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Hi. My name is Misty Waterflower. You might know me as the girl with orange hair that's put into a side ponytail. Or as the girl with the yellow crop tee with a side of red suspenders. Either way is your choice.

Today, I'm starting my first day of high school. And I know you're probably saying in the back of your head, 'Oh, that's great. She's starting her first day of high school. How regular. How… normal.' Well, something's wrong with that sentence. For one thing, my high school is definitely not normal. And I know you're saying 'Well not every high school is the same. Of course they're not normal.' I don't mean it like that. I mean that it's way different from any other school.

And one of the major differences is the students and teachers they have there. They are definitely not normal, including me. Yep, that's right, I'm not normal. And it isn't for the fact that I am kind of a tomboy. It's because I have an ability unlike any other. I have the power to control water.

You're probably cleaning your ears right now, thinking 'Did I just hear correctly or did she just say that she could control water?' That's right. I, out of all people, have the ability to control water. Not only that, but I have the ability to talk to water Pokémon too! How great is that!

But it's not the greatest super power ever, sometimes I wish I could fly. Or maybe have super speed. But I don't, I'm stuck with learning how to move a drop of water with the snap of my index finger. Whatever. I bet other people at my school have those powers.

And that's where I say, once again, that this high school is not your ordinary high school. This high school is for special people, and I don't mean the dumb ones or for the weird, psychotic ones. This high school is for people who have a special ability or in other words, has super powers. Which is where I'm heading to today with Azurill in my arms.

At this school, you have the opportunity of bringing one of your own Pokémon from home, and keeping it with you, always. So I decided to bring Azurill, since Togepi or should I say, Togetic, decided to stay behind in the Paradise, in order to protect other Togepi from harm. I will say I've never had a real buddy like it, and I will never forget it.

By the way, I know my usual outfit is a yellow, sleeveless vest with a blue button in the middle, while wearing matching shorts, and underneath all of it is a dark-red swimsuit. But I decided to mix it up today, and wear my old outfit. Don't worry. I'll wear my regular outfit later in the week.

Right now, my outfit is being trudged along in a sky-blue suitcase, as I near my high school with its many dorm rooms. The dorm rooms are separated in two different sides. One obviously, being the boy's side, and the other being the girl's. I don't think the school would appreciate co-ed rooms. The boy's dorm side is called the Zekrom dorm, while the girl's dorm side is the Reshiram dorm. Don't ask me how they decided those names, because I don't have a clue in my body.

The only thing that's on my mind is if I'll fit in. You're probably saying 'Of course, I'll fit in. I have super powers, for crying out loud!' I know I'll fit in when it comes to that, but I'm afraid if I'll fit in when it comes to my social life, like making friends. I heave out a sigh at the thought of me being the misfit in this school full of weird-os, making Azurill look up at me in worry with its big, black eyes.

"I'm fine. Just a little nervous." I tell it, which convinces it to smile, and to look back at our destination.

I'm so nervous, I feel that I've lost all feeling in my bones and my legs have turned to jelly. And to make matters worse, as I draw near to the school, my mind pops up with every worse-case scenario you can think of. My smile fades into a nervous frown, as I walk, steadily toward the front of the school. Soon enough, I feel my feet pick themselves up, as I walk up the porch steps, and to the big double doors of the school.

Before knocking, I gulp in all the courage I had in me, and slowly raise my right hand to the door. Before I can even touch the surface of the metal door, someone or something, I should say, opens it for me. I quietly walk inside without a sound, as I see who opened the door for me. Inside, I see a Blaziken towering over me, as it obediently, holds the door open.

I nod a thank you, before it closes the door. I look back at my exit, as it finally shuts. No turning back now. I breathe in a wisp of cool air, to soothe me as I walk toward a big desk in the center of the big room. "Hello?" I ask, as I see no one in the spinning chair behind the desk.

"Yes?" Suddenly, an old woman appears in the chair. I nearly jump out of my skin, as I accidentally release a yelp of fear. "Can I help you?" The woman says, calmly, like this is what happens every day for her.

I pull myself together, as I smile and say, "Yes. My name is Misty Waterflower. I'm here for my first day of high school."

The woman nods before snapping her fingers, making a folder full of files appear out of thin air, and dropping it into the palm of her wrinkly-skinned hand. "Witchcraft." I whisper, so quiet only Azurill could hear it.

