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The plane ride back to DC was quiet. Reid was stretched out on one of the sofas near the rear of the plane, resting after his ordeal with Hankel, the rest of the team was scattered throughout the front area of the plane, each lost in thought.

Morgan, who considered himself a surrogate big brother to the young genius, was trying to rid his mind of all the worst case scenario outcomes that they'd managed to somehow avoid.

JJ was thinking about how easily it could've been her in Reid's place with Hankel. She inwardly shivered at the thought of what he might've done to her.

Gideon, who was aware of the fatherly mentor role he played in Reid's life, was giving a silent word of thanks to whomever was out there listening that the young agent was back with them safe and alive.

Hotch, who as the team leader was ultimately responsible for what happened in the field, was mentally berating himself for sending JJ and Reid out to Hankel's in the first place without any backup. The whole situation could've easily ended up a lot worse than it had.

Emily was sitting with her eyes closed, thankful that they had found Reid and that Hankel was dead. Emily often saw Reid as the younger brother she always wanted. He was a sweet, considerate man who had welcomed Emily into the team almost from the first moment. She was also keeping her eyes closed to avoid making eye contact with JJ. She knew that now that the case was over and Reid was safe, JJ might start questioning her again over her 'compartmentalization' skills and Emily wasn't ready yet to come clean with the truth.

The team walked into the BAU bullpen tired but ready to write up their reports and then Hotch told them all to go home and get some rest. He also gave them the next day off to fully recover. They didn't have to be told twice.

Emily was almost to her car when she felt her phone vibrate. She checked her text messages and saw one from Katie saying she was crashing at her apartment because the dorms were too loud thanks to a big party. Emily grinned and sent a text back letting her daughter know she was back in DC and on her way home. Emily had just hit the send button when she felt a hand on her arm. She jumped and spun around, her free hand reaching for her gun when she noticed it was just JJ. "JJ, you scared me! What's up?"

JJ grinned shyly, "Um…I was wondering if…" Suddenly, JJ lost what little courage she'd built up as she left the building and said, "Never mind. Have a good night Emily." JJ turned to go but Emily caught her by the arm and stopped her.

"JJ what were you wondering?" Emily was curious now.

JJ sighed, "I was just wondering if…if you wanted to go have a drink? If you're free that is, I just…I don't want to be alone just yet."

Emily took a moment to process what JJ had just asked and when she did, she smiled, "Sure. Which bar?"

JJ smiled at the acceptance then she said, "Would you mind…just coming over to my place? I have a bottle of wine that needs to be opened…I just don't think I can deal with a loud bar or club tonight. I can still hear the cries of pain from those dogs when I shot them."

"Of course, I'll follow you, okay?"

"Okay, thanks Emily."

"No problem. Lead the way." Emily waited until JJ was in her own car before she got into hers and typed a quick text to Katie to let her know she was going to be a while. She didn't want her to worry about her.

JJ glanced over at Emily just in time to see her sending a text on her phone and she frowned. It seemed obvious to JJ that Emily probably had plans, or at the very least someone waiting for her tonight, but she had agreed to have a drink anyway. JJ wondered who Emily was texting this time. She remembered Emily texting at the bar before they had gotten the case in Georgia and it made JJ curious all over again, wondering if it was the same person both times.

Sleepily, Katie fumbled for her cell phone when she heard her mother's custom text tone. She opened one eye and read the text saying her mom would be delayed a few hours. Katie frowned at first then she replied back 'is everything okay?'

Katie smiled when she got a text back letting her know that everything was fine but a co-worker just needed some extra attention. Katie wondered if it was the hot blonde that her mom had shown her a picture of a few weeks ago. She hoped it was and that this might be her mom's chance to see if the hot blonde was interested. Still smiling, Katie sent back a text saying 'okay. Be safe. See you later.' Then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep, secure in the knowledge that her mom could take care of herself.

Emily grinned to herself as she waited for the light to turn green while she read Katie's texts. Emily could almost hear the gears spinning in her daughter's head when she mentions a co-worker needing some extra attention. She knew Katie meant well, but ever since she had turned 18 and Emily had told her she was gay, she'd been trying to set her up with one woman after another and it was starting to get on Emily's nerves. Still, she knew Katie just wanted to see her happy and that was enough to keep her annoyance at bay most of the time.

