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Chapter 8

May 1989

It was a month until graduation and it was starting to really sink in for Emily. High school was almost over and soon, she would be in college and Katie would be another year older, and Daphne would be almost 3000 miles away.

Daphne had recently been accepted to Stanford University for the fall semester and Emily, being a good best friend, had put aside her own feelings and encouraged Daphne to go for it. Emily had gotten her acceptance letter from Princeton a week ago and when she'd told Daphne, her friend was happy for her.

Emily knew that, while she might've liked to go to Yale or Harvard, she had to stay in New Jersey for Katie. It wouldn't be fair to uproot her daughter for four years when she didn't have to. She knew Daphne didn't totally get why she was staying in New Jersey and not taking advantage of the opportunity to 'escape' her parents.

But Emily knew that she couldn't do that, not to her parents and certainly not to her daughter. She loved Katie too much to be away from her for four years even if her parents were willing to raise her while Emily went to college somewhere else. So she had looked into the local universities and Princeton was one of a handful of universities that offered the courses that Emily wanted to study.

Elizabeth Prentiss was very proud of her daughter for making such a mature decision. She knew it couldn't have been easy watching her best friend get accepted to Stanford and knowing that she was going to have to stay a lot closer to home because of Katie, but Emily seemed to be handling it well. Elizabeth also knew that, in a month's time, Emily would be telling Daphne the truth about Katie, in accordance with their deal. Elizabeth just hoped that the revelation wouldn't damage their friendship.

Contrary to popular belief, the weeks leading up to graduation weren't as crazy as Emily had thought it would be. Once finals were over, there was very little left to do but wait for the grades, the class rings, the yearbooks, and the caps and gowns. Once she finished her last final, Emily decided not to attend the last week of classes, since they were optional and mostly consisted of getting yearbooks signed by your friends and favorite teachers and squeezing the last final moments with friends before college separated them. Emily only really had Daphne and two teachers that she wanted to get to sign her yearbook so she got that out of the way early and chose to spend her final week before graduation at home with Katie.

Emily was sitting on the couch in the family room with Katie playing on the floor with her toys when the doorbell rang. Her mom was in the City at a meeting for work and her dad had gone out to the store so she was home alone with Katie.

Emily made sure Katie was engrossed in her toys before she quickly went to the door to see who it was. She opened the door and smiled when she saw that it was Daphne. She let her best friend in the house and they headed to the family room to hang out.

"So, Emily, tomorrow's the big day. You ready for it?" Daphne asked, wanting to know if she was the only one who was nervous about the graduation ceremony. Luckily, neither of them had to do anything but show up and collect their diplomas. She didn't envy the girl who had been chosen Valedictorian and had to give a speech.

Emily grinned, "Yeah, I am. I'm not going to miss high school...but I am going to miss you when you're off in California."

Daphne looked away for a moment then turned back to Emily, "Yeah, me too. It's going to be so lonely in California without you Em. Are you sure you really wanna stay here in New Jersey?" Daphne wondered if Emily's parents were pressuring her to stay close to home to help with Katie. She didn't think it was fair to make Emily stay in town to look after her baby sister, no matter how close they were.

Emily sighed, she knew the only way Daphne would understand her decision was if she knew the truth...and despite her deal with her mom, Emily decided she didn't want to wait until after graduation. They were going to walk across that stage tomorrow, so what difference did a few hours make in the grand scheme of things? Emily knew that, with both her parents out of the house, now was a good time to just tell Daphne the truth. She took a deep breath and said, "Daphne, there's something I need to tell you. It's about Katie and why I am staying in New Jersey."

Daphne looked into Emily's eyes and realized she was serious, "Okay, what is it?"

Emily found she couldn't look at Daphne while she admitted the truth, so she picked a spot on the wall just behind the blonde's shoulder and stared at it while she began talking. "Katie...isn't my sister...she's my daughter. Before we moved here, I made a stupid decision and ended up getting pregnant. My parents stood by me and we moved here where no one knew us so that I could have a chance at a normal high school experience. We made up the story about Katie being my sister mostly to protect my mom's political career as well as my reputation." Emily stopped there for a moment, giving Daphne a chance to process this new information.

