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Friday came as fast as I could fasten my dress. Okay, so I'm exaggerating on that. So what?

Anyways, the point is Friday came quickly. And all it did was bring rough goose bumps on my arms and a stomach full of Beautiflies. My dress slid down my body perfectly, as it hugged my body, showing off my curves. My blue high heels strapped on, as I walked toward the mirror in the bedroom.

The mirror showed a super-powered teenage girl that was clueless of dances. Her dress wrapped tightly, around her body, showing off her exquisite hips. Her high heels clicked together, as they walked on the ground. Her orange hair was let down, rolling down to the middle of her neck. Her fingernails glistened with fresh nail polish. Her green eyes glimmered with confusion and fear.

A pair of tanned hands rested on my shoulders, as Iris came into view, her body reflecting off the mirror in front of me. Her white gown went down to her feet, covering the white ballet flat shoes that she had on. "Wow, Misty. You look amazing." She complements.

I nod. "Thanks."

"Are you guys ready for the greatest night ever?" May screams through-out the dorm room, as she walks into the bedroom, her pink dress on and dazzling her complexion more than ever.

"I know I am." Iris answers.

"Me too." Dawn says, brushing her hair down, before arranging her purple clips into her blue hair. She has on her purple dress with her faint purple high heels at the bottoms of her feet. "Paul will be so thrilled when he sees me in this."

"He won't be thrilled. He'll be speechless!" May says, as she grabs a pink purse from off her bunk bed. "What about you, Misty? You look like you're going to throw up."

I did actually feel like I was. This was the first dance that I had ever been to. Also, I was going to a dance where I for sure knew that Ash was going to be at, looking hotter than usual. Just thinking about it made me blush.

A hand rests on my shoulders. I look up to see Dawn's blue eyes meeting my green ones. "Misty, it's fine. You'll be great. If you get nervous, just go to the punch bowl. Okay? Maybe, it'll calm your nerves." Saying that, she grabs her purse and mine from off of the bunk beds.

I sigh, a smooth and easy sigh, as it rolls off of my tongue. "Okay. Thanks." I say, grabbing the handle of my purse from out of Dawn's cream-colored hands.

Dawn's mouth stretches into a comforting smile. "No problem. We're friends." Dawn grabs my hand, as Azurill jumps into my free arm. "Now let's go."

"Okay." I say, as Dawn drags me out of the bedroom and soon the dorm room. This was becoming a norm for her, with her or somebody else dragging me against my will.

"Wait up, Dawn!" Iris yells, as she grabs two handfuls of her dress, so she can scamper toward us without ruining her dress's fabric.

May locks the dorm room with her key, before running toward us in her pink high heels, her chestnut brown hair swinging from side to side with the motion of her purse.

Dawn allows me some freedom when we reach the stairs. But once we're at the bottom of the staircase, she grabs onto my hand with a firm grip. Iris and May are close behind, as they try to catch up with Dawn's speed. I guess, when it came to Paul, she would go faster than the speed of light if she had to. I sweat drop a little at the thought.

Suddenly, I feel a sudden jerk, as Dawn pulls onto my hand, pulling me forward, toward her. I look at my surroundings, instantly realizing that we're almost at the Gym, where the dance is being held. Don't worry. It got fixed. There were new doors attached to the Gym entrance, while all the bruises and scratches that it was given, inside, were repaired, making it look good as new.

"We're almost there." Dawn replies, as if she heard my thoughts. Which she probably did. She had so many psychic powers that I didn't know what else she had up her sleeve.

Then, before I knew it, I was being dragged across the Gym entrance, where the hard, school flooring was transformed into an enchanting flooring that had glitter covering the ground.

I open my eyes to look around the Gym, only to gasp in amazement. Multi-colored streamers flew around the ceiling. A mini disco ball spun around also, attached to the ceiling. Round, circular tables lined the Gym, with small candles glowing in cups at the center of the white tablecloth. Chairs surrounded the tables, all except one, where the punch bowl and food was held. Music blared around the room as Brock kept picking songs.

