(this was something I wanted to actually put under something else but I couldnt thing of any other couples so I thought of Steve and Evie. Yeah not actually my first idea, but other couples wouldnt work as well.)

Feeling good.

I woke up I was excited for today. Steve Randle had finally asked me out! I was so excited. He was going to pick me up and we were going to spend the whole day together. He had plans that I supposedly fit into perfectly. I didn't care, it was the whole day with Steve!


We started at the movie theater. I hadn't been able to pay to much attention to the movie. I place the blame on Steve. He was, um, distracting.


We walked around the strip mall a couple of times. He seemed to be content. But I was itching to get alone with him again.


My wish was granted as we sat in his car. It was parked in a secluded area of Lovers Crest.

My eyes were closed. I gasped, my breathing no longer even. My hand on his thigh, keeping me anchored. His fingers moved quickly and I gasped, my breathing changing again. My thoughts only being on how good he was and how good it felt.

I slowly opened my eyes, they felt heavy. I felt as if I was looking through a fog. I saw movement and everything quickly came into focus. My hand moved to his wrist trying to stop his movements, as I locked eyes with the woman who was staring at us as she walked past his car.

He slowly stopped what he was doing, only long enough for the woman to realize she was caught before she quickly walked away. He met my eyes and I barely whispered. "I think she knows." Of what I wasn't entirely certain, yet.

He nodded before shifting his fingers, still inside. I gasped, as he continued moving them around inside of me. I saw him smirk before the foggy haze clouded my mind again, the interruption already forgotten.

My breathing uneven again, my eyes drifted shut. I gasped and shifted against his hand as he moved his fingers faster and then suddenly slowed. My eyes snapped open only to find that he was focused on what his fingers were doing. They closed on their own. He pulled his fingers out slowly only to thrust them in harshly, causing me to gasp and my breathing become even more ragged and uneven.

He changed his movements continually, receiving gasps from me. Slowly he stopped and pulled out. I kept my eyes shut, trying to focus on my hand that was placed on his thigh, trying to pull my head from the high he had induced. I slowly opened my eyes when he took my hand in his. He smiled at me before saying, "If your father knew I did that, he would kill me wouldn't he?"

I nodded and then gasped, looking towards the dashboard only to remember that his car was shut off, and that the clock wasn't visible. I mumbled something about how my father would kill me if I was home late. I pulled my watch out of my skirt pocket and looked at the time. I would have to leave soon, but I didn't want to.