Katy Perry's voice blasted through the speakers of Blaine's car. But then, when wasn't it? Today wasn't any different but, it was. The car's movements were more aggressive and abrupt. The rush to be somewhere could be felt by every surrounding car who moved quickly from the cars path. Blaine stepped on the gas harder and shot towards the ocean. With a harsh jerk Blaine parked the car and flung himself toward the pier ducking beneath it and picking up and shell or stone he could get his hands on flinging them in the waves that pushed and pulled beneath the wood of the pier. He shouted obscenities to the empty beach and the roaring waves. No one dared come to the creaky and dangerous pier in the summer and the number of people who did dare to dwindled to one in the winter. The one being Blaine.

Today wasn't any different than any other day but it was. It wasn't different, being that Blaine came to the pier everyday but it was different because today the daily fight with his parents had turned physical and his father had actually slapped him so instead of returning the violence he grabbed his keys and left. And now here he was throwing stones and shells at the sea. But better the sea than his father. He threw stones until he ran out and then he started grabbing hand fulls of sand and throwing that. He got tired of throwing sand and noticed there was one last stone. He picked it up and ran at the waves with it raised over his head but hesitated just before it left his fingertips and instead he turned around and started walking away feeling the smooth flat stone in his hands, turning and twisting it. Then suddenly turned and skipped it across the water's surface. Blaine dropped himself into the sand and buried his head in his hands sighing. He didn't care that sand was getting into his shorts pockets and hair.

Something landed next to his foot with a solid thud. Blaine sat up and shook the sand from his hair before turning to see what it was. Next to his right ankle laid the smooth stone he could have sworn he'd just skipped across the water. He picked it u and realized that it was, in fact, wet. Curious, he skipped it across the calm waves again. He waited about a minute before it broke the surface flying back towards him. He skipped it again. This time he caught a glimpse of something throwing it from beneath the surface beyond the waves. So he skipped the stone again but not as far. It came sailing back. Again but not as far. It flew back from where it had sunk again. Again and closer. Flying back. Closer. Back. Closer. Back. Until he'd lured whatever was tossing the rock back into the shallowest part of the waves without being revealed. Blaine stepped into the water and wadded in until the water reached his knees and the tide pulsed around him. He held the stone out above the surface and stared hard into the murky water smiling, trying to be inviting. He'd made a new friend and he didn't know what it was but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It'd been years since he'd had anything living to talk to. He blamed his parents refusal to get a pet of any kind and his homosexuality for people's avoidance of him. So he stood there in the waves holding a stone out into open air hoping for his new mystery friend to surface. He steeled himself for anything to emerge from the water. Few things were smart enough to be throwing rocks back to shore.

A few minutes of waiting and smiling reassuringly at seemingly nothing and something began to surface. About 3 feet from him. A hand reached for the rock and when it connected the waves pulled back to reveal a boy. The boy had brown hair and eyes the color of the sky.

"Hi." Blaine smiled wondering how a boy could hold his breath for so long until his eyes traveled down the boy's body and he saw a large fish tail instead of legs. The boy nodded his greeting and waited for Blaine's reaction. Blaine smiled and released the stone to the mer-boy. The boy sat up in the water clutching the stone to his chest.

"Would you like to come sit with me?" Blaine asked the boy. The boy looked at Blaine intently for a moment before nodding hesitantly. Blaine walked to the very edge of where the water reached beneath the pier and sat down petting the damp sand next to himself indicating for the boy to sit beside him. The boy army crawled over to his side and laid out his tail next to Blaine's outstretched legs in the sand. He held the stone in his hands in his lap.

"Wow, you're a merman! That's so cool!" Blaine gushed. The boy cocked his head to the side at the word merman.

"You know, a merman? A mermaid? Merpeople?" Blaine encouraged. The boy's wide eyes remained confused as he cocked his head to the other side.

"What do you call those like you?" Blaine asked pointing at the blue eyed boys tail.