Daphne turned and looked at Katie who was still engrossed in her toys and not really paying attention to them. She studied the little girl and, in light of what Emily had just told her, she began to see the similarities in Katie's facial features that seemed to hint at more than a sister connection. It became clear to the young blonde that Emily was telling her the truth, Katie really was her daughter and not her sister. Daphne began to nod in comprehension and then she chuckled a little before turning back to Emily with a smile on her face. "So...that's why you're staying in New Jersey?"

Emily nodded, "Yeah."

Daphne shook her head in disbelief and said, "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?"

Emily sighed, "I wanted to, so many times I wanted to tell you the truth. Especially the times when you would talk about how close me and Katie seemed and how you couldn't believe I'd rather spend the night at home with her than go out to some party or to the movies. But I couldn't tell you because I couldn't risk losing your friendship if you knew the truth. That I had Katie when I was just barely 16."

Daphne took a moment to think about that one and she could, objectively speaking, see how Emily might think it would change things between them. "You should know by now Em, that you're stuck with me. I mean, if you moving away for several months didn't change things, nothing would." Daphne paused as she thought of something, "wait, so when you moved away to Italy for your mom's job and then came back in the fall with a kid sister, that was when you had Katie?"

Emily just nodded, knowing she was going to have to explain about that sooner or later.

"So that means that you were already pregnant when we became friends and those guys asked you out? Is that why you said no to them?"

Emily let out a small chuckle at that, "I said no to them because I didn't like them...and also because I was already pregnant then. I had sworn off dating anyone because of what happened the last time where I got pregnant. Dating just...wasn't a priority for me. And yes, when I went away during April vacation last year, I didn't go to Italy but to Atlantic City to live for the rest of my pregnancy and until Katie was born. That was when we came up with the sister story."

Daphne stood up and paced a little before she sat back down and asked, "So...where's the father?"

Emily wasn't expecting that question and she took a moment to compose herself before she answered, "The last I heard he was still in Italy with his parents. When I found out I was pregnant, I told him about it, and his only response was that I get an abortion. I went home and told my parents and realized I didn't want to get an abortion. My mom and dad stood by me. My dad's lawyer had papers drawn up that basically cut his parental rights. He happily signed the papers, glad to not be on the hook for child support or anything like that. We left Italy soon after that and moved here. Katie's father, John, will never be a part of her life."

Daphne couldn't believe what Emily was saying, "Wow, so he just signed away his rights and walked away from you and Katie?"

Emily nodded, "Yeah...though to be fair, at the time he was mostly walking away from me. Katie was still just a few weeks old fetus. But yeah, in the long run he walked away from us both."

Daphne turned again to look at Katie and her heart ached a little at the thought of anyone just walking away from the little dark haired angel. Yeah, she herself was going to California for college but she wasn't walking away from Emily and Katie. She would be back on the holidays and for summer break. Daphne had every intention of being a major part of Emily and Katie's life and knowing now that Katie was Emily's daughter, didn't change that one bit for her. She turned back to Emily with a smile on her face, "Thank you for telling me the truth. It doesn't change anything though. Like I said, you're stuck with me Emily."

Emily let out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding when she heard Daphne's reassurance. Without thinking about it, she launched herself across the sofa and hugged her best friend tightly.

Daphne returned the hug and she smiled as she allowed herself to indulge in having Emily this close to her. She was still harboring some...romantic feelings for her friend and while she might not be ready to say anything about them to Emily, it didn't mean she couldn't enjoy these moments.

Emily finally pulled away after a few moments and she turned to look at her daughter. Katie carefully stood up and walked over to Emily. She placed a hand on Emily's knee and smiled up at her mama. "Mama, nom nom."

Emily grinned, 'nom nom' was Katie's way of saying she was hungry. Emily picked her daughter up and stood up from the couch. She turned to Daphne, "I'm going to get Katie a snack, wanna join me?"

Daphne nodded and stood up too. Together, Emily and Daphne brought Katie into the kitchen and Emily placed Katie into her high chair while she got out a snack for her daughter.

Before too long, Emily and Daphne were also enjoying a snack as Katie began to feed each of them from her bowl of cherrios. It was a nice afternoon, spent playing with Katie and then just talking about their future plans once Katie went down for her nap. By the time Daphne left, Emily's parents were home and Emily felt much better about the future now that Daphne knew the truth about Katie.

Emily went to bed that night with a smile on her face as she thought about what the future might hold for the three of them.

