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Octavia stepped into her bathroom and turned on the shower, humming a delightful tune and letting the shower get from warm to hot, and stepped inside. It was late at night but she loved to soak under the showerhead and be warm. The water made her mane run lower so she could shampoo and condition it. She continued to hum as she lathered and washed her body, enjoying the soapy water on her coat.

After a while she stepped out and dried off, making her way into her bedroom. Her whole house was very fancy and ornate, and smelled of fruit. She rarely had company, and almost always had the whole house to herself. She could afford this on account of being one of Ponyville's greatest musicians. Her skill on the double bass was matched only by her ability to hold a conversation. She loved to talk, and often joined others outside her performances to make plans or just enjoy herself.

Once inside her bedroom, she pulled the covers out and watched some TV until she slept soundly under the low hum of her air conditioner. In her dreams, she was already performing her new song in front of hundreds of ponies.

"Excuse me, sir?" Said the cabin attendant to the lone unicorn who had fallen asleep on the train car. "Um...sir?"

The unicorn shook awake before yelling "WHAT? HUH? Oh, sorry. How long have I been asleep?

"Almost the whole ride here. You must have been SLEEPY. Anyway, everyone else already left. You should take your bags and depart, sir."

"Oh. Okay."

Grabbing his things and departing, the unicorn stepped out and took in the sight. Wow, Ponyville really was something. A giant field filled with apple trees, a whole shopping district and of course, the houses.

The male unicorn had a white coat - almost pale - and a dark black mane. His cutie mark bore a music note surrounded by others, making a perfect circle. The pony was visiting his cousin he hadn't seen in years, and he simply had to see her.

As the train left, the unicorn spotted a cart that apparently sold apples. He was hungry after traveling for hours, and wanted something to eat.

He approached the orange earth pony who had almost fallen asleep; apparently she was getting no sales. "Um...hello?"

Instantly the orange pony perked up and smiled. "Well 'ello there! Name's Applejack. See anything you like?"

"Ooh! I'll take these Apple Fries!"

He gave her a few bits and took his food, thanking her and eating them (well, he thanked her with his mouth full).

"Thanks you!" Said Applejack, "Come again!"

The unicorn saw a yellow eyed pegasus just flying above the entrance gate. He wanted to ask her if he'd seen his cousin, so he galloped over to her and looked up.

"Hey! Excuse me!"

The pegasus looked at him with crossed eyes, gasped loudly, and flew over to him. Once she was close enough, she yelled "SMILE!", got out a camera and took a picture of him. The flash stunned him and his eyes moved around like hers.

"Wait, what?" Said the unicorn. "Ow...huh? Why did-"

"Pink pony wants me to take the pictures. Me!" Said the walleyed blonde pegasus. "She's on vaca-shin, so I take the pictures!"

"Um...okay...?" Said the white unicorn moving away, forgetting what he was going to ask.

After dazing around for a few minutes, a rainbow-maned pegasus crashed into him, knocking him to the ground. He got back up and looked at her, mad.

"Jeez, is everypony here trying to give me a headache?"

"Oops, sorry!" Said the pegasus. Her mane and tail were rainbow and her eyes a deep magenta.

"It's fine. Look, have you seen my cousin? Her name is Rarity and I wanna know where she is."

"You're Rarity's cousin?" The pegasus asked, shocked.

"Um, yeah. Why-"

"I know where she is! Grab my tail!"

"Where have I seen this before?" Said the unicorn, grabbing the pegasus' tail. She flew off only a couple blocks before stopping. The unicorn had barely blinked.

"We're here!"

The white unicorn rubbed his head with his hoof. "Yep. I feel a headache coming on. Oh boy."