The boy looked around and then to the wet sand between them. He leaned over and switched the stone to his right hand poking the sand with his left index finger.

'Just people' he wrote. Blaine furrowed his eyebrows, "You don't speak?" he asked thinking of The Little Mermaid and how she couldn't speak. The boy shook his head.

"Like Ariel?" Blaine said. This earned another cocking of the merboy's head.

"Never mind, it's a movie." Blaine remedied. The boy shook his head disapprovingly at the word 'movie'.

"But how do you talk to people like you?" Blaine asked.

'I don't' The boy wrote in the sand.

"You can't speak? Like. At all?" Blaine said. The boy looked sad and avoided Blaine's gaze and even looking at what he wrote.

'Don't like to.'

"So you choose not to speak?"

A sad nod.



"Your voice is embarrassing?"

Another nod.

"How long has it been since you've spoken aloud to someone."

Blaine's heart broke as the boy held up four fingers.

"Four days?" Blaine guessed hoping his assumption was wrong.

The boy shook his head.

"Four months?" Blaine asked, again guessing and hoping less.

The boy shook his head again.

"Years? Four years?"

A nod.

"God, you haven't spoken to anyone in four years?" Blaine's heart broke for the boy. Blaine supposed he was lucky then because he had only not been spoken to by people his age in 2 years which was when he came out.

"You can talk to me. I won't laugh at your voice. I promise. I'm sure it's beautiful." Blaine said. He just knew that a boy as beautiful as the one before him had a beautiful voice to match. The boy shook his head and curled his glimmering white tail to his chest holding the stone there too. He looked like he were about to cry as he leaned his forehead into the knee of his tail.

"What's your name?" Blaine asked hopefully, "My name is Blaine."

The boy kept his position curled up but snuck a hand out to the sand to write his name but Blaine caught his wrist. The boy's head shot up and his eyes connected with Blaine's. Blaine hoped the sudden contact hadn't scared the boy too much. He hoped the boy didn't think Blaine would try to hurt him.

"Please tell me your name." Blaine said gently never breaking eye contact with the boy, trying to gain his trust. The boy's mouth opened hesitantly and he worked his jaw and his tongue some before managing out a choked, "Kurt."

"That's a beautiful name." Blaine told him quietly. Kurt's voice was high and melodic and even though he'd only heard the boy speak once, and one syllable at that, he wished the boy would never stop speaking. It sounded like music.

"Your voice is amazing." Blaine breathed. Kurt flushed and shook his head.

"No! I'm serious! Have you ever tried singing before?" Kurt nodded.

"Could you talk to me? I'm not kidding, I love your voice." Blaine pressed.

"I love to sing." Kurt said. His wide and innocent blue eyes watched Blaine's awestruck face for any sort of negative reaction. Kurt's voice was like music like a flute melody, gorgeous.

"Well, you're not the only one that people don't talk to so we've got some things in common." Blaine sighed remembering why he was here in the first place.

"Why… won't people… speak to you ?" Kurt questioned.

"Because," Blaine began getting ready to scare away his new friend, "I'm gay."

"Gay?" Kurt repeated.

"Yeah, I don't like girls. I like guys." Blaine explained.

"Then I am…. Gay?" looking to Blaine for approval that he was using the correct word.

"No, I am gay because I don't like girls." Blaine said thinking Kurt misunderstood.

"I am gay." Kurt said again but with more conviction.

"No, Kurt just because I am doesn't mean that you are. I think you mean to say 'You are gay' 'you' being me. Me, Blaine, I am gay." Blaine tried pointing to himself.

Kurt shook his head and pushed Blaine to get him to pay closer attention.

"Kurt is gay…. I am …gay…. Blaine is gay…. Kurt is gay. …Blaine and Kurt… are gaaayyy…. Both are… gay…. Both Kurt and …Blaine are …gay. Okay? …Both gay!" Kurt said pointing to the respective person as he said each name.