The graduation ceremony went off without a hitch. The speeches by the Principal, the Valedictorian and two guest speakers were long and dull but Emily got through it by thinking about what would happen later that night. Her parents were taking care of Katie so that Daphne and Emily could have one last night to party and celebrate graduating. Daphne would be leaving for a summer immersion program at Stanford before beginning her freshman year, in a few days and Emily wanted to spend some extra time with her friend before she left.

Once the final name had been called and the student walked across the stage to grab his diploma, the ceremony concluded with one last brief speech by the Vice Principal before they were released onto the world.

Emily, Katie and her parents were gathered around her dad's car when Daphne came up to them, her own parents trailing behind her. The adults greeted each other warmly, the years of having their daughters be best friends had worked to allow them to get to know each other. Daphne's dad was a big fan of William Prentiss' books.

Emily and Daphne hugged and Daphne picked up Katie and hugged her too. Soon, pictures were being taken and everyone was in a pretty good mood. Emily made sure to get a picture of herself with Daphne and one of Daphne with Katie and of course, one of the three of them together.

Elizabeth took the picture of the three of them and, as she looked through the camera's viewfinder, she couldn't help but notice how much they looked like a family. She took the picture and then shook those thoughts out of her head.

Before too long, both families left the parking lot of the hall where the ceremony had taken place and headed home. It was only five pm and Emily and Daphne were set to meet up around eight. That gave Emily three hours to change clothes and make sure Katie was fed and down for the night before she left to pick Daphne up for their night of fun.

Once Katie was safely in dreamland, Emily took a quick shower and got dressed in jeans and a t shirt before she said a quick goodbye and thank you to her parents and sailed out the door. Tonight was hopefully, going to be a night to remember for both of them.

Emily pulled up to the curb by Daphne's house and wasn't surprised to see her best friend waiting on her porch. There was still some sunlight out so Emily just watched as Daphne walked to the car and got in. Once she had her seatbelt fastened, Daphne turned to Emily, "So Em, where are we going?"

Emily had kept the details of their celebration a secret, simply telling her friend to dress casually and to be ready by eight. Emily smiled at Daphne and just said, "You'll's a surprise."

Daphne, trusting Emily completely, simply shrugged and said, "Okay then. Let's get on with it."

Emily grinned and put the car in drive and drove away. She hopped on the highway a few minutes later and soon she was taking an exit that would lead to their destination. Emily drove confidently but quietly, not willing to risk conversation and have her secret plan leak out.

Daphne just went with it and decided to play with the radio, willing to let Emily have her secrets as long as she needed to, knowing Emily would soon show her what she had planned.

Emily turned onto a private drive and soon was parking in front of a rustic-looking cabin. She turned off the engine and turned to Daphne. "We're here."

Daphne looked around through the windshield and noticed they were in the woods, and the house before them had only the porch light on. She turned to Emily, "Where exactly is here?"

Emily grinned, "This cabin belongs to a friend of my dad's and he agreed to let us use it for the night when I asked him. He said, graduation is a big deal and if we weren't going to be joining all the other wild parties going on tonight, the least he could do was give us a place to celebrate our own way. So, he gave me the keys this morning and told me it was all ready for us. Come on."

Emily got out of the car and walked around to Daphne's door, which was still closed. Emily opened it and looked down at her friend, "What's the matter?"

Daphne looked from the cabin to Emily and back to the cabin. She took a deep breath mentally scolding herself for being such an idiot. Her initial thought when she saw the secluded cabin was that, out here in the middle of nowhere, she might not be able to control her feelings for Emily and she might end up saying or doing something that she wouldn't be able to take back.

She shook her head and smiled, "Nothing, just taking it all in." With that, she stepped out of the car and walked towards the cabin.

Emily closed and locked the car then followed Daphne to the cabin. They reached the front door and Emily unlocked it and let Daphne go in first. Emily followed and turned to lock the door. When she turned back to look at Daphne, she could see the blonde looking all around.

The cabin was fairly big, with a great room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It had central heating and air conditioning and a fireplace in the great room. Emily took Daphne's hand and led her to the couch in front of the fireplace. They sat down and Emily just smiled, " you like your surprise?"

Daphne took one last look around the room and then turned back to Emily, "Yeah...I do. So is there any food or drinks here?"

