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Peace Treaty


Anne Thompson tossed her bag on her bed with an exasperated grunt. "Stupid." She stripped off her muddy robe and dropped it in the laundry basket, then started checking her sweater and bell bottom jeans for any mud that she might have missed. "Bloody stupid boys."

Anne had been the victim of a misdirected prank. Those Gryffindor idiots, the ones that called themselves 'the Marauders' - stupid, self-aggrandizing, childish thing to do, giving yourselves a nickname like that - had aimed a tripping hex at Snape, one of Anne's fellow sixth year Slytherins. Of course, whichever idiot did the actual hexing couldn't aim, so it hit Anne's ankles instead, and now she was going to be late to dinner because she was changing her robes! Where was she going to sit when she got down there? She wasn't exactly welcome among the future Death Eaters of Great Britain, so whenever she was late they made sure there were no seats anywhere but at the very ends of the table, where the unpopular kids sat. Anne didn't like looking pathetic.

She was wondering if she should just head straight to the kitchens, where she could eat alone without people seeing her, when she heard a loud *pop* behind her. Turning, she saw that a package had appeared on her bed, along with a letter.

"Huh." She had never seen mail delivered in quite that way. She picked up the letter. "Miss Anne R. Thompson, Slytherin Sixth Year Girls' Dormitory. To be opened and read at once." Shrugging, she dug in her trunk for her letter opener and slit the envelope open.

Her eyes widened as she read the letter:

Dear Anne,

This may come as a shock to you, but this letter is from the future. A few decades into the future, in fact. I had to wait for these books to be published before I could send them to you. These books contain information vital to the war effort. I know you know what war I mean. This information will enable you, or Professor Dumbledore, or whoever you choose to share it with to destroy You-Know-Who before he has a chance to destroy your world. I must insist, however, that you read these books with the following people:

James Potter

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Peter Pettigrew

Lily Evans

Regulus Black

Severus Snape

I have chosen you for this because to be honest, you are the only person I could think of that none of them hate. The Gryffindor boys might give you some trouble, but a good word from the Prewett twins will fix that, you know they love you, and the boys will believe them. They all have to be there, Anne. If not, you will not get the rest of the books. If they all come, you will receive each book as you finish the previous one. You'll need a place where you won't be disturbed and nobody else will hear you. In the seventh floor corridor, there is an empty wall across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. You know, the loon trying to teach trolls ballet. Walk up and down that part of the corridor three times, thinking of the place you need, and the room will appear. This is a chance to save the world, Annie. Don't let them screw it up.



Anne reread the list of names. Wonderful. The Marauders, a Marauder's almost-girlfriend, a disowned, bitter brother, and their favourite target. Anne flopped backward onto her bed and sighed. "The only way to get those seven into the same room without killing each other", she mused, "is to negotiate a peace treaty."

Two Days Later

Saturday morning on a non-Hogsmeade weekend was a dangerous time to be a Slytherin. Especially a Slytherin in the same corridor as the Marauders. The three Slytherins and five Gryffindors stared - well in most cases, glared - at each other.

"Well here we are." Potter pushed his glasses farther up his nose. "Gideon said something about a peace treaty?"

"Wasn't aware you were authorized to do that, Thompson." Sirius Black glared at his younger brother, who glared right back.

Anne sighed. She was doing a lot of that lately. "Somebody has to. But if I'm being perfectly honest - " Pettigrew snorted. She rolled her eyes before continuing, "I need you lot to do something with me, and I need you not to kill each other while we're doing it. And before you ask -" Lupin's mouth was already open " - you'll find out as soon as you promise to be civil and not hurt each other."

The others looked at each other. This time it was Evans that sighed. "Fine. I agree." Potter and Snape were so eager to agree with her that they both said "okay" at the same time, then grimaced at each other. Regulus Black shrugged. "Fine." Lupin and Pettigrew looked at each other, then Lupin said "Okay, we won't do anything."

"That leaves you, Black." Anne looked at Sirius expectantly. He looked at his brother, then at his friends, then scowled at Anne. "Sure, okay. I won't do anything either." Anne sighed yet again. "I suppose that's the best I'm getting from any of you. Right then." She began to pace.

"Thompson, what - "

"Shush, Snape." The third time she passed the spot, a door appeared. "Right then. Everybody in."

"What is this place?" Lupin asked, a trace of awe in his voice, as he stepped in.

"The Room of Requirement," Evans answered in the same tone. "It's also called the Come and Go Room. It becomes whatever the seeker needs it to be."

Right now, it needed to be a reading room. There was a couch big enough for three, which Lupin, Sirius and Pettigrew jumped at, and a love seat just big enough Potter and Evans right next to it. Facing these seats were three overstuffed chairs, one for each Slytherin. Rather than any of the House colours, the furniture was all a deep black. Anne saw Snape glance wistfully at Evans before taking the middle chair. "Well Thompson? What's so important?"

She pulled the letter and the package out of the satchel she was wearing. "These appeared on my bed when I was cleaning myself up Thursday evening. By the way, who cast that tripping hex?" raised his hand almost sheepishly. "Hm. Improve your aim."

"Why'd you have to change, anyway? Why not just scourgify your robes?"

"Because, Potter, most of my belongings - my clothes especially - are impervious to magic. They have to be, or my housemates would destroy them."


"Because I'm not interested in joining their little gang. Anyway" she continued before he could say anything else, "I got these." She read them the letter. When she was done, she looked up to see seven curious faces. "I haven't opened it yet, obviously, so here goes." She tore the package open to reveal a paperback book. "Since it came to me, I'll read first." There were no objections. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Chapter One, The Boy Who Lived."

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