Brock unfortunately and ironically, didn't find a date. So instead, he was listed to be the person in charge of music, and he agreed to it.

Dawn spun around in a small circle in awe. "Wow. It's so pretty."

"Yeah. It is." I smile.

May and Iris walk into the Gym at the same time, also gasping in astonishment. "Oh my gosh. It's gorgeous!" May squeals, as she intertwines her fingers.

"Dawn." A person shouts over the screaming crowds and jamming music. Dawn's face instantly brightens, as she twirls around to see Paul walking toward her, in a black tuxedo. The hands that were stuffed into his pants pockets were now wrapped around Dawn's waist, as his lips kissed her lovingly on the cheek.

Dawn let out a small squeal of glee, as Paul continued to kiss her. Iris scoffed and turned away, "Oh, get a room."

"This one'll do." Dawn says, smirking. Iris sends her a tiny glare, until someone else caught her attention.

"Hey, Iris." Cilan greets, as he walks toward her.

A blush meets the cheeks of Iris's face, looking at Cilan in his black tuxedo, as she smiles nervously, and says, "Hi, Cilan."

"Would you like to dance?" He asks, gesturing a hand toward her.

Iris looks at it, before smiling, and taking it. "Okay." Then Cilan leads her to the dance floor, as they start to dance as if they were in a ballroom and not a school Gym.

May continues to watch the couple dance, until- "Hi, May." Drew says, flicking his green bangs away from his forehead. A tuxedo covers his body, as a red rose covers the corner of it.

"Hi, Drew." May replies. But her tone seemed different. Usually, when it came to talking to him, she would always have a tone of anger or annoyance. This time, she had a soft voice that floated out of her mouth like a bird.

"This is for you." Drew says, removing the red rose from off of his tuxedo and handing it to May.

May takes it, a little shocked. "Not for Glaceon?" She questions.

Drew shakes his head. "Nope. It's for you."

I walk over toward him, whispering, "You do realize that a red rose symbolizes 'Love', right?"

Drew cringes, as a deep blush emerges from his face. "Oh. Uh. Well. You see-."

May giggles. "Don't worry. I love it. Thank you." Then after placing the red rose in her dress, she takes Drew's hand in her's, and smiles, warmly.

Drew gulps down his cool, as the blush continues to stay there for the moment. "No problem." His green eyes soften a little, as they hear May's angelic laughter.

I giggle a soft giggle at the scene. Suddenly, my name is called in the distance. "Misty!" A voice yells from across the dance floor. I look to see Ash there, with Pikachu draped over one of his shoulders.

I gasp at the sight of him. Forget him being hot, he was drop dead gorgeous! Like the rest of the boys, he wore a black tuxedo with a pair of black pants covering below him. His black shoes shined under the light of the disco ball. His black hair was fully shown, as his hat was nowhere to be seen.

As if on cue, a blush explodes from my face, as I yell, "Punch bowl!"

At the same time I yell, Ash also yells, with a blush on his face, "Bleachers!" And then he runs off to the bleachers, while I run to the table with the punch bowl.

Before getting my drink, I set Azurill and my purse down on a table, sighing heavily. Then I walk toward the beverages.

The red liquid swirls around in the bowl while a ladle is hung onto the side of it. I grab the ladle and a small plastic cup, as I pour some punch into it. Once setting the ladle back into place, I take a sip of the drink. Nope. This did not make me feel better. I sigh, as I throw the rest of the punch into a nearby trash bin.

I walk back to the table where Azurill and my purse are located, as I sit in a chair, resting my elbows on my knees, cupping my face in my hands. "I don't know if I can do this, Azurill." I sigh.

"Azurill." 'Don't worry.' Azurill says, looking at me with a look of sympathy.

By the bleachers…

Ash walked around in a small circle, nervously. He had just seen Misty, looking hotter than ever. She had on a blue dress that went to her ankles, while blue high heels covered the soles of her feet. Her orange hair was left without a ponytail. Ash had never seen Misty without a ponytail. Never!