Emily laughed and said, "Oh yeah. Everything we could need. You relax and I'll get us something to eat okay?"

Daphne nodded and leaned back into the couch, enjoying the plushness of the cushions. She looked around again and, against her better judgment, her mind began conjuring up images of the things she wanted to do with Emily in this cabin. The couch, the deep plush carpet just in front of the fireplace both became ideal places to make out and make love with Emily. She thought about the bedrooms this place must have and again began picturing herself and Emily entwined, naked, on crisp white sheets. She knew it was never going to happen but that didn't stop her traitorous mind from creating the images, or her body from reacting to them.

Emily went to the kitchen and began to pull together some sandwiches and chips. She was about to reach for the soda when something caught her eye in the corner of the kitchen. She moved closer and realized it was a liquor cabinet...and it wasn't locked. She opened the doors and saw the options. There was vodka, whiskey, rum, and a few bottles of wine. Emily donned an evil grin as she reached for one of the bottles of wine, a Chardonnay, and quickly uncorked it and poured some into two wine glasses she'd found.

Tonight, they were going to have wine with their 'dinner' and Emily wasn't going to worry about the consequences. Her parents had already agreed to watch Katie until the morning and Daphne's parents had also agreed to let Daphne stay out all night, it was graduation after all.

Emily put everything on a tray and carried it back out to the great room. She placed the tray on the coffee table and handed Daphne one of the wine glasses. She lifted hers in a toast, "To graduation and the future."

Daphne nodded and clinked her glass with Emily's before taking a sip of the wine. She knew she probably shouldn't be drinking alcohol, that it would only lower her defenses and increase the odds that she would make a move on Emily, but she didn't care in that moment. She had decided to just let it all go and enjoy the night.

Several hours, and two bottles of wine later, they were on the couch just enjoying to mellow feeling the wine was giving them. During the course of the evening, they had moved closer together until there was no room between them. Now they were on the couch, just drinking their wine and listening to the music that Emily had turned on a few hours ago.

Emily lifted her head and turned to look at Daphne, "You know, there's something else I wanted to tell you before you left for California."

Daphne turned to look at Emily. "Oh yeah? What's that?"

"This." Without warning or really much thought behind it, Emily leaned forward and pressed her lips to Daphne's. She kissed her best friend for a few seconds before she pulled away and looked at Daphne, waiting for her to say something.

With the wine buzzing through her veins and lowering her inhibitions, Daphne opted not to say anything. Instead, she moved forward and kissed Emily.

Emily, while surprised, wasn't about to let this opportunity pass her by...not after all the months she'd spent trying to convince herself that what she was feeling for her best friend was wrong. Daphne was kissing her back and Emily planned to enjoy every moment of it.

Before long, Daphne pressed forward and soon had Emily on her back on the couch. They stretched out together on the couch and their legs entwined as their lips continued their exploration of each other's mouths. Emily opened her mouth and let her tongue play against Daphne's lips for a moment before the blonde got the hint and allowed her entrance.

Tongues dueled for dominance but Emily soon surrendered to Daphne. Hands soon began to wander and Emily sighed when Daphne's hand closed around her breast. Emily's own hands had found their way to Daphne's ass and she squeezed lightly as she brought Daphne more snugly against her.

At this point, Emily knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself if Daphne didn't stop her. Emily suddenly wanted more...she wanted to make love to Daphne and so she pulled out of the kiss to give Daphne the choice of continuing to the bedroom or stopping now. It was an option she never really had with John and she didn't want to do anything that Daphne might regret in the morning.

"Daphne, I...I wanna take you back to the bedroom and make love with you...but if you're not ready or you don't want to, you need to tell me now, please?"

Daphne lifted herself on her arms enough to look into Emily's eyes. She was a virgin but she knew that she wanted her first time to be with Emily. She wanted this as much as Emily seemed to and so she smiled, "Emily, I want this...I want you. Let's go find that bedroom." Daphne lifted herself off the couch and reached a hand down to help Emily up.

Emily stood up and felt all the blood in her body rush south at Daphne's words. She took Daphne's hand and led her to the back hallway where the bedrooms were. They walked into the master bedroom and paused a moment to really appreciate the king sized, four poster bed in the center of the room.

