Chapter Eight

Of Spells and people

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A/N- In here Peter Pettigrew has already escaped from the Weasly.

When Harry woke up he tried to forget where he was but when he opened his eyes he suddenly remembered.

"Glad to see you up Mr. Potter" The Man in the corner said

" Who are you" Harry asked.

" Names Pettigrew, Peter Pettigrew."

( A/N- " My names Bond, James Bond.")

Harry was sure that he had met this man before.

" I'm here to take you upstairs. Are you going to come quietly or will I have to force you."

"I'm not going back there. I rather go back to thee Dursleys".

" Stupfy" Harry feel to the ground. Pettigrew went over and picked Harry up and started carrying Harry to the Drawing room. Lucius had ordered that after Harry's punishment Pettigrew was to be taken to the drawing room. With the threat of the Crucio, Pettigrew had to get Harry to Lucius.

Pettigrew climbed the stairs and then turned right. He then opened the door and then took the stunning spell off of Harry. Draco and Lucius were also in the room. Draco smiled when he saw Harry come in the door. Draco tried to get out of his Father's grip but Mr. Malfoy just held him tighter. Harry tried to run foreword to help Draco but Pettigrew was holding him too.

" Now Potter did you enjoy your evening in the dungeons".

Harry shook his head. " Do you promise me that you will stay in the room that I place you in". Harry nodded. " Fine Draco , show Potter where your room is. Draco and Harry then went back to Draco's room.

" What do you want to do now" Draco questioned. Harry's eyes went over to a pile of toys in the corner of the room. but Harry saw the sadness in Draco's eyes. Harry then saw the bruise on the side of Draco's face. "What did your Dad do to you Draco?" Harry noticed that Draco was now crying " H-H-H-He Hit me." All of a sudden the door burst open it was Pettigrew . Pettigrew walked over to Harry and picked him up. He carried him back to the dungeon . Pettigrew lead Harry to the same cell. Then Pettigrew left. Harry sighed. Suddenly there was loud pop. It was Albus Dumbledore. " Harry I'm going to get you out of here." He took out his wand and shot a memory charm, but one that only made him forget the place he was in and the people that he had met. Then Dumbledore sent Harry back to the Dursleys.

Dumbledore then apparted back to the apparition borders of Hogwarts.

A/N- there is going to be a sequel . It happens when Harry is ten and is taking a walk in the same park. Then he comes across a manor and gets magically pushed through the gate.