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Chapter 16

"So what do ya think we should do now Bolt? Should we call it a day?" Sadie asked her new boyfriend.

"No way. The day's only half over. I want to live everyday like my last day. It's the only way to live. I like to think of each day as a gift and not a given right." Bolt said proudly.

"Are you quoting someone Bolt because that sounded familiar?" Mia questioned while thinking hard to know who Bolt could be referencing.

"I sure am. I quoted just a few of the beyond awesome lyrics of one of the best songs of one of the best artists of our time. Nickelback's song "If Today Was Your Last Day" has any of you heard of it?" Bolt answered and questioned. They all gave puzzled looks and shook their heads no.

"Never heard of him, but Bolt, how did you hear about him?" Danielle asked.

"My person Penny just loves him and so does her boyfriend. They both say how much of an inspiration all of his songs are. And I got to say I've become a believer myself." Bolt was becoming as excited as Rhino usually was, big smile, his tail wagging a mile a minute.

Your person has a boyfriend but I thought that you wanted your person to meet mine?" Mia questioned now confused.

"Yes and I do want Billy and Penny to meet and be good friends like how you and I have become but that's it. Unless maybe Penny breaks up with her current boyfriend, which I don't see happening anytime soon." Bolt explained.

"So who is Penny's current boyfriend? Hunter asked and just then much noise could be heard coming form outside. Everyone rushed out so see what was making the noise. (Me: Excuse me for a bit guys I got to go) Everyone stared slaked jawed as what they thought was part of the scenery past the road in front of Bolt's house was being torn apart at a central position on front of them. The scenery's now wall like appearance had a hole in it and out popped Penny's boyfriend. He had brown leather boots on with dark blue jeans, a white T-shirt, a mainly reds, whites, and blacks small squared stitching buttoned opened dress shirt, and finally a brown cowboy hat to finish his ensemble. (Just think country boy)

"Everyone meet Penny's boyfriend, Michael." Bolt said with enthusiasm and now looking back at Michael.

"Pleasure to meet yawl. Are all of you Bolt's new friends?" Michael says in a pleasant tone and a kind smile. (I already know but just looking for conversation).

"Um yes we are and I'm his new girlfriend Sadie. And this is my brother Hunter, his new girlfriend Mia, and this is Danielle our friend and neighbor. Michael do you always do that?" Mia introduced everyone ands then asked the obvious question.

Again a pleasure. It's good to hear that Bolty finally found himself a girl. Now Sadie do I always do what?" Michael asked.

"I think she wants to know if you always make a gaping hole in what was before just scenery and is now like a wall. Am I right my darling?" Bolt asked pretty sure of himself.

"Ya that's right. And you can understand us as well. So what's up with that?" Sadie questioned wanting an answer.

"Well yes to get here I need to always break down this wall but no worries it repairs itself pretty quick. And ya I can talk to yawl. It would make it pretty difficult to talk to our friend Bolt if I couldn't. I'm as much of a buddy to him as Penny is to him. Isn't that right Bolty?" Michael finished with looking at Bolt.

"Ya pretty much. Ever since he and Penny met Michael instantly became my friend since my person accepted him. Hey Michael do you still remember that day when the two of you first met?" Bolt asked still smiling and now laughing a little at the memory.

"Ya. I remember it like it was yesterday. I decided to go somewhere different then I normally go and wound up here. I saw a cute red head playing fetch with her American White Shepherd when the radio started to play "Trace Adkins - Ladies Love Country Boys" and walked up to them to say hi." Michael started and Bolt interrupted.

"Ya and that's exactly what you did and then you froze up for a bit. Lucky for you Penny thought it was a bit funny." Bolt said and continued giggling.

"Alright Bolt. So like I was saying I said hi to her after she threw the stick and she became startled for a moment before recomposing herself and she responded by saying hi in return. When I say her face I became mesmerized by her beauty and just stared at her with a goofy grin on my face. Penny giggled and got me out of my state. We talked and found out to like a lot of the same things. And the song helped to of course. I mean it's just a bit unfair of an advantage for me. Ladies really do Love Country Boys. I'm not complaining though, how could I? I have a gem as perfect and flawless as my Penny and I'd never trade her in." Michael finished and felt a great big hug wrap around him and he smiled.

"Oh Michael that was so beautiful. You're such a great boyfriend" Penny said with joy and happiness.

"Thank you Penny. And I really do mean what I said. You're the girl for me. So do you want to head inside now?" Michael asked and wrapped his arm around Penny and pulled her close to him.

"Uh-huh. Let's go." Penny answered and they walked slowly together up and into the house.

"He sure is the ladies man. Charming, sweet, good looking for a human, muscular, and let's not forget tan." Danielle pointed out.

"Ya I learned almost everything I know about being a ladies man from Michael. He's a good pal to have. Maybe you should ask him for some advice for yourself Hunter. Even if you don't he's fun to hang with." Bolt said and thought this author sure is pushing it.

"Well maybe but I don't know Bolt. I'll think on it. Mia, Sadie I think we should head home. Danielle your welcome to join us until we get to your house." Hunter said. Mia and Danielle said alright and the three of them said their goodbyes to Bolt and Bolt returned them. Hunter, Mia, and Danielle began walking but then Hunter stopped.

"Sadie come on let's go home." Hunter said and Sadie shook her head.

"No bro. I'm going to stay here with Bolt. I mean if that's ok with you Bolt?" Sadie looked at her big strong dog.

"Oh course that's ok with me. Sadie I'd love to share more of your company tonight." Bolt answered in his strong and comforting voice.

"Well ok Sadie. I'll come back tomorrow and see how your doing." Hunter said to his sister.

"Don't bother bro. I'll come back when I'm ready and I'm sure Bolt won't mind escorting me home. Will you Bolt?" Mia asked.

"Not at all. Don't worry Hunter, I'll take good care of her. Besides this is a golden opportunity for you to spend some alone time with your new girlfriend. So go have some fun dude." Bolt said and smirked.

"Now don't go and try anything funny with my sister Bolt." Hunter warned.

"No promises bro. Bolt might just be too much for me hold back much longer." Sadie commented her boyfriend. Bolt blushed under his fur.

"Well bye again everyone. See ya soon. Let's go Sadie." Bolt said, waved, and then escorted Sadie back into the house. The two found Penny and Michael cuddled together on the couch watching a romance movie and they decided to cuddle up on their side of the couch and watch the movie as well. When the movie ended the TV went black and Penny and Michael were sound asleep in each other's arms. Bolt and Sadie were still awake and Bolt looked over to Sadie and said.

"Sadie theirs something I want to tell you." Bolt said and Sadie looked back at him.

"What is it Bolt?" Sadie asked.

"I want to say, I love you with all my heart. And I will always do whatever I can to protect you." Bolt finished. Sadie was getting teary eyed.

"Oh Bolt I love you too. I'll make everyday happy for you and be yours for as long as we both shall live." Sadie said and they began to kiss.

The kiss was unlike anything they had ever experienced before. It was filled with so much passion and desire that it took their breath's away and eventually they had to break it for air. They looked into each other's eyes and knew that they truly loved each other. Bolt got up and led Sadie up to Penny's bedroom for more privacy and that night became the most magical, romantic, pleasurable, and almost indescribable night of either of their lives. The next morning Penny and Michael woke up and Michael left shortly after. Penny walked upstairs and into her room to find the cutest thing possible. Bolt and Sadie were cuddled up to each other and had big smiles on their faces. It would be a few weeks before Penny realized entirely what happened between the two. But that would have to wait becauseā€¦

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