The woman searches through the files, as she then, slowly pulls out a white piece of paper. "Ah. Yes. Misty Waterflower. The little sister to the three Sensational Sisters." The woman says, turning the paper around, revealing a picture of me is attached to the file by a paper clip.

I clench my teeth at the mention of my sisters' names. "Yep. That's me." I say, reluctantly. Was that all I was going to be referred to? Hopefully, not.

"Well, your dorm room is on the Reshiram side. And your room number is 642. I hope you don't mind sharing it with three other girls?" The woman said, writing my number on a small sticky note, and giving it to me.

"Of course not. I love company." I say, smiling. Hopefully, they aren't divas.

The woman puts on a warm smile, before giving me a gold key, with my room number engraved at the top of it. "Here is your room key. And I hope you like the school." The woman says, before vanishing again.

"Thanks." I whisper, as she disappears into nothing. I look down at Azurill, before grabbing my suitcase. "Well, let's go see my new room, Azurill." Azurill smiles, happily, in my arms.

I walk away from the big desk that had the mysterious lady, and toward a long, narrow hallway. The hallway soon ends, and splits into three different paths. One path takes you to the girl's side of the dorm, I'm guessing, while the other path takes you to the boy's side. Then the path between the two others, leads to, I'm guessing, classes, and other curriculums.

I take another sigh before turning to the left, where the Reshiram's dorm is. Suddenly, I feel a sudden push in my shoulder. I stumble down, holding on, tightly to Azurill to prevent it from falling. I look up to see a slender girl with long, red hair that goes down to her hips. Now who on Earth has hair that long?

The girl looks down at me, with a sour expression, before putting her hands on her hips. "Move it, freak!" Then she walks away and down the center path.

I put a scowl on my face, muttering under my breath, "Don't worry. You did it for me." And only, one word can only come into my mind. Witch. I would say the 'b' word, but I'm trying not to cuss on my first day.

"Are you okay, Azurill?" I ask, looking down at the blue Pokémon.

"Azur." Azurill says, nodding its head.

I look back angrily, at the direction the girl left me, before grabbing my fallen suitcase on the floor, and walking down the left path. I go down the many hallways of this dorm side that I feel like I'm going through a maze. I walk down another hallway. All the doors look pretty normal, except for one. I look at this door, specifically. It has glitter, ribbons, and streamers everywhere on it. Not only glitter, but it has some drawings of dragon-type Pokémon, like Charizard and Gible. It also has a note on it, written in marker. "Welcome! Hope to be great friends!" It said.

I cock my head to the side, before turning it up toward the room number. The number is 642. Wait, isn't that my room number? I quickly look back at the sticky note, the freaky woman gave me, and sure enough, the same three-digit number is written in pen.

I sigh. Hopefully, I won't be in a room full of nuts. "Let's try to make a good first impression, Azurill." I tell my baby Pokémon, before putting the key in the door, and turning it. Then I pull the key back, and grab the door knob. Here goes. Then I turn the door knob, and walk inside.

The room is pitch black when I walk inside; I feel that I might've accidentally gone blind, while walking in. Suddenly, the lights snap on, as three girls pop out of nowhere, screaming "Surprise!"

I scream in shock, almost dropping my Pokémon in the process. The girls all giggle and then they quickly run toward me. "Hey there. Are you our new roommate?" One asks.

I grab at my heart, breathing heavily. They made my heart have a heart attack. "Um, yeah." I manage to say, between breaths.

Suddenly, I feel myself being squished into a group hug, as they all jump up and down, cheering, happily. "And who are you?" I ask.

"Oh." One says. I manage to separate myself from the girl to get a better look at her. My mouth quickly hangs down at how long her hair is. Forget how long that mean girl's hair was, I was looking at the girl's long, fat, purple hair that nearly went down to the back of her knees. It would probably be longer if some parts of her hair weren't put in ponytails. But other than her hair, the girl was wearing a loose, long-sleeved, cream-colored shirt with pink cuffs and a pink collar around the neck. At the waist, she was wearing a pink skirt that was tied up into a big, pink bow. White and yellow leggings covered her knees while a pair of pink and white shoes with yellow stripes covered her feet. "My name is Iris." She said, introducing herself.

Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I slowly, turn around to see someone's very long arm. I almost mistaken it for a bug, until I see that there's a human attached to it. "Hi. I'm May." May says, waving her hand. She had shoulder length, brown hair that was covered with a green bandana. She was also wearing a sleeveless, orange t-shirt with a black collar. Her shorts were black while her sneakers were red and white, with black socks underneath. On her hands, were black and white gloves.