Emily pulled up behind JJ's car on the street outside the blonde's house and took a deep breath as she turned the car off and opened her door. Emily knew JJ was straight and there was zero chance of them being together but that didn't stop her heart from crushing on the younger woman. But tonight wasn't about that, tonight was about being there for a friend who had gone through something extremely traumatic and just being there to help her through it. Emily met up with JJ at the sidewalk that led to the small house JJ rented and together they walked up to the door.

In silence, JJ walked beside Emily and let her into the house. As she closed and locked the door behind them, JJ spoke for the first time since the FBI parking lot, "make yourself at home. I'll go get that bottle of wine. The living room is through there." JJ pointed to a doorway then slipped away into the kitchen to get the bottle of wine.

Emily nodded then went in the direction of the living room. She walked into the room and looked around, taking note of the sofa, loveseat and coffee table that curled in front of the entertainment unit which housed a television, DVD player and stereo system. Emily grinned as she looked around and spotted the surround sound speakers that were fairly cleverly hidden around the room. If you didn't know what to look for, you'd never notice them but Emily was very familiar with surround sound, she had her own setup in her condo and in the house in New Jersey. It was the best way she knew to watch a movie at home.

Emily also noticed a few bookshelves with books and DVDs mixed in together. She walked closer and smiled when she realized the DVDs were movie versions of the books. It was both cute and peculiar at the same time and Emily wasn't sure if this little quirk would increase her crush on JJ or diminish it but she did know that it made her want to learn more about the blonde.

JJ walked into the living room silently, holding two glasses of wine, and stopped when she saw Emily looking at her bookcase. She grinned, thinking it was so typical of a profiler to look around and snoop rather than simply wait on the sofa. JJ didn't care, she was pretty much an open book and there wasn't anything in her living room that would betray the few secrets she still held close to her heart.

"Learn anything?" JJ asked, not able to stand the silence much longer.

Emily turned towards JJ, slightly startled and more than a little chagrined to have been caught snooping. Emily cleared her throat, "Only that you have an impressive movie and book collection."

JJ nodded then gestured towards the couch in a silent invitation for Emily to sit as she walked over and sat down. Emily followed and sat down, taking the glass of wine JJ offered. "thank you, Emily for being here. I just…I didn't want to be alone just yet."

"It's not a problem JJ." Emily wanted to say that she'd always be there for the young blonde and that there was nowhere else she'd rather be but she didn't think it was the right time to be saying things that could be taken to mean more than they should. She didn't want to say or do anything that might push JJ away before she could get a hold on her crush.

JJ leaned back into the couch and looked into her glass for a moment then built up the courage to ask Emily, "you were texting someone at the bar before the case and then again tonight just before we came here. Is there someone waiting up for you?"

Emily was surprised that JJ had seen her texting both before and after their case in Georgia but she didn't show it, instead she simply smiled. "my…sister was texting me. She's staying at my place for a few days and I was just telling her I was going to be a little late getting home. It's not a big deal, she's probably already asleep." Emily's pause before she said sister was her own subconscious need to be honest with JJ while at the same time not wanting to give JJ a reason to judge her for her past just yet.

JJ smiled, "I didn't know you had a sister. Is she older or younger?" JJ was glad it wasn't a boyfriend waiting up for Emily, because that meant she could still hold on to her delusion that Emily was single and maybe even gay and that JJ still had some kind of a shot with her. She also didn't want to talk about the dogs and her experience in the barn so she latched onto the relatively safe topic of Emily's sister.

Emily smiled, thinking about Katie and then reminded herself that she couldn't talk like a proud mama but as a sister. She ruefully shook her head as she deliberately altered her voice and her body language. "Katie is younger than me by fifteen years. She was an unexpected pregnancy but my parents quickly adapted. She's in college now, at Georgetown and she stays with me when the dorms get too loud to study."

JJ smiled, "sounds like the two of you are very close despite the age difference."

Emily nodded, "Yeah we are. My parents were usually busy with their own careers so I was the one who took care of her most of the time."

