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Now, as for my little foray in to Castle-dom, this story takes place in the first episode of season 3 after Castle is arrested by Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan. I know that some of my 'facts' don't exactly go with the show, but there are(as of this submission) around 4700 other Castle stories that are a little off of the show, too(considering that there are only 58 episodes...).

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Confessions Chapter 1

Richard Castle was sitting in the interrigation room, hands folded in front of him, trying to figure out how he got there. Oh, he knew how he got there, just not how he got there. One minute he received a call from a friend asking for help. The next, he was being arrested by three people he thought were his best friends(well, if he was completely honest with himself, 2 were friends, 1 he thought of as hopefully more).

As he was sitting there, just staring ahead, 5 set of eyes were glaring at him through the one-way mirror of the observation room. The three who arrested him, Detectives Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan, and Kate Beckett, as well as Captain Roy Montgomery and, of course, when she found out, ME Lanie Parish just had to come see this for herself.

Ryan was the first to break the silence, "Sooo, how do we go about this ?"

Esposito responded, not taking his eyes off of Castle, "I'm not sure, man. I mean, the guy knows our playbook back and forth."

Beckett rolled her eyes slightly at the sports metaphor. "We treat him just like any other suspect."

"We should be getting ballistics back, soon." Montgomery stated.

"Well, who's gonna go question him?", Esposito asked.

"We might have to wait." All eyes snapped to Ryan's response. "What? Before I sat him in there..", indicating the interrigation room,"..he asked for his phone call. I didn't hear, but I'm guessing it was his attorney."

Beckett pinched the bridge of her nose. "Great. Just great."

"Well, he knows his rights, so we'll have to wait for his lawyer to show." Montgomery said, agreeing with Ryan.

Kate was a little disapointed to hear this. During the B&D case last year, Rick made the comment that if someone was innocent or had a good explanation, they shouldn't have to worry about a lawyer. Since he apparently called one, he must be guilty of something.

However, when they all saw an officer open the door to let Rick know that the person he called was here, all those thoughts almost disappeared when he was greeted by a certain teenage redhead.

"Hey, pumpkin."

Alexis wrapped her father in a hug. "Hey, Dad. I missed you."

"I missed you too, pumpkin." Rick said, hugging her. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

Inside the observation room, the five sets of eyes softened just a little. While they still held a little of their - for lack of a better term - anger at Castle, they forgot about his family and how they almost considered them a part of their extended family.

When Kate saw Alexis enter the room, the disapointment she felt just minutes before faded away and was replaced with something else. If she had to describe it, she would have to say it was a combination of hope and something else she couldn't quite describe.


Back in the interrigation room, Rick pulled back a little, keeping his hands on Alexis' shoulders. "So, daughter, how was your summer at Princeton?"

"Well, father..." Alexis replied. "I'd love to tell you all about it, but I'm curious about why you called me here, instead of when we're back home."


"Did you need my help on a case?" Alexis suddenly had a gleem in her eyes. "Because it was so cool being able to help out with that Blue Pill case last year."

Rick looked at her a little sheepishly. "Not exactly..."

Alexis stepped back a step, crossed her arms, and arched her eyebrow. "Okay Dad. What'd you do this time?"

Rick was immediately struck by how much her pose reminded him of Kate. "Why does everyone always assume I did something?"

Alexis just kept staring at her father, holding her pose. "Remember the time you sneezed all over a crime scene? You were in their doghouse for weeks. Then the time you stepped in that goo at a scene and tracked it all over. And then..."

"Alright, alright, alright. Point taken." Rick interupted. "But nothing like that happened this time."

Alexis softened her stance a little. "So what did happen?"

In the observation room, five sets of ears perked up with interest. They thought(well, the Captain and the three detectives did, Lanie just liked watching) that when they saw Alexis, they should go in, but decided to let things unfold. Sometimes people opened up more with family.

"Well..." 'Ohboy, how do I begin.' Rick thought as he sat at the table. "Early this morning, I was called by an old friend..."

Alexis went to sit down next to her father. "Go on."

"She said she needed my help with something. I asked what it was about. She said she'd tell when she saw me. When I went to her place, I found her. She was shot." Rick paused to compose himself. "She was dead."

Alexis reached out to hold her fathers' arm. "Oh God... Dad.."

"I mean, when I saw her, I..." He trailed off trying to compose himself again. "Being here the past couple of years, I've seen worse, but I knew what was coming before I got to a scene. Seeing her like that. Not expecting it..."

"Dad, are you alright?" Alexis asked, gently squeezing his arm.