"Oh… OH! Oh, I'm sorry Kurt. I thought you just didn't understand me." Blaine laughed.

"I am not …an imbecile." Kurt huffed, crossing his arms and looking away, "A lack of legs… does not …indicate a lack of …intelligence. I may be… rusty at speaking but …I am not …stupid."

"No! I didn't think you were! It was just a miscommunication." Blaine said hastily not wanting to upset his new friend.

"Gay is …a stupid name for it …anyway." Kurt said.

"Well what do your people call it?" Blaine asked.

"Homosexual." Kurt nodded informatively.

"Well we call it that too but 'gay' is slang for it."

"'Slang?'… Your language is… stupid…" Kurt managed. He had trouble forming the words but Blaine was more than willing to be patient and wait for the words to come to him. They were like magic how they seemed like he was permanently singing.

"I think so too." Blaine chuckled, "How old are you?"


"I am too. Where do you come from?"

"Erewhon…. Which …I learned …something about the… name of our home …last week." Kurt stated. He spelled 'Erewhon' in the sand, "Read it …backwards." It took Blaine a second and the flipping of 2 letters to see it.

"OH! That's neat."

"I thought so… too… the double 'u'… and 'h'… just make… it easier… it is the… literal… translation of… Utopia…" Kurt explained.

"Wow, you're really super smart." Blaine grinned.

"And you are…? Well… at least… you're …handsome… huh?" Kurt joked. Blaine gasped and looked scandalized, "Why Sir! I'll have you know I am much more than a pretty face! I'm not just some floozy!" Blaine laughed.

"Oh really? Any… impressive… talents…?"

"I play guitar and sing." Blaine smiled.

"Guitar?" Kurt cocked his head to the side.

"Yeah, if you come back tomorrow I'll bring it and play for you."

"I'd… like that… and I will sing… for you too…. And I … promise to… work on my speech…" Kurt said. He smiled and Blaine noticed how adorable it was that Kurt never showed his teeth even to smile. It was precious.

"You don't have to do that. I'm just happy that you'll talk to me." Blaine told him. Blaine actually sort of liked watching Kurt's perfect lips work for each word. If Kurt just started speaking quickly Blaine might have to feel for himself what those lips felt like moving with his own.

"Will you… Will you come back?" Kurt ventured, "Not just tomorrow?"

"I'll keep coming back everyday." Blaine assured him.

"Me… too." Kurt put the stone into Blaine's hands.

"Why did you throw this back to me?"

"I… wanted you too… do it… again… I've never… seen anyone… do that with… a rock before…"

"Then how about that be our signal? I'll skip the rock underneath this pier when I'm here so that you'll know when it's safe to come up. And only this rock, okay? It'll be our rock."

Kurt nodded excitedly.

Blaine left that night and snuck back into his room from the window and left before his parents woke up. He returned to the beach the next morning. Blaine had decided he couldn't tell anyone about his new friend. They'd take Kurt away in a heart beat. So Blaine picked up their stone under the pier and skipped it. Kurt emerged and pulled himself up next to Blaine. Blaine hadn't forgotten his guitar. He handed it to Kurt who gazed at it in wonder.

"I worked on talking. See? Much better now! I worked on it all night just for you!" Kurt beamed. Blaine smiled but he silently panicked because now Kurt's lips did wondrous things and of course Kurt didn't wear shirts so his toned body was always on display and …. God….. His eyes….

"Blaine? Are you listening?" Kurt asked stroking the guitar.

"I know we just met but I really want to kiss you." Blaine said quickly and slapped a hand over his mouth as soon as he realized what he'd said. Kurt looked shocked for a moment. His hands stopped wandering the guitar and he reached over to hold Blaine's hand.

"Then why don't you? I don't start speaking after 4 years and let just anyone hear my voice. I don't work on my speech for just anyone. I really like you Blaine, so why don't you if you feel so inclined?" Kurt said confidently.

"Can I?" Blaine breathed bringing his face inches from Kurt's.

