Harry's Life at the Dursley's before going to Hogwarts


Harry Potter , his Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley were waiting for the school bus at Magnolia Crescent. Harry was nervous about going to school there would be lots of people , and he thought he might get lost in the school because his Aunt and Uncle had told him it was a big school and was easy to get lost in. All of a sudden the school bus came down the street. Aunt Petunia told this to Harry before he left "You" she said as she turned to face Harry Better behave You don't want to be locked in the Cupboard do You? "No, Aunt Petunia I will behave. Harry climbed on the bus." Aunt Petunia shouted have a good day Dudley. She waved as the bus went by.

Harry looked inside the bus it sure was big ( but it was not a double Decker bus. It was just a regular school bus. Harry found a seat at the back and sat down. He put his bag down on lap. His bag Aunt Petunia had gotten at the second hand store. How come Dudley always got what he wanted and he got junky stuff. Harry watched out of the window at the scenery. In five minutes they were at the school. The school had a little kids side and a big kids side. The bus came to a stop everybody got off the bus. Harry felt he was all alone because he did know anybody at the school. Dudley was standing and talking to his friends. All of a sudden the bell rang. everybody followed the teacher to their classroom. Harry was in the same class as Dudley and his friends Piers, Malcolm, Dennis, and Gordon. In the classroom there were little tables and chairs for where the kids were to sit at. Everybody started sitting down with their friends. Harry felt left out so he took his place at the last remaining table in the corner of the room. These table was smaller than all the others Harry thought to himself. The teachers name was Mrs. Cherry. She asked everybody to take their crayons out of their backpacks, Everybody took out their crayons ,Harry noticed that everybody had brand new crayons but all he had were Dudley's old crayons and half of the crayons were gone. Mrs. Cherry gave everybody a sheet of paper she told them to draw a picture of themselves. Harry took out half of his black crayon and gave the person in the picture very messy black hair that was very untidy. Then he drew a face and drew a pair of green eyes behind big round glasses.. Then he drew a very thin body shape and he drew some baggy clothes on the person in the picture. He then started to color the things in the picture. Everybody was in the class was done in about 5 minutes after Harry was. Mrs. Cherry asked everybody to show her their picture. She walked around the class examining the pictures making pleasant remarks about each one. When she got to Harry's desk she said "very nice picture Harry". The rest of the day went by very quickly. Before Harry knew it it was home time. He started to walk home he suddenly turned around he had the feeling that someone was following him. Somebody came into view it was Dudley and his gang they were all waving sticks in the air and they charging towards Harry. Harry stood still because he was so afraid. Piers Polkiss pulled his arms behind his back and held them very tightly around the wrist area. Dudley and his gang started to beat up Harry with the sticks. Hitting him in different places every time. After about five minutes they left Harry lying on the ground.