Emily slowly led Daphne to the side of the bed and she leaned in and kissed her again. As they got lost in the kiss, clothes began to fall away until they were naked in front of each other. Emily took a step back and took a moment to take in and admire the sight of her best friend and soon to be lover. Daphne was absolutely gorgeous and Emily, knowing Daphne was a virgin, felt doubly blessed that she was being given this special gift.

Emily drew the sheets back on the bed and slipped under them before she pulled Daphne down next to her. She rolled over until she was hovering over the blond. In a moment of clarity, Emily realized something and she knew she couldn't continue until she told Daphne, "I love you."

Emily lowered her head and kissed Daphne, not giving her a chance to respond, because she didn't need to know how Daphne felt about her, she just needed Daphne to know how she felt.

Emily began planting kisses down Daphne's neck, nipping and licking and she even managed to leave a good sized hickey on her shoulder before she moved lower to Daphne's breasts.

Daphne's mind was spinning with the sensations that Emily's lips were causing. She wanted to let herself go completely but first she needed to say something. She reached down and pulled Emily head up to hers so she could look into her eyes. When she had Emily's attention she whispered, "I love you too Emily."

Emily kissed her again before she resumed her task of making love to Daphne. Knowing Daphne loved her too had her smiling the whole time. Emily knew in that moment that nothing and no one else would ever come close to Daphne in her heart.

The rest of the night was spent learning and exploring each other's bodies. They spent the whole night making love, and it wasn't until the first streaks of sunlight began to light the sky that they finally managed to fall asleep. Emily lay behind Daphne one arm wrapped around her waist and the other under the pillow, one leg draped over Daphne's. It had been a perfect night together and before Emily succumbed to the Sandman, her final thought was that she could see herself spending the rest of her life with Daphne and a family.

Several hours later, Emily woke up and found Daphne awake and looking at her. She smiled and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning. Sleep well?"

"Yeah, I did. You?"

Daphne grinned, "Oh yeah...especially since I was next to you. I love you Emily."

Emily felt her heart melt, "I love you too." She paused a moment before asking what she knew would be the make or break question, "So...are you...okay with everything that happened last night?"

Daphne took a moment to give the question some honest consideration. She didn't regret anything about last night. Her only regret was that she was leaving soon for California and college. "Yeah, I am. Are you?"

Emily smiled, "Yeah...I just wish you weren't leaving for college tomorrow."

"Me too." Daphne wished now she had applied to an East Coast school but it was too late. She was driving to California so that she would have her car in California. Her parents had surprised her with a car a few days before graduation.

There were a few moments of silence as each girl thought about what it would mean to be separated so soon after discovering this new facet of their relationship. Emily wondered if it was fair of her to want a long distance relationship with Daphne.

Daphne was going off to college in a new place and she would be meeting new people and finding out who she was, Emily didn't want to hold Daphne back from anything in California. Plus, there was Katie to consider. Emily knew that any relationship she entered into would have to include her daughter and while Daphne genuinely cared for Katie, Emily wondered if that would be enough. Daphne was still young enough to find someone else, someone who didn't already have a child. She still had time to realize that this wasn't what she really wanted. Emily didn't want to be the reason that Daphne missed out on anything because she was tied to a girlfriend and a kid.

Daphne was looking at Emily and seeing practically every thought telegraphed in her face. Emily didn't really have a poker face and Daphne was glad for that, because she had never been much of a mind reader. She could see that Emily was thinking about things that were too heavy for this early in the day.

Emily turned to Daphne, "I think...given that you're leaving for California tomorrow, that we should keep what happened last night to just last night. Daphne, I don't ever want to be the reason you miss out on anything in college. So how about we just stay friends and if, when you come back for summer vacation, we still feel the same...we'll go from there?"

Daphne thought about what Emily was saying and, while she didn't think being with Emily would hold her back or make her miss out on anything, she could see the logic behind Emily's words. They were going to be 3000 miles apart with only letters and the occasional phone call to connect them. It wasn't fair to either of them. Daphne knew that the feelings she had for Emily weren't ever going to go away but she also knew that the only way she was going to prove that to her dark haired friend was to go along with Emily's suggestion and come back next summer ready to woo Emily back.