"Just kiss me already." Kurt said. So Blaine did. And the moment their lips connected…. Fireworks. When they finally broke apart Blaine grabbed his guitar from Kurt's lap and started strumming. They sat for hours exchanging songs and lyrics. Months went by and Blaine came to the pier everyday to sit with Kurt until the sun set on the ocean. They read Harry Potter and laughed about funny things that'd happened to each of them. Blaine brought Vogue magazines and Kurt brought objects that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean for Blaine to explain them. Blaine would drive his truck up next to the pier and turn the radio on and listened with Kurt telling him all about each artist and what the song was about mostly about his love of Katy Perry.

"I think Lady Gaga is my favorite." Kurt told him one day. Blaine smirked, "It would be."

Other days Blaine would leave behind his guitar and truck and just sit with Kurt in the waves talking. Kurt never left the water's grasp. The furthest he'd ever come up shore beneath that pier was where the waves just brushed him as they rushed up onto the sand.

"Why don't you ever come out of the water?" Blaine asked bluntly one day.

"Because you can't get me my fins back yet." Kurt admitted with a blush.

"Get your fins back?"

"If I dry off completely I will lose my tail and get legs like you. But I won't be able to get my fins back and go home until we…. I experience…. Until I…."

"Until you what? You can tell me." Blaine pressed.

"Until I make love with someone. That's how my tail will return to me. After I've lost my virginity I can come and go as I please from the water." Kurt admitted looking away from Blaine.

"Oh." Blaine said simply. He thought this over and headed back to where Kurt sat in the waves with his white tail half in the water. Blaine took his hand and turned Kurt's head to look him in the eyes.

"I love you, Kurt."

"I-I love you too." Kurt stammered shocked.

"I want to be with you, one day we will be ready and you and I can spend forever together if you want to because I know I want to. But until then you and I will just have to stay like this, ok?" Kurt nodded with tears in his eyes. They'd discussed both of their worlds countless times and neither one was accepting of them. Kurt's world chose not to address it and since he'd stopped speaking to anyone there, now 5 years ago, they'd decided to ignore him altogether. Blaine's world sometimes chose to openly hate him. Neither place was entirely safe but the mer-world was so small that there was no escape whereas in Blaine's world there were places they could go, like New York or Seattle that were more accepting. Kurt told Blaine nearly everyday after that conversation how much he wanted to see the world and see it with Blaine. And Blaine always made it clear that he felt the same way. One day in particular Kurt was toying with Blaine's guitar and Blaine watched him until Kurt noticed Blaine's gaze and reached over, grabbing him by the hair and kissing him. Kurt's kisses turned more heated and he grabbed Blaine's shirt pulling him over Kurt's body as he leaned into the sand. Blaine's hands latched into Kurt's hair and he returned every kiss and every touch with fervor. Blaine dropped his hands to Kurt's waist and ran his hands over Kurt's tail grabbing Kurt's knee and pulling it to his hip never leaving Kurt's mouth. Then Blaine's mouth traveled to Kurt's neck and Kurt's hands latched onto Blaine's back pulling him closer.

"God, Kurt I love you so much." Blaine murmured against his neck.

"Enough to keep me?" Kurt asked. Blaine broke away and looked at Kurt for a moment looking for any sign of a joke or a lack of seriousness but Kurt just squirmed a bit under the scrutiny.

"Enough to keep you." Blaine affirmed seeing Kurt was serious, "But I can't keep you yet. You have a family and friends back home, I would keep you in a heart beat if I knew you'd be alright without them for a little while."

"Then keep me. I doubt they'll even notice I'm gone." Blaine's heart twisted and expanded at the same time.

"Kurt, I'm so sure that you would be missed. Your parents, your brother. What about them?"

"They'll be happy if I'm happy." Kurt said as he leaned up slightly to kiss Blaine's neck over him working his way to Blaine's shoulder.

