Warning: Character death, swearing.

Based on the following prompt.

For some reason the Cheerios and the football team have to take the same bus to an away game, during the entire ride the football team makes homophobic and degrading comments to Kurt.

They win the game.

After the game, when they are back in the buss someone makes a headcount and comes up one short. Turns out Kurt isn't on the bus. He's not answering his phone, they go back but can't find him.

I want it to be football players pov (Azimio or Karofsky would be great), from sharing the bus, realizing Kurt isn't there, days of police searching and media cover to Kurt being found beaten to death and players from the opposite team being arrested for it.

Authors choice what impact it has on the football team/individual players.

So anyway, now we've got to write down this journal of what we're thinking and feeling. That counselor they brought in said that we'll probably all thinking and feeling all different things and that sometimes they'll even all be mixed up. So I'm thinking, "Shit, you go to counselor school to learn to say that?" But my dad insists that I go through this whole thing with the rest of the team. I tried saying, "No, that Hummel did didn't mean shit to me before and he don't mean shit to me now," well, not quite like that because dad doesn't like it when I cuss, but anyway, my point is that I'm not all that bothered that he's dead. I mean, it's not like I'm glad he's dead and yeah, it bugs me that he died like that, because, I mean, like nobody deserves to get kicked to death, well, I mean, aside from people like KKK or terrorists or those kinds of fuckers. They deserve kicking to death. But not Hummel.

Some guys did get fucked up by this. Puckerman totally lost it. I mean, throwing things everywhere, throwing punches at the wall, like he totally freaked. Hudson got fucked up, too, but different. Puckerman got all mad, but Hudson get all girly about it. But then he's like the lead of that Homo Explosion. Except now the name isn't so funny, I guess. Chang and Rutherford were like the quiet ones to begin with, so it didn't really change that they don't say much, but it's a different kind of not saying much, you know what I mean? It's like before they didn't say much because they didn't see a need. Now it's like they don't say much because for what they want to say, they don't know the words. Or something like that.

But you know the guy who blows my mind? My man Karofsky. He acts like somebody kicked his puppy to death. Oh, yeah, animal abusers, they deserve kicking to death, too. But I'd have sworn on a stack of Bibles he'd be like me, ready to move on soonest. Do not stop at counseling, do not collect pamphlets. But he is a fucking mess.

What Hudson keeps talking about how is on the bus over there, you know, you get bored. So somebody starts joking about all the positions a faggot can and can't play, then it goes onto like are faggots fake men or fake girls. Just shit like that. Coach tells us to knock it off but most of the time he's trying to write a letter to Ms. Pillsbury. I know because I took a look.

It's not like none of of us knew it was going to happen, right? I mean, when you say, "Die, faggot," it's not like you think he's going to die that night? Shit, at the trial they said that they couldn't even recognize his face and of course they couldn't recognize his clothing because they took it. They actually did DNA testing so they wouldn't have to make his dad look at him. Now that's some fucked up shit.

I know, yeah, like Dad kept saying afterwards, I've got to have a sense of priorities and all that, but it seriously sucked that this was the game that we won. Hudson even said something about how maybe if we'd lost, Hummel would still be alive, like they wouldn't have gotten so mad that they lost to us. Hell, I'd even give up the win if it meant he'd still be alive, but I'd ask if he could just stay out of my face for good.

It wasn't until Sylvester does her head count that anybody realizes that he's missing. Then it was all over the news and there were search parties and police dogs and everything. It was actually that seriously weird chick from Glee that found him, that loudmouth Berry. Well, she was the one who started screaming, it was her and Tina that found him.

I never really believed any of the wild stories about exactly what he looked like, so I guess I really wasn't ready for the pictures at the trial. Yeah, Figgins made us all go to the trial. I heard that his dad, Hummel's dad, not Figgins', made it one of the conditions of the lawsuit being settled, that everybody on the team had to go. It sucked because it was summer. Yeah, and also, it was really, like, well, it was really gross. The defense was trying to say that it was all over in just a minute and so it's not like anybody even had a moment to think. But they had these forensic guys who showed just how long it took, and how they dragged him from one place to another while he was still alive, and how they could tell other stuff about how long it took from the blood and how much bled where and all that stuff.

