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After hours of looking, Gwen finally found Merlin on the roof of the castle, looking depressed. She sat beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. He drew breath, as if about to say something, and then gave up.

"I miss you." Gwen said, sparing him starting the conversation.

"I'm right here, Guinevere, if you hadn't noticed. Or have I disappeared suddenly? I wouldn't be surprised." Merlin said, sounding incredibly angry.

"No, I miss the old you. I don't like the new you, the depressed, purposely isolated you. I want the Merlin who pretended to read my mind, who laughed and made fun of Arthur behind his back. Where is he?"

"He left on a long vacation," Merlin said, "But I can still read your mind."

"Okay, what am I thinking about?" Gwen said, cocking her head and smiling slightly.

"Arthur." Merlin said, before getting up and walking away. Gwen stretched out her arm to stop him, but lowered it slowly.

There was no getting the old Merlin back, and she should never have tried.

Besides, it was her fault for choosing Arthur.

She killed the old Merlin slowly.

But he had been happy for her and Arthur, right?

No, just an act, just a way to keep Arthur from murdering him. She thought about the kiss, so long ago.

Could he read her mind then?

Her mind, full of love and humiliation, infatuation with him?

Could he read her mind when he told her in order to save Arthur she had to kiss him?

Her mind, full of happiness and shock and love?

Could he ever read her mind?

Somehow it seemed like it. Those blue eyes looked right through her.

Before the other blue eyes. The lighter ones, the ones full of sarcasm and love for Gwen.

She killed the old Merlin quickly, but she never realized he was replaced until now.

Because of Arthur. Because of her love, admiration for all the 'great things he'd done'.

Merlin could always read Gwen's mind.

He read too much for his own good.

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