His heart thumped, rapidly in his chest. Nervous drops of sweat rolled down the side of his head.

Ash ran a hand through his raven-black hair, as he looked at Pikachu and said, "I don't know if I can do this, Pikachu."

"Pika pi." Pikachu said, looking at its best friend in worry.

On the dance floor…

Dawn, Paul, May, Drew, Iris, and Cilan all looked at each other in concern, as they had just seen both of their best friends run away from each other in a panic attack. Misty had walked toward the punch bowl, while Ash had traveled to the bleachers.

"Aw man. I thought for sure, they'd be together. I thought Ash liked her." Dawn says, looking toward Paul.

Paul looks down at Dawn, his hand not leaving her waist. "He is. She's all he ever talks about."

"Same with Misty." May says.

Iris lets out a small scream in frustration. "They're love struck and they don't even know it? We have to get them together."

"How?" Cilan asks.

Iris closes her eyes in thought, before snapping her fingers and saying, "I've got it. Paul, Cilan, and Drew, you go get Ash. May and Dawn, you two get Misty. Okay?"

"Where will you be?" Drew asks.

"I have to talk with somebody." Iris smirks, before running off.

Cilan smirks and looks at Drew and Paul. "She's so cute when she runs." Drew and Paul both raise an eyebrow in awkwardness.

At the deejay or in other words, with Brock…

Brock continued to play "Evacuate the Dance floor", by Cascada, until he heard his name being called. "Brock! Brock!" A feminine voice yelled toward him.

"Nurse Joy?" He hoped, with his eyes forming into hearts.

"No, it's me, Iris." Iris confirms, pointing at herself.

Brock's heart broke, but smiled. "Oh, hi, Iris. What's up?"

"Me and the others are trying to get Misty and Ash together."


Iris nods her head. "Yeah."

"Man, what can I do?"

"That's why I'm here. I want you to play a certain song."

Brock looked confused, but said, "Um. Okay? What song did you have in mind?"

Iris leans into him, and whispers the title and artist of the song. Brock smiles, and said, "I think I've got that song. Let me check." A few moments later. "Yep. It's on here. When do you want me to play it?"

"Now would be great." Iris says, smiling, and turning away. "Thanks, Brock."

"No problem, anything for teen love." Brock smiles. "Oh, how I wish, I had it." He said, gloomily, before pressing the 'Play' button, and activating the song.

Back with Misty…

The sound of a slow guitar played around the Gym, making Misty sit up a little. She remembered this song. She loved it. It was one of her favorite Disney songs ever.

She looked up to see Dawn and May making their way toward her, smiles glowing on their faces. "Hey, Misty." Dawn greets.

"Hey. What are you-? Ah!" I yelp, as May and Dawn grab each of my arms, and pulls me off the chair.

"Come on. We have to show you something." May says, dragging me away from the table, leaving Azurill and my bag behind.

With Ash…

Ash sat on the bleacher steps, as his stomach churned in discomfort, at the glimpse of seeing Misty, beautiful. Pikachu hopped off of Ash's shoulder, so it could sit next to him. "Aw man." Ash sighed. Suddenly, he heard a guitar play softly around the room, as Paul, Cilan, and Drew walked toward him, creepy smiles pressed against their faces. The scariest was Paul's. Dear god, what was gonna happen?

Ash looked at his friends, nervously. "Hi, Ash." They said in chorus.

"Uh, hi-? Whoa!" Ash gasped, as Drew pushed him off the bleachers, with Paul and Cilan holding onto both of his arms, as they pulled him away from Pikachu.

"Where are you taking me?" Ash asked, nervously.

"Oh, nowhere. We just want to show you something." Paul says with the creepy grin still forced against his skin, making Ash gulp down his courage. He looked like one of those scary clowns you see at the circus. Ash felt like whatever was going to happen next he may or may not like.

With Misty…again….

May and Dawn continued to pull me across the dance floor, until they pushed me forward into someone at the same time. "Oof." The person and I stumble and say.