"I'll move out. We'll get an apartment together in New York or something. I've got a bank account full of money that I've been saving and it'll hold us over for a while until we find work." Blaine said. Kurt stopped and laid his head back into the sand. His blue eyes were bright and his brown hair was filled with sand. Blaine had never seen Kurt look so gorgeous he just had to hold him closer.

"I'll pretend to know what all those things are." Kurt smiled. Blaine dug his arms into the sand below Kurt's back and picked him up off the shore spinning him around. Kurt laughed, "Do that again! That was fun!" Blaine spun him some more and then laid him back into the waves.

"Kurt, I am going to keep you but until I have things worked out you'll have to wait, okay?" Blaine said seriously.

"Why can't I go work stuff out with you? Because I can make things work out." Kurt said. Blaine walked up to his truck and pulled something out of it and walked to the other side of the truck. When he came back around he had on swim trunks.

"I'll do it myself." he said, "But it occurred to me the other day that I've spent all this time with you on shore but I have yet to go swimming with you!" Blaine smiled and ran towards to water launching himself into the cold water. The splashes hit Kurt and he scrunched his face up in distaste.

"Oh Blaine, ever the mature one…." Kurt sighed with a smile.

"But you love me!" Blaine shouted from the water sending a splash in Kurt's direction.

"I don't know... That guy you showed me in that magazine yesterday was pretty good looking. What was his name? Darrel Cross? Darius Crist? Oh! Darren Criss! That one! " Kurt smirked.

"Oh don't be a bitch! Come kiss me!" Blaine laughed sticking his tongue out just as a wave splashed over his head.

"Ew! Ah! Gross! Salty!" Blaine cried spitting out the ocean water.

"So deserved!" Kurt cackled from the beach. He scooted himself into the waves and joined Blaine. They swam for 3 hours before Blaine had to leave.

The next day Blaine returned and went to get their skipping stone from the notch he'd hidden it in in one of the pillars of the pier but it wasn't there. He turned to look up at the dark part where the pier met the sand and the waves didn't reach. There sat Kurt with his white tail holding the stone with a smirk on his face.

"Awfully far from the water today, aren't we?" Blaine said walking toward Kurt to pick him up and walk him back to the water. He bent down to lift him up but Kurt pushed him away.

"My parents are giving me to you. I told them last night and they gave us these." Kurt said holding up 2 necklaces of gold with golden oysters on each. Blaine was speechless looking at the necklaces and Kurt who was now, his to keep.

"Now Blaine, I need you to distract me, okay? This is very important." Kurt said seriously.

"Wait, why? What's going on?" Blaine snapped out of his awestruck daze.

"Blaine, people like me aren't supposed to dry off and stay on land. And there's a defense mechanism that's meant to keep us with our tails. I'm drying off and each scale that disappears is going to hurt, alright? I need you to distract me, hold me down, just whatever you do don't let me go back in the water. Once this has started if we stop it by putting me back in the water I'll never be able to go on land. I will never have legs, alright? No matter how much I beg."

"Kurt! Why didn't you tell me this?" Blaine cried getting angry that he'd been left out of the loop but he had to drop his anger quickly because Kurt needed him now because a strangled gasp escaped Kurt's mouth as the first scales disappeared from his waist.

"You never would have agreed." Kurt gasped out slumping forward into Blaine's chest.

"Oh God." Kurt gasped, his eyes filled with tears and he twisted his body into a tight ball trying to escape the pain. He clutched their stone to his chest. The scales were disappearing agonizingly slowly. Blaine held Kurt to his chest tightly while Kurt begged Blaine to put him back into the water because God it hurt and if Blaine really loved him he wouldn't make him suffer like this. Blaine just cried and chanted how much he loved Kurt over and over again, comparing Kurt to everything he didn't love as much as he loved Kurt. Suddenly Kurt gasped and started screaming as his fins curled into feet. His tears stained Blaine's shirt and once it was all over he slumped into Blaine, unconscious.