"For the record, my love for you isn't ever going to go away. But I can see that you need this to convince you of that so, okay. We'll go back to being just friends and next summer, when I come back here, you and me...we'll try again." Daphne leaned closer and sealed their deal with a kiss before she left the bed and gathered her clothes and went into the master bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. She knew if she stayed in that warm bed, naked, with Emily she wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to have Emily again.

Emily lay in the bed and watched as Daphne left the room. She knew she was doing the right thing, but that didn't mean she had to like it. She wanted nothing more than to join Daphne in that shower and just allow their relationship to develop but she knew that wasn't an option. She had to be the grown up here, because she was the one with a kid, and not be selfish.

Emily got out of the bed and took her clothes to the other bathroom to shower and get dressed, stubbornly ignoring the ache in her chest at the thought of what could've been.

Emily dropped Daphne off at her house a few hours later and they said their goodbyes for the day. Tomorrow, when Daphne left for California, they would have another chance to say a proper goodbye but for now, they both chose to keep it casual. Emily waited until Daphne was inside her house before she pulled away and headed home.

She got home and the minute she walked in the door she was attacked by a tiny blur of giggling fun as Katie launched herself at her mama. Emily grabbed her daughter and held her close. She had missed her little girl and she really needed a hug right then.

Emily carried Katie into the family room where her dad was sitting watching television. It was obvious by the toys scattered around the floor that he was mostly keeping an eye on Katie.

Emily greeted her dad and after a few minutes, he left the room and headed back to his typewriter, now that Emily was home to watch Katie. Emily's mom was already at work in the City so it was just the three of them in the house. Emily was relieved that she wouldn't have to explain to anyone how her night had gone. Her dad would be too engrossed in his latest novel and her mother wasn't going to be home until late.

Emily spent the rest of the day playing with her daughter and trying not to think about what tomorrow would bring when Daphne drove away.

Daphne spent the rest of the day thinking about Emily as she packed the few last minute things she would need for college. She also loaded up the car and got it ready for the next day. She was leaving fairly early in the morning to beat the traffic out of the city and onto the highway. She figured it would take her about 3 or 4 days to drive cross country. She had plenty of money from her parents for hotel rooms and food along the way and once she got to California she would check into the school and get her dorm assignment and she'd be pretty much all set. She would get a job to cover expenses but her tuition was already taken care of thanks to her scholarship and her parents.

The summer program was fairly exclusive and it was an honor to be chosen to attend. It was six months of classes compressed into two months. It was intense and competitive but it also gave you an edge when the fall semester started. It was a way to knock off some of the general education credits early so you could focus on your major more intensely.

The next morning, Emily and Katie were standing in Daphne's driveway waiting as the blonde said her goodbyes to her parents. Emily didn't like the idea of Daphne moving so far away but she knew there was nothing to be done about it now.

Daphne gave her mom one last hug before she turned and walked over to Emily and Katie. When she reached them, Daphne pulled them both into a group hug.

When she pulled away she turned first to Katie, "Goodbye Katie. I'll see you next summer okay baby girl?"

Katie looked at Daphne and grinned before she leaned closer and hugged her again, planting a wet sloppy kiss on Daphne's cheek. It was Katie's personal seal of approval.

Daphne then turned to Emily, "As for you, I'll be seeing you soon." She raised her hand to Emily's cheek, "I know we said just friends, but I can't help how I feel. So, I'm going to kiss you and then I'm going to get in this car and drive away while I still can, okay?"

Without waiting for a response, Daphne leaned closer and kissed Emily. It was a sweet, chaste kiss, nothing like what she wanted to give her but given the circumstances, it was the best she could do. She pulled away and with a final whispered, "I love you Emily. Goodbye." Daphne got into her car and started the engine. Emily moved out of the way of the car and watched with tears in her eyes as Daphne drove away. Emily stood there, silently vowing to one day have a future with Daphne...not knowing at the time that that was going to be the last time she ever saw her friend.


AN2: I know Emily has a canon reputation for compartmentalization and her poker face but you also have to remember she's still just 18 here...she hasn't developed those traits yet...but she will. Things will happen that will force her to develop them. For now, I hope you enjoyed this little update. More to come hopefully soon. But first, some of my other stories need updates too. For the record though, I like to think that subconsciously at least, Emily had a plan to seduce Daphne when she secured the cabin for graduation night. But of course, she will never confirm nor deny this claim so I'll just let you decide if she planned it or not.