"I'm sorry." I say, looking up, only to see Ash's brown eyes looking down into mine.

The song's lyrics start to float around us.

There you see her

Sitting there across the way

Ash stared at me with a look of shock in his eyes, as he backed away a little. Thinking I did something wrong, I did the same, as I backed away from him.

She don't got a lot to say

But there's something about her

I saw Paul and Cilan shove Ash forward, as he tried to move backward. I looked behind me to see May, Dawn, and soon Iris looking at me, smiling. They waved their hands toward the dance floor, as they tried to make an attempt to shoo me away. I reluctantly, smiled, as I walked away and toward Ash.

And you don't know why

But you're dying to try, you wanna

Kiss the girl

Ash looked back at me before finally gulping down a weird lump that had formed in his throat and walking forward toward me.

Yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

As he neared me, I saw sweat start to build on his forehead under the locks of black hair that he called his bangs. He put a few fingers in the collar of his tux, as he tried to loosen it, probably thinking that it was a little hot in the room.

It's possible she wants you too

There is one way to ask her

Ash and I stopped in front of each other, as Ash slowly, held out a hand to me. "Um. Uh, Misty?" Ash coughed out, with nervousness edging in his voice.

"Yes, Ash?" I question.

"Would you-um? Like to dance?" He asks, as he continues to hold out a hand toward me while the other was nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

It don't take a word, not a single word

I look down at his hand. It was the first time that I had actually seen his hands without them being partially covered with gloves.

Then I look back up at him, and smile. "Okay." Then I take his hand with mine, while resting my other hand on his shoulder.

Go on and kiss the girl

Ash smiles a little, as he removes his hand from the back of his neck to my waist, and leads me to dance.

Kiss the girl

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Looks like the boy's too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl

Sha la la la la la

Ain't that sad

It's such a shame, too bad

You're gonna miss the girl

Apparently, Ash was an okay dancer. Good thing, since I didn't have a clue how to. I breathe, steadily, as I try to calm down and to hide the blush that is slowly appearing on my face.

Sha la la la la la

Don't be scared

You'd better be prepared

Go on and kiss the girl

Sha la la la la la

Don't stop now

Don't try to hide it how

You wanna kiss the girl

Go on and kiss the girl

Breaking the silence, Ash looks down at me, and confronts, saying, "Misty? I-I've got a confession to make."

Kiss the girl

"Really? Me too." I say. It was time. I had to tell him. It was now or never. If he liked me, then I would like him. If he didn't, I would have to try to get over the loss of my first crush.

Kiss the girl

"Really?" Ash questions, a little shocked. "Okay. So, why don't we say it at the same time?"

"Okay. One… two… three." I say. Then I yell in unison with Ash. "I'm in love with you!" I gasp a little, making me trip over my feet.

La la la la, la la la la

Ash quickly hangs onto me, as he lifts me up by my shoulders. "Misty, are you okay?"

"Yeah. But, what did you say?" I ask.

Ash blushes, as he says, "I said 'that I love you.' What did you say?"

Go on and kiss the girl

I smile, softly. "I said 'that I love you too.'"

Ash is taken aback by my answer. "Misty?"

La la la la, la la la la

"Ash?" I ask, looking deep into his chocolate brown eyes.

Go on and

Then we slowly lean into each other, closing our eyes in the process. Then as if it was like a fairytale, Ash's lips meet mine. But this time it was for real. It wasn't a dream that kept replaying itself in my head. Ash wasn't doing it to give me air to save my life. He was doing it cause he loved me.

Kiss the girl

Ash's tongue curls around mine, lovingly, before we separate, smiling and gazing deeply into the other's eyes.

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Dawn gasps happily at the sight of our kiss that she hugs her arms around Paul's neck, kissing him everywhere on the face, only for him to kiss her back.

