Story - Embrace of the Demon

Fandom - Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler

Pairing - Sebastian x Ciel

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own this wonderful show. Although I still hope for a miracle.

WARNINGs: AU, Graphic Violence, Blood, Disturbing imagery, some religious themes, and a little bit of shota.

Note: In between the * * is a flashback.

A/N: This is my first SebCiel so I am mostly trying my hand at it, I am really sorry if this is not as good as it could possibly be.

Darkness. Pain. Everything around him was dark as if engulfed by an eternal starless-moonless night. And the pain, excruciating. First his sides and then it spread through his entire body; His back, his arms and his legs. And that sticky sensation of something liquid smearing over his fingers from that spot on his side, made his blood run cold. He was going to die there, alone, abandoned, exiled.

The pain dulled; Or maybe he grew accustomed to it, his body numbing starting from his toes, his fingers, his eyes felt heavy, lids dropping with every passing second over sky blue eyes.

Pain. Sadness. Coldness. These sensations will follow him on the other world...

Blue eyes bolted open but his body did not move. This was not that place where he had fallen, where he had lost his conscience. Here, it felt good, his aching body resting upon the softest bed he had ever slept on, the sweet smell of the linens and their crisp feeling coaxing him to walk willingly into the welcoming embrace of sleep. But the recollection of his dream, kept him awake, alert of any movements, any changes. The stench of sulphur and blood, the harsh bite of the rocks and the state of his weakened body, it enveloped him, clinging to him like a blanket that was suffocating him and could not be removed.

His right hand reached for his side, yet there he felt only baby smooth skin, no scar, and no bandages. Maybe he was dreaming now. Maybe he was dreaming of being safe, warm and completely unharmed. If this was the case, he refused to awake. That fall was disgraceful and he was ashamed that he had sunk so low, to be sent to the darkest pits of Hell to stay there forever, never to work towards his redemption. He had not been the first one to suffer this punishment and certainly won't be the last, but Father has chosen to give him a most cruel punishment, never to return to Heaven. Forever to roam the Earth, forever to burn within the darkest circles of Hell.

But this place; this could not be the Hell that was feared by all angels. They said it was a horrifying place where humans were strewn, and boiled in large cauldrons of scalding tar. They trembled at the sheer thought of being sent there even with small business, let alone live there for eternity.

He himself was never terrified of Hell. It was by all means, another place, just like Heaven. Maybe not as welcoming, but nonetheless just another place. And the fallen angels to whom Hell served as shelter, he couldn't say he pitied them; or rather he did. Because they were despised in Heaven, despised and thought of spitefully.

But in the end what was this place?

The fire in the hearth cracked happily, throwing playful shadows across the walls. In the dim firelight the walls were a deep burgundy, and the bed where he sat, completely black. Looking around the room, Ciel found a way to get all the information he was searching for. Curtains of heavy black velvet blocked the large French doors isolating the world from this room in which he was.

Moving fast out of the bed and onto his own legs, he felt dizziness wash over him, making dark spots to cloud his vision and his muscles to give out under him. His hand shot out to steady himself on the edge of the bed while the other rubbed at his eyes, attempting to clear his vision.

"So it was not a dream. I really fell from His grace." The thought did not scare him as much now as it did back then when he still rested in the lap of luxury, as one of His precious cherubs.

Breath coming in elaborate pants, Ciel steeled his resolve and got back on his feet. He swayed slightly but walked surely to the large windows. His little hands pulled at the curtains, but they did not budge at the soft yank. Irritated, he pulled harder. The shrill sound almost made his ears bleed. It disrupted the silence so abruptly. Ciel looked up at the curtain he held and saw a long rip in the fabric, which he had caused.

His satisfaction that the curtain was now removed was short-lived when he realised that on the other side of the window he could not see anything, could not distinguish a plain or a sloop or anything. The darkness of the night had enveloped all. He was afraid that it would catch him in its web, too.

He turned to the bed disappointed, only to be met with a sight that made his eyes widen and his breath quicken.

On the doorway stood a man, an insanely handsome man, all dressed up in black, his red eyes shining ominously as his gaze fixed the blue-eyed boy.

