Alright, this is the start of my new story that decided to randomly appear in my head. I'm happy with it, but i have no idea what you people will think, so i'd love it if you'd help me out a bit ^^

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S. Agent Cross:

After hearing about your predicament, I've decided to help out. Yes I know you may not like this simple fact that your district needs help with this particular case, but I feel that this would prove useful. I've already sent the best agent the entire country has to offer down to your location. He should arrive within a few days.

He's quite a piece of work and hard to deal with. So on that note, I have taken into regards that you may not be used to his type. For this reason I have sent his file along with this letter. Please keep in mind, however, that personal history, some miscellaneous facts, and previous cases he's worked on has been withheld at his own request.

Please put him to use. If you don't inquire his help, this will be painful for both of us, Sir. I ask with high hopes that you are able to lower your pride enough to take advantage of this "miracle" I have "bestowed" upon you.

Agent Komui

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Name: Yuu Kanda

Birthday: June 6 *YEAR WITHHELD*

Age: 21*

Sex: male

Weight: *WITHELD*

Height: 5'8

Hair color: Navy blue

Eye color: black

Nationality: Japanese

Blood Type: *WITHHELD*

Political Party: *WITHHELD*

Birth Place: Nagasaki

Current Residence: New York, New York

Cross read the rest of the file with ease, ignoring Komui's little notes here in there. They didn't exactly matter to the red haired man. No, the only thing that matter was would this man help catch this killer or not?

However, that question couldn't be answered until Cross met Kanda. When would this happen? According to the e-mail, in a few days. All Cross could do was wait and continue up with his own investigations. These crimes needed to end, with or without "Yuu Kanda's" help.

Yes i know this wasn't terribly interesting, but I SWEAR TO GOD it get's better than this. I promise you, so don't leave me hangin!