Looks like the boy's too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl

Sha la la la la la

Ain't that sad

May and Drew smile as they had just watched Iris's plan to get Ash and Misty together, work. May's eyes slide to the side of her head, gazing at Drew, who is standing beside her. There was an overwhelming feeling building up inside May that she could not put off to the side.

Then before she knew it, she spun around on her heel, quickly kissing Drew on the cheek, and turning back around to look at Ash and Misty, as if nothing had happened.

It's such a shame, too bad

You're gonna miss the girl

Drew touched the spot that May had kissed him on the cheek. Then he smiled and put his hands on her shoulders, spinning her around.

"Drew?" May wondered out loud.

Drew smirked, lovingly, as he wrapped his arms around her hips. "Kiss me, you sexy thing." Then he pressed his mouth forward into May's, before she could let out a response. May was shocked at first, but slowly slid into the kiss.

La la la la, la la la la

Go on and kiss the girl

La la la la, la la la la

Iris and Cilan watch as all their friends hook up and kiss, making them sweat drop. They look at each other, before shrugging their shoulders. Then they romantically, kissed each other, with Iris's head tilted up, and Cilan's head leaning down a little with how tall he was.

Go on and

Go on and kiss the girl

Pikachu and Azurill sat beside each other on the table next to Misty's purse, as they smiled at their friends getting together and kissing romantically into the night. Azurill swooned at Misty for how proud it was of her. Pikachu had the same reaction. It stood proudly, beside Azurill, as Pikachu watched Ash pull Misty into another kiss. He had done it. Just like the song had been saying repeatedly that night, Ash had finally kissed the girl.

Kiss the girl

Go on and kiss the girl

Ash and I pull away from each other for the second time that day. I smile a grin, as Ash puts on a curious face. "So? Does this mean that we're together now?" He asks, with hope sparkling in his eyes.

I laugh a little, before saying, "Yes." Then I take his hand, holding it in mine. Because of it, Ash smiles his goofy smile that made me fall in love with him the first day I met him.

Ash and I walked out of the Gym, hand in hand, with Pikachu and Azurill hanging onto our shoulders. Iris and Cilan were behind us, while Dawn and Paul were beside me and Ash. Drew and May were next to Iris and Cilan. I know that sounds confusing, but please work with me.

"I'd say we just had a happy ending." Iris claims from behind me.

"I agree." Dawn says, staring lovingly, into Paul's eyes, making him smile, as she holds onto his arm that is slung around her neck.

"Mmhmm." May says, as she continues to stare into Drew's eyes, with Drew doing the same with her. I could tell that instead of walking, all they wanted to do was go into a corner and make out.

I smile happily. "Yeah. Definitely. I found my Prince Charming." As I say that, I look at Ash, who has his usual confused expression on his face.

"Who?" He asks.

I can hear Iris mutter under her breath, "What a kid." Luckily, Ash didn't hear it, otherwise a glare would be cutting deep into her soul.

"You." I say, laughing. "Good Arceus, you're dense."

Ash smiles, sheepishly, as he scratches the back of his head with his free hand. "Oh, yeah. I knew that."

I roll my eyes at him. "Sure you did."

Ash and I laugh at each other until a pair of blue high heels stops us in our tracks. We all look up to see Officer Jenny standing in the middle of the hallway, a look of concern and fear crossing her face.

"Officer Jenny, what are you doing here?" Cilan asks.

"Guys, we have a problem." She said.

A problem? "What problem?" I ask, stepping forward, removing my hand out of Ash's.

"You know those delinquents you captured?" Officer Jenny asked.

I nod my head. "Yeah. Jesse, Cassidy, James, Georgia, Harley, and Blech." I think that's what his name is. He really needs to wear a name tag.

"Yeah, those guys. I just got a call from the prison that they were held in-." Officer Jenny says, holding out a walkie-talkie.

"And?" Iris asks, walking forward, so she could stand beside me.

"They escaped!" Officer Jenny yells.

Gasps fill the hallway, as Dawn and May grip their nails, scared, into their lover's shirts. "What do you mean, they escaped? They couldn't have escaped!" I say, stumbling backward a little into Ash's arms.

