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Chapter 1

The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon and inside the room of a little girl rested her best companion in the world Bolt. Now that the sun invaded though the window Bolt began to wake from his sleep. He opened one eye then the other one in slow precession before making a load and long yawn. Now he stood up on all four paws of his and hopped of the bed and headed for the door which was slightly ajar.

Making his way downstairs to start the day he spotted his friend Mittens curled in a ball on the couch asleep. So as not to wake her he slowly crept his way though the room and over to her side. When Bolt got up close he thought how cute Mittens looked when she slept. Then he heard something and didn't know what it was for a sec until he realized that it was Mittens purring. Bolt didn't get to hear her purr often so he decided to just sit there until Mittens woke up.

Still with her eyes closed but now stirring from sleep Mittens gets meted with a set of big hazel eyes starring at her.

"Agghh! Bolt you scared me."

"Oh I'm sorry Mittens it's just I got up early, came down here with nothing to do, saw you, heard you purr, and decided to just sit and wait for you to get up." Bolt explained.

"Next time Wags don't do it so close. Well I'm up now so do you want to do something?" Mittens asked Bolt.

"Yeah, can we go play fetch outside for awhile?" Bolt asked starting to get excited.

"Alright but only for awhile this time." Mittens said

"Ya I'll go get the stick so we can play." Bolt said as he raced off.

"Oh that dog is so easily excited and entertained. I don't see why he loves chasing a stick just to bring it back to have it thrown again." Mittens say to herself.

"Morning cat." Says Rhino as he enters the room.

"Morning Rhino. Me and Bolt are about to play a game of fetch, you want to come and join us?" Mittens asked.

"Na the magic box is calling out to me and tells me I must watch it. I just wanted to say hello first. So see ya." Rhino said as he walked off.

"Oh that hamster and his ways "magic box" calling out to him, ya right." Mittens said.

"Hey Mittens I got the stick for us to play with." Bolt said with a stick in his mouth.

"Alright then Wags lets go." Mittens said as she started towards the door.

"Right behind you Mittens." Bolt said as he walked up to Mittens, waited her to exit though the doggy door before exiting through it himself.

"Here we go. Ok go get it Bolt." Mittens said as she threw the stick the first time.

Bolt immediately bolted after the flying projectile until it just about came unto his reach then he jumped up and caught it in his teeth. He smiled triumphantly and ran all the back to Mittens where he dropped the stick by her and waited for her to throw it again. After about 2 dozen more throws Bolt came back again this time at a steady trot, dropped the stick, and cached his breath.

"That was fun Mittens but I'm getting a bit tired and hungry so how about we go back inside and see if Penny or her mom's up yet?" Asked Bolt.

"Ya sure that sounds good. I'm getting a bit hungry myself." Mittens said beginning to walk back towards the house.

When they got back inside they realized nothing really changed since they left meaning nor Penny or her mom was up and about yet. So they decided to go find out what Rhino was doing even though they had a good idea about what it was.

They made it to the living room and found Rhino sitting comfortably in his ball watching some action movie and right now it was a fight scene so their was a bit of noise. Mittens eyed Bolt with a look of evil intent.

So Bolt do you want to play a little trick on Rhino with me? Mittens asked Bolt.

"I don't know Mittens what kind of trick?" Asked Bolt.

"A fairly harmless one just to get his heart beating a bit faster and his thoughts off the TV for a change." Mittens said.

"Ok then." Said Bolt moving into position while Mittens got into position as well.

Once Mittens was on the other side of the coach she put out her arm where only Bolt could see and counted down from 3...2...1...NOW! We both jumped out at the same time in front of Rhino completely freaking him out. After they saw what Rhino's expression was they burst out laughing which then took a few minutes to contain themselves fully. By then Rhino had composed himself for the most part and was a bit mad.

"What was that for guys? I was right in the middle of watching this be-awesome show." Rhino said standing in his ball looking down on them from the couch.

"Oh don't go get your whiskers in a twitch. Me and Bolt were just bored and wanted to have a little fun." Mittens said.

"We? You were the one who suggested it." Bolt said in a hushed tone so only Mittens heard him.

"Yes but you went along willingly with it Bolt." Mittens said too in a hushed tone.

"Ya after you said it would be harmless trick." Bolt said still whispering.

"Only I didn't say harmless, I said a fairly harmless one" Mittens whispered back.

"Hey. What are you two whispering about?" Rhino asked.

"Oh nothing Rhino." Bolt said just before…

"Hey guys are you ready for breakfast?" Asked Penny coming into the room.

The three animals said along the lines of "Ya were ready, let's eat." But all Penny heard was a bark, a meow, and a squeak as the three animals came closer. Before Bolt could make his way any closer to the kitchen he noticed something on the porch through the doggy door. As he was about to go outside he heard Mittens say…

"Bolt aren't you coming?" Mittens said.

"I'll be back in a sec, just got to check something." Bolt said.

Bolt went through the doggy door and found to his surprise a bone sitting in the middle of the porch in front of him. Knowing it wasn't his he investigated it further. He saw that a little note was attached to one end with a ribbon around it to hold it in place. Bolt nosed at the note and opened it to reveal just six words: For You. From Your Secret Admire.

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