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This is sick. When is she going to realize that all these guys are sick?

A fifteen year old was on her way to school thinking about many things, mostly about her home life. She really didn't want to go to school today since she was up late the night before. She couldn't wait graduate so that she could escape her home. It was what she needed.

The brown-haired, blue-eyed girl made it to school and went to her locker to get her books for her first class.

"Kagami!" The girl turned at the sound of her name. She saw her best friend of three years.

"Hey, Michiko," Kagami greeted. "How are you?"

"I'm great!" Michiko explained. "You'll never guess what just happened to me."

Kagami thought of a list of possible things that it could be. "You're parents got you a dog, a car, a new wardrobe?"

Michiko laughed. "Oh, I wish, but no. Guess again."

"Michi, I don't have time for this. I need to finish my homework from last night."

"Gami, again?" Michi asked. "How late were you up and why?"

"Really late," Kagami said. "And it wasn't a big deal."

"When is your mom going to stop dating those losers? Does she even know that they're hitting on you at all?"

"Sad part is she does and she doesn't seem to care."

"Well, anyway," Michi said to change the subject, "I just got asked out by one of the most popular boys here at Morii."

"Oh God, not this again," Kagami said. "I told you that I don't want to hear about those players."

"Well, only one of them is a player," Michi retorted. "But he's not the one who asked me out. It was that adorable guy, Yuki."

Kagami smiled. She knew Yuki pretty well and, even though he was popular, he was a really nice guy who she and Michi didn't mind talking to from time to time.

"Well, in that case, I'll come over later to help you pick out what to wear," Kagami said, leaving Michi to head to class.

"Aw, our little Yuki is all grown up," Ranmaru teased. "He finally got a date."

"Leave Yuki alone," Takenaga ordered sternly. "At least he won't toy around with this girl like you would."

Ranmaru did some sort of dramatic pose and said, "I'm just too beautiful to be tied down to any one girl."

Kyohei laughed at that. "Yeah, right. Keep talking like that and people will start calling you gay."

"Oh really Kyohei? As opposed to the guy who has never had a girlfriend ever?" Ranmaru retorted.

"I'm surrounded by children," Takenaga said. "Two overgrown children. Good luck with them, Yuki. I'm going to go find Noi before class."

"I'll come with you," Yuki said. "I have to go meet Michi anyway. You coming Sunako?"

Sunako zoomed past everyone to get to her sanctuary (AKA the biology lab) and away from the Creatures of the Light.

"I guess that's a 'yes,'" Yuki whispered to Takenaga.

"Let's just get away from the two children before they start trying to beat each other up again," Takenaga muttered.

Kyohei's and Ranmaru's fight lasted for a short time before Kyohei's fangirls attacked him causing Ranmaru to sweat-drop. But hey, that just meant he had time to escape.

He ran through the hallways now that they were clearing up. He saw Yuki talking to two girls: one who was Michi and the other was a girl Ranmaru had seen in class a few times but never paid any attention to. But getting a better look at her, Ranmaru thought that she wasn't too bad to look at. Maybe he could have some fun with this one.

Yuki's eyes grew wide when Ranmaru walked up. He knew that look and he knew that this would be the worst thing he could do.

"Oh, hey Ranmaru," Yuki said nervously. "We better get to class."

"Yeah, in a minute," Ranmaru said taking Kagami's hand and kissing it like a gentleman. "I was wondering if this young lady would accompany me on a date." He flashed her his signature smile, but was unprepared for her reaction.

Not even a second after he had put his offer on the table had Kagami slapped him across the face. "Stay away from me," Kagami said through tears as she ran off somewhere. Michi looked at her friend with a worried expression and followed after her after saying "goodbye" to Yuki.

Ranmaru looked over to Yuki, shocked and holding his cheek. "What did I say?"