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Summary: NO. 6 has fallen. What future awaits the two heroes? NezumixShion, of course.

NO.6 has fallen.

The citizens were free of the pretense of the fake utopia that they were made to believe, and had opened their eyes to te monstrosity that was hiding behind the entire facade made by the government. The government who were secretly harvesting intelligence from it's citizens, especially those classified as the Elites of the country.

The city was initially under chaos. They hadn't known that the day their city was founded, the Holy Day, would also be a day that their city would be led to ruins. NO. 6 was destroyed from within. The virus has been flushed out, made known to the public, and soon, eradicated. It was as if, the problem ceased to exist.

It was the rebirth of the city that many of the citizens welcomed.

Not many of the citizens were satisfied with how the country was ran in the past. The Utopian society seemed too good to be true. But because of their fear of being found out by the government, they had kept mum the whole time, letting nature take its course.

But now, it was all over.

The worst was all over. But only for the citizens. There were still two people, who had their own problem to deal with.

The sky was bright blue. From the crest of a slight hill in the North Block, it looked magnificently clear.

"Nice day. Perfect weather for a trip."

Nezumi pushed back his wind-teased hair.

"Shion, this is far enough. You didn't have to see me off."

"...Are you really set on going?"

"I am."

"When are you coming back?"

"Coming back? I don't have anywhere to come back to."

"Nezumi, can't I...can't I go with you?"

"You and I are different. I'm going wandering, and you're staying here. That's the way it is. People can't live together when they're not compatible. You should know that well enough."

Nezumi turned his gaze on the scenery below. The city that had once been called NO. 6 spread out beneath them. Looking at it from this vantage, one might think nothing had changed at all.



"Are you crying?"

"I am not...it's not like I'm a girl...!"

He claims that he doesn't have a place to come back to.
He claims that people who are incompatible with each other can't live together.

But they both know those are just lies. Lies to make the separation less painful then it already is for the both of them.

Nezumi had to go.
He was a wanderer, a nomad.
He wasn't one to be tied down to a place for so long.

Shion had to stay.
He was a savior, a hero.
He had to stay, as a member of the reconstruction unit for NO. 6.

They had to part once again. Shion didn't want this to happen. He had to live through the four years without Nezumi, constantly thinking about him, day and night, and even in his sleep. Much to his chagrin, when his mother overheard him murmuring Nezumi's name in his sleep.

Shion took hold of Nezumi's arm. He'd reached his limit.

"Nezumi, please don't go. I want to be by your side. I want you to be with me. That's the only thing I want."



"How many times do I have to say it? You have work to do here, that's why you have to stay."

"I can leave that to someone-"

"You can't leave it to someone else, Shion. You have to do it yourself. Are you forgetting your promise to Safu? And what that doctor entrusted you with? You said you accepted. Don't run from that, Shion. You have to stay and fight to accomplish the work that needs to be done here. You can't turn your back on it."

Shion lowered his eyes. He tightened his grip on Nezumi's arm.

He knew that. He understood it. But still...

"A world without you in it means nothing, Nezumi. It means nothing to me at all."

Shion was extremely happy when he was able to see Nezumi again. He could still remember the day when he heard Nezumi's voice when he was seeing Safu off. His voice had broken, but Shion could still recognize it all the same. Well, how could he have ever forgotten?

The times they had spent together was short-lived, but the memories and bonds they have fostered would last a lifetime. But Shion wanted to be greedy this time around. He wanted nothing more then for Nezumi to stay by his side, forever. He didn't want Nezumi to leave, but he had no right to tie down the one he loved. He didn't want someone to be unhappy just for his own happiness, especially when that said somebody was Nezumi.

They say that if you truly love someone, let him go. If he doesn't come back to you, then maybe you never really had a bond deep enough in the first place.

But they were sure, they were more then sure, that in the future, they would meet again. And when that time comes, they would never part ways ever again. Shion would never let go again. Even when Nezumi had to leave once again, Shion would be able to follow him, he would be free of his duties to the reconstruction of the fallen country. Shion was willing to follow him to the ends of the Earth, and Nezumi was the same, even though he wouldn't show it.

Nezumi was like that, after all. He had never experienced much human affection throughout his life and would probably need some time to get used to all the feelings surging through him whenever he's with Shion. No amount of classical reads would be able to help him to understand those feelings. But he understood and he knew that he loved Shion.

Lips connected one last time before it was the moment where they bid each other goodbye.

The next time, I'll never let you go again.

Nezumi, I'll be waiting.

No matter how many years pass, no matter how old I get, I'l be waiting here for you.

The wandering star and the fixed one. Someday our paths will cross again. When that happens, I'm not going to sit quietly and let you go.

Nezumi, I'll be waiting for you.

Time passed. Everything changed. But he'd forgotten nothing.

Shion rose and went to the window. He flung it open wide.

Come in, Nezumi. Like you did that night.

Only the wind came buffeting in, heavy with the scent of spring leaves.

He would go on waiting.

After all, the last kiss that they had shared, was a kiss to seal a vow.

To be continued..?

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