"Hi." I say, giving her a smile. I quickly look around May and Iris, as I don't see the other girl that was here a second ago, who clearly hadn't introduced herself. "Um? Wasn't there another girl here?" I ask.

May and Iris quickly grow a scowl as they turn away from me, and yell, "Dawn! Dawn, where are you? You're supposed to introduce yourself to our new friend!"

Iris quickly turns to me, and sweat drops. "Sorry. Dawn does this sometimes. It's her power."

"What's her power?" I ask, suspiciously.

"Invisibility!" Suddenly, a girl with blue eyes pops her face in front of me. I let out a scream, as I accidentally fall backwards onto the couch. "Whoops. Sorry." She says, walking over to the side of the couch, and helping me up.

"Ow." I cringe. I don't care if that couch had a million pillows. It still hurt! "It's okay." I lie. "And I'm guessing you're Dawn?" The girl's blue eyes sparkle like a moon's glow on the water, as she smiles and nods 'yes' with her long, blue hair bouncing. The girl is wearing a mini dress, with a pink skirt and a black V-shaped neck shirt. Around her neck, is a dark pink scarf. Now why is she wearing a scarf? Last time I checked, it was still August. In her hair, she had gold hair clips that held her hair in the front, while covering the top of her hair was a white beanie with a pink Poké ball print on it. Again, why is she wearing a hat on her head that looks like it was meant for the winter? She also had pink-knee high boots with black socks covering the inside.

"Yep. This is Dawn." May says, smiling. Her smile turns into a scowl, as she starts to put her index finger in Dawn's face. "Dawn, I told you not to scare our new roommate."

Dawn smiles nervously, as she sweat drops. "I know. I'm sorry, a...Who are you again?" Dawn asks, turning her face towards me.

Iris and May look dumbfounded at her. "Dawn! Don't you know her name?" Iris asks.

"Yeah. Don't you remember? Her name is Caroline." May says, crossing her arms over her chest.

I raise an eyebrow in confusion. Then I say, "Uh. That's not right."

May quickly snaps her neck toward me, and questions, "What?"

"My name. It isn't Caroline." I say.

May's cheeks turn a deep red in embarrassment. "Oh. Then what is it?" She asks.

"Guys, don't you recognize her? She's the little sister of the three Sensational Sisters, Misty!" Iris says, smiling, while pointing a finger in my face. Here we go again. I quietly let out a sigh, making sure my new roommates didn't hear.

"Oh yeah! I remember you! You were in a magazine article. Something about being a mermaid? Is that your power?" Dawn asks, leaning in toward me, with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

"Well, I was a mermaid in a show. But it's not my power. I have the power to control water and to talk to water Pokémon." I say, proudly.

"Wow! Well, you obviously know one of mine is invisibility." Dawn says, smiling.

"One of? You have more?" I ask, making Dawn nod.

"Yep. I also, have the power of telekinesis! Talk about never carrying anything again!" Dawn says, as she fist pumps into the air.

I turn around to May, who's resting her hands on the couch I'm sitting on. "May? What's your power?" I ask.

"I thought I already showed you?" May asked, making me cup my chin with my left hand in thought. Then I snap my fingers in realization. "Elasticity?"

"Mhm! I can stretch my body for up to at least 100 inches. What? You think I got this slender body from exercising?" May asks, adding in a giggle at the end.

I smile, as I then turn to Iris, who is beaming with a smile at me. "I know you're probably wondering what my power is?" She says, her smile not leaving her face.

I nod. "Yes?"

"Well, why don't I show you?" Iris says, as she grabs her hair, and starts running her dark-skinned hands through it.

"What are you doing?" I ask with a confused expression.

"I'm searching for Axew." She says, continuing her search.

I look at Azurill and then at May and Dawn. "Uh? Who's Axew?"

Dawn turns her face towards me, and says, "Well, you know how the school allows a student to bring one Pokémon from home? Like you brought your Azurill?"

"Yeah?" I say.

"Well, Axew is Iris's Pokémon. It's a dragon-type." May says, smiling. "And it's adorable!"

Suddenly, Iris eyes widen, as she pulls out a greenish-colored Pokémon, who's munching on an apple. The Pokémon has small tusks on both sides of its mouth, as its red eyes sparkle with friendliness in the center of its face. "Meet Axew!" Iris says, as she puts the Pokémon in my lap.

