covered in snow.

"Won't they think it is a little weird that two teenagers appeared out of nowhere and without a coat?" I said.

"Where do you think we could get some," Kit asked.

"What about that spell your sister did when she changed cloths," Kit said after a while of thinking.

"Well she had spot do that spell," I said.

"Let's check the manual to see if it has anything useful," Kit said. After a while of searching Kit found this one spell that creates an illusion that makes it looks like we are wearing warm cloths. After doing the spell we were ready to go to the town to find my manual. We walked past what looked like a store and saw a bunch of men sitting on the steps chewing Tabaco. I noticed a paper stapled to one of the posts something about a rocket Saturday, maybe later we will see what that is about. A couple steps later and this person on a bike raced past Kit and I, he kind of looked baffled when he past like he could see through the illusion spell.

"So now what was our plan?" I asked Kit since this seemed kind of weird.

"Well today seems to be Friday after school, so maybe we should see that rocket thing tomorrow," Kit said.

"Do you know where it is though?"

"Not a clue, but first I think we should find somewhere to sleep and some food to eat."

"We should camp out in the woods," I said

"Let's go," Kit said as we headed back into the woods. Once we made our shelter I figured out how Dairine got food while she was on her Ordeal. I decided that I would try it instead of actually keeping up the illusion spell and getting cold.

"Do you think it will work?" I asked Kit after I told him my plan.

"Well you can try it."

I started the spell feeling like it would work, as I finished the spell a pocket of space appeared next to me. It was my closet, after looking through the closet I did not find any winter cloths. I decided to tell the closet to find my winter coat, which gave me a black jacket with blue stripes going down the coat, I took the coat even though it was not mine. When I finished looking in my closet for anything else I might need I closed the door to my closet and the pocket of space went away.

"Nice Jacket," I told kit after he got his coat on him.

"Do you think we could do that spell to get us some food too?"

"Only if you are the one getting the food,"

"Why me," I heard Kit say as he got some food from his house. I decided not to tell him the real reason only because I don't think I was supposed to hear what he heard. After I got some food in my stomach I put my head on my sleeping bag pillow and instantly fell asleep.

When I woke up I woke Kit up to get him to come with me to find out where the rockets will be launched. After a couple of hours of searching for the place the closest thing to it was a large strip of gravel with half a house on it. Well it is hard to explain. We went past that place seeing if there was other place. When we came back to the strip of gravel I noticed some kids in the little building with some sort of metal thing one kid was holding. Then I saw a different kid holding my manual.

"Kit look," I said a little quiet.

"It's your manual."

"Come on," I said dragging Kit with me to go get my manual.

"Sonny," one of the kids said as he pointed in Kit's and mine direction.

"Uh hi," I said.

"Hi," one of the other boys said.

"Can I help you," the boy who had my manual said

"Yeah actually," Kit started

"Yesterday I lost my book up in the mountains, and I think that the one you have now is mine," I finished.

"If it is yours then what does it say," the one with glasses said

"The title is So You Want to be a Wizard," I started as the boy who had my manual came over to look at what I was reading. "It is about casting spells, and what words to say for casting spells, and what else you need. Then there is the wizard's oath which you can read, and then there are messages that people have sent me, and then there are notes that I have made."

"How did they send you messages?" The boy asked

"It is just a game we play, we write in the books." I said

"Why do you write in the books, it ruins it," the boy with the glasses said.

"Why not," kit said

"Well thanks for my book back but me and kit have to go."

"Where are you going," one of the other boys said.

"Home," I said.


"Because we need to get home we are going to be late for lunch."

"Alright see you guys later," the boy who had my manual said as Kit and I started to leave.

"Where to first," Kit asked.

"Home," I said as Kit and I headed to a place in the woods where no one would be able to see us leave this world to our home in the not so distance future.

Once we got to my house we found some unexpected guests at our house.

"Tom, Carl, what are you doing here," I said.

"Just wondering where you have gone," Tom said.

"Our friends from mars needed help," Kit said

"And what exactly did they need."

"They thought they were under attack."

"And you thought you could change the past?"

"We didn't, we set things back the way they were," I said.

"Yes but did you ask if he read the Oath?"

"He didn't," Kit said.

"How do you know," Carl said.

"Because he couldn't read the Speech," I said.

"Well let's hope so," Tom said.