The defense tried all sorts of lame shit like that. Like he had come onto one of them and there had been this gay panic thing. But then the Cheerios all said that it was one of their players who came over and pretended to be gay himself and asked Kurt to hang around until the bus left. He texted the rest of their team and said that he fell for it.

She's not here so I kind of forgot her, but Sylvester's another one of those people you never would have thought would give a shit. Or I would have thought maybe she'd be as mad as hell because he was like one of her Cheerios. But she was crying during the funeral and the trial and everything. And when she started bawling during the school thing, I really thought she would set Karofsky off. I had to hit him on the shoulder to remind him that fuck, that crying stuff for Hummel is lame. Weird, I was going to write that it's gay, but that doesn't look right any more. Whatever.

Anyway, those shitheads left like evidence everywhere and the prosecution like ripped their lawyer a new one every time he tried to say anything. But we all knew that team was going down big time when they did this like Victim Impact Statement or whatever they call it.

Mr. Hummel looks like, you know, a real man, like a man's man. Can't believe he'd have a kid like Hummel. But he lost it totally then. But then it's his kid, so he has an excuse, right?

So what they did is they showed this video Hummel made. He did something fancy with his email so that if he didn't open his email for two weeks it would automatically send the video to Mr. Schuester and an email. It's weird, I kind of remember what it said.

It was something like, "Dad, if you're seeing this, I'm either dead or missing. It was either an accident or homicide, and, frankly, considering the hate crime statistics here in Ohio, it's pretty sure that it's homicide. Dad, I love you and I would never kill myself or run away. Nothing in my life could ever get that bad, and that's because I have you."

You know, sometimes I was just a little bit jealous of the guy. Not because of his grades or fancy clothing or car, well, okay, a bit of the car, but because he really could make words say the kinds of things I can't. Sometimes I wish I could tell my dad that I love him using words like that.

Anyway, he went on something like, "I know I wasn't always the son you expected and I know that sometimes I disappointed you. But you never made me feel like I'm a disappointment or that you didn't accept me because I'm gay. I just wish every kid in the universe could have a dad like you. Especially the gay ones because, Dad, you were perfect. You made me feel loved and appreciated and wanted no matter what. You always loved me for myself and loved me more than anything else. And, Dad? I believe that if anything survives of me after I'm gone, it's in how much we love one another. And if that's the case, then maybe I'm with my Mom. So at worst, think of me as finally being safe from all the bullying and hatred, and at best, think of me as being with Mom."

Okay, I admit that got to me a bit, I mean, who wouldn't it get to?

"There's a lot I've missed, I know. I wanted to get to kiss a guy finally, and I also kind of wanted to bring my boyfriend home to you. Maybe by the time we were ready, you could even have attended our wedding. We probably would have made you take dance lessons first, though."

That was where Karofsky like absolutely lost it. I think it just all caught up with him, you know?

"But Dad, no matter what I missed, there's one thing so many people never had that you gave me. A home where I was safe and loved and had a father I looked up to and loved. So thank you, Dad, thank you for everything, a million times. I love you, Dad."

Anyway, they said afterwards that the trial was like another Stonewall, whatever that was, I thought it was just some riot at a gay bar. Even like Sarah Palin had to say something nice about him, even if she put it in a nasty way, and said that if schools taught religion this wouldn't happen. But Mr. Hummel was asked to quote about that and he said that he didn't want somebody who would fight tooth and nail to keep people like his son from having the same rights as anybody else trying to benefit politically from his death.

I bet you've seen the posters. There's a photo, they say it's kind of cleaned up but it's still plenty ugly, of Hummel's head, all bashed up, on one side of the poster, and the other one is somebody holding up a "No Gay Marriage" sign. Both the sides are labeled, "What homophobia does." Stuff like that.

I dunno, getting involved in that sort of thing seems to be helping some of the guys. Me, like I said, I don't really care that much, to be honest. But it's still Karofsky I'm worried about. He acts like something really had happened to him.

I just don't get it. I just do. Not. Get it.