"Yeah, I'm fine, pumpkin." Rick replied, reaching over to hold her hand. "It just caught me by surprise."

"So, what happened after you found her?"

"Well, after I saw her, I spotted a gun and picked it up..."

He was cut off by his daughter jumping up and looking down at him. "You did WHAT?" She was pacing back and forth. "Dad! All your time at crime scenes, not to mention all your books, and you pick up a GUN? At a CRIME SCENE? You know better!"

"I do know better..." Rick said, trying to calm his daughter. "The only reason I picked it up was that I heard noises, and thought that her killer came back. I know it was stupid, but I wasn't thinking too clear at the moment."

Calming herself, Alexis sat back down. "So, then what happened?"

"As I was saying..." He continued. "When I heard the noises, I picked up the gun, and then.." He thought about how to say this so she wouldn't get upset again. "It was the police."

"Oh. So they brought you here so you could figure out what happened?"

"Not exactly.."

"Well, what then?"

"I was arrested."

"What!" Alexis exclaimed.

"They arrested me." Rick said in a calming voice, trying to keep his daughter calm.

It seemed to work, because she did calm down a little. "So, what? Are you waiting here while Kate and Detectives Esposito and Ryan find out what's going on?"

"Not excactly."

Alexis was getting exaserbated. "Well, what exactly?"

"Theyweretheonesthatarrestedme." Rick membled out.

"Say that again, slower."

Rick sighed. "They were the ones that arrested me."

"You're kidding, right?" Rick shook his head. "You're not kidding?" Rick nodded. Alexis pinched the bridge of her nose with her her thumb and forefinger. She was getting a headache.

"Please tell me it was just a formallity." She sighed.

"Not excacty.." He replied, sheepishly.

"Dad! Stop!" Alexis was getting slightly pissed off, if there is such a thing as slightly. "This is like pulling teeth! Give me the whole story! From when you saw them to when you saw me! And don't leave anything out!"

Rick sighed, composing himself. "Alright, pumpkin. When I saw them, they drew their guns, telling me to freeze." He really didn't want to go on, seeing her react to what he just said, but she wanted the whole story, so she'd get it. "Esposito called me a...interesting name. Ryan he..." 'ohboy' He thought. "He shot at me and Kate...she handcuffed me. When they brought me in everyone - and I mean everyone - looked at me like I was Manson or something." He paused for a moment, collecting himself. "Ryan let me have my phonecall. I called you, and, here we are.

As Alexis was listening, her eyes were getting wider with each passing minute. Detective Esposito calling him a ...name she could maybe accept. But eveyone - and she knew that her Dad included the Captain and Lanie - looking at her Dad like that. And Detective Ryan shooting at her Dad. And Kate handcuffing her Dad... She closed her eyes, pinched her nose, collecting herself for a minute. When she opened her eyes, they felt as red as her hair.

She got up and started storming toward the door. "WHERE ARE THEY?"

All of a sudden, four highly trained police officers and a ME were afraid for their lives.

Rick stood up before she could reach the door. "Alexis!" She turned to look at her father, eyes still flaming. "They were just doing their jobs."

"Don't! Don't you dare say 'doing their jobs' ! We're talking about Captain Motgomery, whom you've had poker nights with for I don't know how long, right?" Rick nodded. "We're talking Detectives Esposito and Ryan, whom you've had poker nights and had Malden and Hulu nights.."

"Madden and Halo."

Alexis just glared at her father. "Not now!" She took a minute to composed herself. "And we're talking about Kate Beckett. Your partner for the past two years. The same Kate Beckett you tried to get to before her apartment blew up. The same Kate Beckett that stayed at our home while she looked for a new place, right?" Rick nodded, again. "They're your friends, Dad! Friends don't treat each other like that!"

In the observation room, the Captain and three detectives looked down a little sheepishly, while Lanie thought to herself, 'What am I, chopped liver?'

"You must have done something to get them that upset." Alexis stated.

"I don't know what. I haven't seen them since..." He trailed off.

Alexis looked confused. "You haven't seen them since when?"

"Just before Memorial Day weekend."

"Just before... What?" Alexis pulled out her phone, checking the date. Looking back at her father, she did some quick math in her head. "Nearly four months. Why? You didn't say anything about going away when I left for Princeton."

"Well, I needed to get away to the Hamptons so I could finish the second Nikki Heat book, so Gina picked me up..."

"Gina?" She asked, cutting him off. Rick nodded. "Gina! As in 'ex-wife' Gina, Ginzilla, Bride of Ginastien. And those are some of Grams mild names for her."