I smile, sheepishly, as I wave my right hand. "Hi Axew." I say.

"Axew!" Axew exclaims, happily. Then it continues to munch on its apple.

I turn my attention back to Iris, as she says, "Now watch this." Then her skin starts to turn a faint green until it's fully green, as her clothing starts to vanish a little bit. Suddenly, her long hair disappears into her skin, as a big, green horn grows on the back of her head. I gasp as she continues to transform. Soon enough, I look down, as Iris opens her now red eyes up at me. "So? You like my power?" Iris asks, as I look at her in her now Axew-form.

"You, you can turn into Pokémon?" I ask, holding a shaking finger towards her.

May looks at me, and smiles. "Well, not every Pokémon. Only dragon-types, since she comes from the Dragon Village."

Suddenly, I turn my eyes back to Iris, as her purple hair replaces the horn that was just recently on her head. Her clothing grows back onto her skin, as her skin turns back into a brown color. "Well? What do you think?" Iris asks, as Axew jumps off of my lap and into Iris's arms.

I sigh, heavily, before smiling and saying, "As long as you don't turn into any bug Pokémon, I like it." Iris bites her lip, in order for her to hold back her excitement.

"Thanks!" She says.

"By the way, what Pokémon did you guys bring?" I ask, directing the question toward May and Dawn.

Dawn smiles, as she puts her left index finger and thumb in the corners of her mouth. "I'll show you." She says, as she takes in a deep breath, before letting it all out in a loud whistle.

Suddenly, a small, light blue Pokémon scurries out from the bedroom as it exclaims its name. "Piplup!" The little Pokémon says, as it manages to climb its way onto the couch, in between me and Dawn. "Piplup."

"Misty, meet Piplup, my first Pokémon. Piplup, meet Misty." Dawn says, introducing us to each other.

"Hi Piplup." I say, waving my hand at it.

"Azurill!" Azurill says, smiling and waving its tail.

Piplup closes its eyes and smiles, exclaiming, "Piplup!" Dawn smiles, as she grabs Piplup and sets it in her lap.

"Now where's your Pokémon, May?" I ask, waiting for another small Pokémon to appear out of nowhere.

"Oh right. Well, you see, I actually have two Pokémon from home, here." May says, looking away, nervously.

"Why? The school says only one." I question.

"Well, yeah. I only use one Pokémon in school, while my other one helps teachers and the office. So they agreed." May said.

"Who are your Pokémon then?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, the one that helps in the office is a Blaziken." May says, smiling. "It was my first Pokémon as a Torchic." A memory opens up my mind as I remember the Blaziken that held the door for me when I first came into the school.

"I remember that Blaziken. It's very nice and obedient." I compliment to the girl, making her grin in response.

"Thank you." She says.

"Now who's the other one?" I ask.

"Right!" May says, as she quickly runs into the bedroom. Then she comes out with a Poké ball in her right hand. "Come on out, Glaceon!" Suddenly, May throws the red and white sphere in the air, as it opens, puking out a white light. The white light forms into a figure, as the white light soon disappears, revealing a light blue Pokémon in its place.

"Glaceon!" The Pokémon says, happily.

"Misty, this is Glaceon. It used to be an Eevee, before I decided to evolve it in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region." May says, proudly.

"Wow. It's so cute." I swoon over the Pokémon.

Iris gasps, as she claps her hands together. "I almost forgot!"

"What is it, Iris?" Dawn asks, getting off of the couch with Piplup in her arms.

"We have to go to orientation!" Iris exclaims.

"Axe!" Axew yells in surprise as it finishes its apple.

"Orientation?" I ask in bewilderment. "I don't remember an orientation. I thought classes started today?"

"Classes don't start until tomorrow. Orientation is first so the school can introduce us to their workers." May says, looking toward me.

"And we also, have to show off our powers to the entire school." Dawn mutters, a sigh being released afterwards.

"We have to go! It starts at 12:00!" Iris yells.

"Ah! Then we have to go! We only have five minutes left!" May says, as she recalls her Glaceon back into its Poké ball.

"Let's go!" Iris yells, as Axew jumps into Iris's hair. I get up from the couch, as everyone runs out the door and into the hallway. Once I'm in the hallway, Dawn quickly shuts the door and locks it with a room key of her own. Then we all start to run, quickly down the hallway and down the stairs.

As we run, I turn my head toward Iris and ask, "By the way, why does Axew live in your hair?"

"Don't ask." Iris groans, leaving me still confused.

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