This is a one-shot about the 2nd best couple (in my opinion) in Movie history. Inspired by a short peck in Bambi 2.

I do not own Bambi or any of the characters. Disney does.



I didn't know wether to be mad or grateful at the semi-blind porquipine. He embarassed me in front of my father and Faline by not letting me pass and sticking me in the rump. MY BEHIND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Earlier that spring...

"Bambi are you hurt? What happened!"

"Bambi got stuck by a porquipine!" I wanted to clamp a hoof over Flower's mouth.

"A porquipine! Wah, Where?" Faline tried to go around me but I turned so that she couldn't see the embarrasing spiny-thing in my butt.

"It was nothing! OW!" Thumper had pulled the spine out of my butt, bringing forth a cry of pain. Faline giggled at the revealed location making a blush creep up my face. Why? Why me?


And then today, he stuck my butt (again) And made me crash into Faline, lip-locking for a full 2 seconds before I realized what was happening and took a step back. Now I was sure I liked her. I didn't mind it when she invaded my personal bubble (which she did often), or batted those beautiful sky blue eyes at me. I was falling. FAST! And I didn't know what to do.

"Bambi? Is everything okay?" my father's voice pulled me from my thoughts and into the present. I was inches away from crashing into a tree.

"Um...Yeah. Everythings fine." biggest lie I ever told.

"Hiya Bambi!" Faline called from a couple feet away.

"Faline! Um.. HI!" I felt heat rise to my cheeks as she came closer and batted her long black eyelashes.

"See you tommorow in the Purple grove right? Thumper said you would." For a moment I considered rejecting the offer but just the faint glimmer of hope to sort out the turbulent day and tangle of feelings tommorow overwhelmed me.

"Sure! Wouldn't miss it!" I smiled what I hoped to be an award winning smile as she giggled.

"Great see you then!" She seemed to virtually float away and I felt myself melting on the spot. I turned to see my dad with a funny look on his face, eyebrow raised high.

"Everythings fine? Whatever you saaayyy!" He said the last word in a sing-song tone. Which was extremely funny since he was such a serious deer. I almost laughed but exauhstion got the better of me and I crawled inside the den and collapsed in a heap besides my dad

I fell asleep thinking about that incidental kiss.

And that stupid porquipine.

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