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Kanda stepped out of the shower, drying his long hair with a white towel. It was early, but he hadn't the time to be tired. After brushing his teeth and hair, he walked out into the bedroom to get dressed. He pulled on his boxers, the pair of pants he'd left out, and the dress shirt he'd left out. He threw the old clothes into his suit case and stopped. He walked over to Allen's side of the bed and looked down at the floor. Just as he thought, his dress shirt was still lying on the floor, it was the one Allen liked to sleep in.

He thought it over before deciding to leave it there. He returned to his side of the bed to finish packing. It didn't take long before he heard his door open.

"Leaving already? It's early," Lavi said, leaning against the frame.

"I have to," Kanda replied, zipping up his suit case. He then moved to his smaller bag and threw in all his extras: his books, sun glasses, his jacket, and hygiene products.

"You don't," Lavi said.

"I DO! There's no choice in the matter…" His voice trailed away and he looked at Allen, still dead asleep.

"Right… But you're not even going to say goodbye?"

"I can't. Lavi, I love him, but this is wrong. I told you he's 16, right?" Kanda looked at his friend.

"Yeah, but that hasn't stopped you so far, Agent Kanda."

Kanda sighed, "Promise me something."

"Yeah? Anything."

"Help him out, ok? Let him stay with you, pay for things he needs, just…make sure has a roof over his head and things to stay alive," Kanda's eyes wavered and fell to the floor.

Lavi nodded, "I promise. But…I won't stop him."

"Hm?" Kanda's head shot up.

"When he wakes up, and you're not here, I won't stop him if he wants to run after you. Hell I'll drive him to the airport and speed if he wants me too. I can tell he loves you, you've turned him into a person and not some object to be played with—"

"Doesn't matter," Kanda hushed his voice, "once a whore always a whore, and I can't trust him not to be one."

Lavi sighed, "You don't believe that," he pushed himself off the frame, "Promise me you'll visit."

Kanda nodded and grabbed his bags. He walked away, but just as he walked by Lavi he said, "Thank you," and left.

Lavi sighed, "Oh, Yu… When will you learn?" He chuckled and left the room, switching off the light and closing the door.

Not an hour later did Lavi go back upstairs to check on Allen. He wondered if he was awake or not. When he walked into the room, Allen was still asleep peacefully, having not realized that he was alone. It didn't take long for him to realize though. The minute he rolled over, his eyes shot open. He was expecting to land on Kanda, but he just landed on sheets and the comforter.

"Uwah…" He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. He looked up to see Lavi.

"He left," Lavi said before going around the room and picking up Allen's discarded clothes. He handed them neatly to Allen, waiting for him to blow up.

Crystal tears started to fall from Allen's eyes, down his cheeks. It seemed he didn't know they were falling as he just sat there, completely dazed by the fact that Kanda was gone. Kanda was gone. Gone.

Allen broke down right there, hiding his face in his hands as he sobbed.

"C'mon, Allen…" Lavi said. "It's not'll bad, he'll visit, he promised."

"H-He left! And he didn't even say goodbye!" Allen pushed out between sobs.

Lavi bit his lip, pondering for a moment, "W-Wanna go to the airport? We could probably catch him if you hurry…"

Allen looked up at Lavi, "R-Really…?"

Lavi nodded and smiled. He covered his eyes signaling for Allen to get dressed.

Once dressed, Lavi hurried him into the Porsche and they were on their way. Lavi knew they didn't have much time to get to the airport. Kanda left early so he could get there and have time to go through security. His flight was leaving in a little over an hour. With this in his mind, Lavi smirked as he floored the gas pedal, speeding down the road.

"L-Lavi…" Allen asked, still trying to get rid of the tears.

"I'll get you there, even if I get arrested," he said, pulling out of the right lane then right back in once he passed a car. His Porsche was new and he made sure it was made for this kind of thing. He weaved in out of traffic to pass the slow pokes. Hitting the gas pedal harder, he sped through red lights and stop signs. This had to be his lucky day; he hadn't even come close to an accident yet.

Lavi peeked at the radio clock. He cursed under his breath as he tried to get the car to go faster. It wasn't really working. They had less than 45 minutes now, how would they get there in time?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Lavi pounded his fist onto the steering wheel. He took a tight turn, and soon, oh so very soon, 20 minutes left, they were at the airport. He didn't even take the liberty of parking correctly before he and Allen were running into the building.

Everything Lavi was doing, he was doing for his friend and for Allen. Kanda deserved someone, and he was going to let it all go to hell so he could work in New York. Bah! What kind of a friend would Lavi be if he let Kanda pick crime scene investigating over a cute catch like Allen? A horrible one.

Lavi pushed people out of the way, even almost losing Allen at once. He fixed that by pulling him along. The one-eyed red head even pushed his way past security guards, more people, and everything else. Were they going to make it? Like hell they were, Lavi knew they weren't just from looking at his watch. There was no way.

He was right, when they got to the gate Kanda was leaving from, it was empty. The plane already boarded and on the runway. They were too late. Allen didn't have to be smart to figure that out.

He couldn't help it now; he started to cry and flung his arms around Lavi. He cried into his shoulder, beating on him as well.

"Allen, come on…" Lavi coaxed, rubbing the small boy's back.

"H-he's gone!" Allen sobbed, clutching to Lavi's teal shirt.

"Yeah I know, but it's not forever. He said he'll visit every now and again. I have his number, you can call him. He left you some things too. He loves you, Allen…"

Allen didn't answer; he just continued to sob into Lavi's chest.

"Allen…" Lavi said, holding the boy tightly and resting his chin on his head. Allen felt safe wrapped inside Lavi's embrace, but he still wanted Kanda. That was all that would make his tears stop falling forever.

"You'd better not be stealing him from me," A voice said.

Lavi immediately let go of Allen and pushed him backwards. He almost fell but something, no, someone, caught him. He was lifted onto his feet and hugged tightly. Allen recognized that scent. It was one of soap and spices.

"K-Kanda?" Allen asked, keeping his face buried in the man's shirt.

"Yeah, it's me. Thought I had enough time to make it to the bathroom before my plane took off, guess I was wrong," he shrugged.

"S-So you're still going…?" Allen looked up at him.

Kanda wiped those tears from his eyes, "No way. How could I leave you behind? You're nothing without me," He placed a soft kiss on the red pentacle. "Now, why don't we go?"

"Y'guys aren't stayin' wit me!" Lavi complained.

Kanda chuckled and held his Moyashi tight, "Don't worry, dumbass. We'll be staying next to you."

"Y'bought the house nex'ta mine?" Lavi shouted.

Kanda nodded, "It's for me and my little Moyashi," he cupped Allen's face with one hand.

Allen smiled and hugged Kanda again.

That was all he needed to hear to know that Kanda wasn't leaving him again. He'd be with him forever, protecting him, and keeping those tears from falling. Allen smiled. He'd gotten his wish after all, he got to keep Kanda.

What did Kanda get? Well he learned the best lesson of all, he deserved to have someone to love and you can indeed trust a hoe when they love you.


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