"I get that. My sister Amy was older than me and she was usually the one who took care of me when mom and dad were working or busy." JJ's eyes took on a sadness as she remembered her big sister who had committed suicide when JJ was only 11. It was still a painful memory to think that she wasn't able to help her sister but the pain had lessened over the years until it was mostly sadness and a dull ache. She often wondered what Amy would think of her career choice and if she still would've joined the FBI if her sister hadn't killed herself.

Emily saw the sadness in JJ's eyes at the mention of her sister and knew there was a sad story there. JJ's use of the past tense when talking about her sister didn't escape Emily's notice either which told her that JJ's sister was no longer alive. Emily was torn between her curiosity over JJ's sister and wanting to respect JJ's privacy. In the end, the respect won and she changed the subject. "so, what do your parents think about you being a big bad FBI agent?"

The slight amusement in Emily's tone made JJ smile as it pulled her out of her sad thoughts about Amy. She chuckled a little as she said, "they're still convinced it's a phase. They think it's a way for me to pass the time until I find a nice guy and get married. They don't get that this is what I want to do with my life."

Emily's grin faded a tiny bit but then came back full force, "I'm sure they just want what's best for you. This is a dangerous job. My own mom expressed concern over my decision to join the FBI, but she was convinced it was my way of rebelling against her."

JJ shook her head, "Parents are the same all over I guess. And yeah, this job is dangerous but, it's also extremely rewarding. Catching the bad guy, making sure they don't hurt anyone else, making the world just a little bit safer…there's no better feeling than that for me. Even if my role in it isn't as pivotal as the rest of the team."

"Your role is just as important as the profilers. You keep things running smoothly between us and the press so we can focus on catching the bad guy. Besides, I've seen you, paying attention and offering useful insights when you notice something one of us missed. I don't think we could do what we do so well with you JJ." Emily didn't want JJ doubting herself or her role on the team. It didn't sit right with Emily to hear JJ denigrating her role in the process of catching the bad guy.

JJ smiled, "Thank you." JJ paused, not sure how else to respond to that praise. It was then she noticed that Emily's glass was empty, "would you like a refill?"

Emily glanced at her glass and thought about it but realized that if she had another glass, she wouldn't be able to drive back home. "I probably shouldn't. I still have to drive home."

JJ wasn't ready to end their night so she said, "you don't have to drive home. I have a spare bedroom if you want it, unless your sister will be worried if you don't show up tonight."

Emily thought about that, knowing that all she would have to do is send Katie a text saying she was spending the night at JJ's and her daughter wouldn't worry about her…but could she really spend the night in the same house as JJ, with wine in her system and trust herself not to do something stupid, like make a move on the younger woman? Emily realized that JJ didn't want to end their time together and neither did she. "I can just text her I won't be back tonight. If you're sure you don't' mind me staying over."

"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't sincere Emily." JJ smiled, happy to know Emily was staying.

"Okay then I'll stay. Just let me grab my go bag from the car, okay?"

"Okay, I'll pour you another glass while you're gone."


Emily quickly went out to her car and got her small overnight bag, texting with one hand to Katie that she wouldn't be home until the morning. She wasn't expecting a reply, knowing her daughter was most likely asleep already but still, it eased her own mind to let her know ahead of time.

Emily turned to walk back into JJ's house and she stopped a moment to just look at the house. She took a deep breath before giving herself a mental pep talk about how she was going to keep her control and not do something stupid that could ruin this friendship she and JJ were starting. She was going to keep her libido in check and not make a move on JJ in her time of vulnerability. With her mental armor in place, Emily began walking back towards the house.

JJ, after pouring the wine refills, paused a moment in her kitchen and looked down at the counter. She knew Emily was straight but that didn't stop her brain from conjuring scenarios where, after a bit too much wine, something might happen. JJ's mind produced an image of her and Emily kissing and it was enough to make JJ blush, thinking it would be wonderful to find out how Emily's lips felt against her own. But, she knew tonight wasn't the night for that kind of thinking. Tonight was about not being alone…but if JJ was offered an opportunity tonight to find out if Emily was completely straight or if she had a shot, JJ was going to take it. The wine and maybe even a movie…might help that along. JJ smiled as she heard the front door open, knowing Emily was coming back, and she wondered how long it would take her to create the opportunity she wanted to have to get her answers.

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