"Did you catch them on camera?" Iris asks.

"Somebody had cut the wires connecting the camera's signal from that cell to us. Whoever it was, they were prepared." Officer Jenny said, burrowing her eyebrows together.

"And you have no idea who it might've been?" Dawn asks.

Officer Jenny sighs. "No. There weren't any fingerprints! None!"

"That's impossible! Then they how did they get out if they didn't have their powers?" May asks.

"We don't know. It's like somebody had slipped through the walls, like it was slipping through air." Officer Jenny says, as she looks at all of our worried faces. "But don't worry. We'll catch them. I mean, they don't have their powers, right? So they aren't that strong."

None of us answered. We only stood there. This happy ending was starting to turn into a nightmare. Jesse and Cassidy escaped, along with everyone else, and we didn't have a trace of evidence as to how they did it.

A hand slowly grips onto mine. I look up, instantly knowing that it's Ash. Ash's expression turns from concerned to determined, as he nods his head at me. I knit my eyebrows together, as I smile and nod back.

I would say that this moment, this night, was bittersweet. It was sweet because my crush, the first crush in forever, was my new boyfriend, and we had shared our first two official kisses with each other. And like Cilan would say, this moment had a bitter taste to it since my mortal enemies had just escaped from prison. I sigh. This was going to be a long school year.

A yellow liquid slides down the back of Jesse's throat, as she finishes off the antidote. Then she throws the container that the drink was in, on the ground, and smashes it with her heel. A yellow spark flies through her body, as her powers come back to her, as if it were a Pidgey coming back to its nest.

Jesse sighs with relief. "Aw. That's better." She turns to her friends, as they also drink the same liquid, making their powers live, once again, in their bodies.

"I'll say." Cassidy mutters, dropping the empty container on the ground. Then she turns to a dark side of the room. She bows in gratitude. "Thank you, sir."

There is a man in the dark side of the room, his face covered by the darkness. "Don't speak." The man snaps, making Jesse, Cassidy, and the others flinch. "If you hadn't failed me in the first place, I wouldn't have needed to waste the antidotes on the likes of you."

Jesse, Cassidy, and the others bow on one knee in sorrow. "We are sorry, sir. We promise to do better next time." Jesse says.

"We'll see." The man says. "If it wasn't for Burgundy and her power, then you would still be behind bars, your powers gone forever. Burgundy! Show yourself."

A girl with purple hair traveling to the middle of her neck in curls, steps out of the shadows, a sly grin on her face. "Yes, sir." Burgundy says, as she stands in front of the man in her red connoisseur outfit.

"You have proven yourself well. I am glad that you have decided to join us." The man bows, while talking.

"Thank you, sir." Burgundy says, bowing to him.

"I hope you can help us in our next plot against the school, those specifically named Misty Waterflower and friends." The man says. "Our plan is to annihilate them, and then take over the world."

Burgundy thinks for a minute, before saying, "As long as Cilan and Iris get killed as well. Those asses."

The man smiles. "Deal."

Jesse looks up. "Um, sir? What is the next plan?"

The man turns to her, and grins. "Of course. I have forgotten to tell you. But first I will show you." The man snaps his fingers, making a boy in black come out with a briefcase. The boy hands the man the briefcase, before running off.

"Look at this." The man says, opening the briefcase.

Jesse, Cassidy, James, Georgia, Burgundy, Butch, and Harley all gather around the briefcase. Inside are five tech-bracelets with microscopic buttons and cameras hidden inside.

"Um, what is it?" Cassidy asks.

The man smiles. "Why, it's our key to power."

The end. Well, at least it's the end of this story. There shall be a sequel named 'Everything is Not What it Seems'. Yes, I know. Very long name for a story. Btw, the song in the chapter is called, 'Kiss the Girl' by Ashley Tisdale. Great song. But, anyways, keep your eyes peeled! Thanks so much for all the reviews and favorites. They mean a lot to me! Thanks again and I'll catch you later! ^^