Rick sighed. "Well, you can relax. By the time we got to the Hamptons, I remembered clearly why I divorced her. I sent her away while I stayed most of the summer to finish the book."

Alexis was confused, her mind going a mile a minute. 'I'm in the Twilight Zone', she thought to herself. "Okay." Composing herself, she continued. "Explain something to me. You said you had to 'get away' to finish the second book?" Rick nodded. "Why? You didn't for 'Heatwave'."

"Well..." All of a sudden, a panel on the wall looked interesting.

"Dad!" His eyes snapped back to his daughter. "I want the whole story, just like when you were brought here! All of it!"

"All of it?" Rick asked. Alexis nodded. He sighed, composing himself. 'This is gonna be fun.' He thought. "Well, it started roughly 5 weeks before I left. We had this case where we were helped out by a robbery detective - Demming..."

Alexis cut him off, suddenly grinning like the cat that caught the canary. "Wait a sec. Did you say Demming?"

"Yeah, Demming. Why?"

Alexis didn't answer. She was leaning against the wall laughing so hard, tears were starting to form. She sat back down next to her father. trying to compose herself. When she calmed down, she looked at her Dad. "Lemme guess, his first name was Don, John..."


She couldn't help herself. She busted out laughing again, putting her head down on her arms. The whole scene was amusing the five in the observation room.

After a few minutes of composing herself, she looked looked at her Father. "Oh, Dad. What did he do to you?"

That panel was calling again. "I have no idea what you mean." He answered with a sly grin.

"Dad. Are you forgetting who reads your books before hand. That new character - Schlemming." She almost started laughing, but quickly composed herself. "He had to do something. In the book he makes the 'Three Stooges' look like they belong in Mensa."

In the observation room, Lanie thought to herself, 'Damn, I'm getting me a copy.'

Rick looked at his hands, with a sad look on him face. "It's not so much what he did, per se."


He sighed. "When Kate and I were talking to him about the case, he asked.." He was going to use the sports metaphor Demming used, but didn't want an eyeroll. "He asked if there was anything between Kate and me."

"What did you tell him?"

"Well..." He chuckled to himself at the memory. "We both answered at the same time. I said 'not yet' and Kate said 'no'. Kate just looked at me, then back to Demming, repeating herself. 'No'. Nothing else was said about it for the rest of the case."

"Something tells me that's not all."

Rick sighed, looking off in space. "It started gradually. I would always bring Kate her coffee and bear claw in the morning, just to try to brighten her day, you know?" Alexis nodded, encouraging him to go on. "One morning, he started bringing her her coffee and bear claw. Then he would start showing up helping on cases..."

Rick cut himself off, getting up to pace back and forth for a minute, before sitting back down. While Alexis was listening, she couldn't miss how sarcastic his voice got and how much venom was in his voice when he said 'he'. She had a good idea why, but wanted to wait before saying.

"Not only that, one night when I came by, I saw them eating by candlelight and..." He caught himself, running his hand through his hair. Maybe if he didn't say it out loud, he could drive the image of them kissing out of his head.

Alexis was now certain she knew what was going on, but she wanted to hear more.

"Is that why you decided to leave?"

Calming down, he continued. "That was part of it, but that's not what did it."

"What did?"

"Right after you left, I made a decision. I wanted to try to get back that... that spark between Kate and me. So I invited her to the Hamptons for the Memorial weekend..." Alexis arched an eyebrow. "There was gonna be no funny business." He said at her expression. "I just wanted back what we had. Maybe more."

"What did she say?"

"She said she was on call that weekend and couldn't make it. Then, later that night, I heard her and Demming talking about going to a 'Bed and Breakfast' that weekend." He ran his hand through his hair again at the memory. "Later, when I asked her about it, She'd said she forgot."

Alexis didn't sugarcoat it. "She lied to you?"

Rick nodded. "Right then, I made a decision. I told her that that case we were working on was my last. That I would be leaving for the summer."

"Did everyone else know... that you were leaving?"

"Yeah." Rick chuckled. "They through me a party and everything. Everyone wished me a happy summer, Gina picked me up, and I left."

Alexis felt her Dad was holding something back. She was almost positive she knew what was going on, but she needed to hear more. "Is that all?"

Rick took a minute, staring in space, composing himself. "It's just that... when you... when you care for someone. Really care, you just...just want their happiness. You hope you're the one that gives them that. But if it's someone else, you... you..." He couldn't say any more. He just trailed off, looking down at the table.

Alexis reached over and placed her hand on her fathers arm, realizing exactly what was going on.

Her father was in love with Kate Beckett



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