"Okay mom, I love you too! I just want to get some sleep, with… well, you know." Angelyn grimaced. She went upstairs and took long hot shower. She turned up her Ipod, turned on the computer, and logged onto Facebook.

Well, I'm back, again. This time with fewer injuries, no broken leg or broken arm, just scratches and a gunshot graze on my cheek. Nothing on Facebook, figures. She thought. She put in her brother's name and looked at his profile.

"Where are you? I miss you." She whispers. She type's in her cousin's name and whispers "I miss you, too cuz." A tear rolled down her cheek. Just then she heard a buzzing noise. What the hell? She started getting dizzy and fell on the ground. The room was spinning around her like if you spun around and around until you fell to the ground. She screamed when she fell onto her grazed cheek. Her eyes were darting back and forth. The black started to creep up into her eyes and next thing she knew, she was unconscious.

. . .

She stirred from the bed she was on and shot up. Her eyes darting back and forth and she let out a gasp. She wasn't in her room, she was in a room with three plain beds with navy blue sheets. She saw a figure in digging into the closet. She looks like… No, I can't be she disappeared long ago. The figure turns around and Angelyn's eyes widened.

"This is a dream, this is not happening." She started pinching herself over and over again.


"It's you, Suki." She ran up from the bed and hugged Suki.

"I missed you Angelyn."

"I missed you, too Suki. I can't believe it, you disappeared and I never heard a word from you again. Does he know?" We released from the hug and Suki looked Angelyn in the eye.

"I know my cousin I know and no I have not told him yet. That reminds me, you have to go see him."

"Let's go then." She starts running toward the door.

"Wait, you're still in your clothes!" Angelyn looked down at her clothes, she was still in her clothes from the incident that has happened one too many times.

"Eh, I don't care I want to see, Kuya!" Kuya means brother in Tagalog. See, Angelyn took her mom's genes, but her Kuya took his genes. And you can see the huge difference.

"Here! Put this on!" She tossed her a black hoodie "Put the hood on, I want to surprise him." Angelyn put it on as she followed her, running. She did as told and they entered the black double-doors. She and Suki went to a couple of microwaves and they stopped.

"Hello Suki, Hello Angelyn. Good morning, here is your breakfast. Since you are new, Angelyn, I am Whisper 119, I function this school and help you with your abilities. Three mini-pancakes, two strips of bacon, and black coffee, for Angelyn. And a blueberry muffin, orange juice, and two strips of bacon, for Suki." Two microwaves in front of the two cousins dinged and Suki opened her and Angelyn's. "Have a nice day."

"Thanks Whisper." She and Suki said at the same time. They took their food and sat down. Angelyn pulled her hood for it to cover her face and waited.

"Stay quiet and keep your head down." She did as told and waited. Two people sat down at the table.

"Who is that?" One mouthed while the other just started at the hooded figure. Suki made a wait sign with her hand. Just then, another figure plopped onto the next seat and mouthed,

"Who is that?" And pointed to the mysterious figure.

"Ok, guys I have a surprise for you." Suki slid off the hood and smiled. Two of the figures looked confused while the other's eyes widened.

"Angelyn?" The bewildered figure asked.

"Hello again Kuya Ian." I say with a smile.