At the intense scrutiny Ciel was remembered that he was naked, no heavenly silk to wrap his body. He tried to hide his body from that insistent gaze that seemed to pry at all of his seams, and to peer into his very soul. His body he could hide, but his soul?

The stranger waltzed in with such grace; lazy movements in the sway of his hips, even in the way he stepped so slowly that is seemed almost languid. Ciel looked at the man, taking in his devilishly good looks. Black glossy hair that fell past his chin, eyes slightly slanted in humour, and lips full, red and utterly begging to be kissed. Tall and slender, the black dress shirt hugged his chest and broad shoulders contrasting sharply with the paleness of his skin. Ciel marvelled at how narrow the stranger's waist and hips were, legs long and slightly muscled, his pants clinging tightly onto them. The man was walking with such nonchalance as if he wasn't aware of how beautiful he really was.

Ciel stopped a snicker. They always said that the fallen angels were so handsome because they had to lure humans in their trap. Ciel thought it was unnerving to be talked about like that, by your own brethren. As if these angels were anything like those women on the Earth who sold their bodies for pleasure... How shameless of them. But it was because of his different opinions that he was here.

*"It's not like that. There is a difference between them and us, but it can't that big. Why do you keep trash-talking them?"

"You don't get it, Ciel? They have sinned, and tainted themselves; therefore they are not worthy of the title of fallen angels, let alone of that of angels. The only term appropriate for them is demons, devils that do nothing but indulge in greed, lust, and vanity. They corrupt souls and use the humans for their wicked ways..." The older angel answered vengefully, dark thoughts shinning in his eyes.

"What happened to the tolerance that we were to show towards others? And the compassion, kindness? I could not hear any of it in your voice, in your words." Ciel asked the angel. Anger flared up in the angel's eyes and his hand gripped hard the hilt of his sword.

"If you care so much about them ... Then why don't you join their ranks? That beautiful face of yours would surely attract the humans just as much as their lewd words and provocative promises." The angel spat venomously. Ciel's blood was at boiling point but he took a deep breath and smothered his anger. It did not help to fight anger with anger. Intelligence was better a weapon than vulgar anger filled words. And the retort was quick to come to his lips.

"If I were to leave, who would remind you that they used to be just like us? That they used to be our brothers?" Suddenly the angel's fingers pressed hard onto his neck cutting off his oxygen, and making his choke. Then a bloodcurdling scream left his lips as muscles and skin were ripped bit by bit, torn from his body, blood staining the white stones on which they sat, and white feathers fell, splattered with blood along with his entirely ruptured left wing. Tears stained the beautiful face and blood smeared fingers slapped over his face, deep red stains left in its wake, attempting to silence him. He was thrown on the grass on his front, his face buried in the sweet scented plants and Ciel took shaky breaths, closing his eyes and bracing himself for the next blow. A minute later he opened his eyes only to be met with a sadistic smile as fingers pushed and prodded at the ripped flesh. Scream after heart wrenching scream came forth from his mouth yet the pain did not stop nor did the fingers cease their movements. A second later another painfully loud yell was torn from his lips along with his other wing, that was thrown on the grass as if it was infected with some disease. His wings...Had been torn, by one of his brothers no less. Betrayal and fear nestled in his soul...

Moments later his body was thrown on the marble of the steps of Their Father's throne. He barely heard half of what was said but he could distinguish a few words like, proud, devious, unkind, intolerant, uncompassionate, malefic, evil, evil, evil. He was so dazed by the pain, but their Father's booming voice brought back all of his senses, as he pronounced the sentence.

"Send him to Hell, to Sebastian. And make sure that he never leaves that place, I never want to see him again." The words fell upon his already frail body like tons and tons of stones. It hurt, but he did not make a sound. He had fainted on the steps of the throne.*

If the boy was frail when he had been found now he looked ready to collapse. His eyes were unfocused, lips quivering, and tears welling up in his eyes. His body was no better, he was trembling and his knees threatened to give up under him. In an instant the man was next to the boy, arms wrapped tightly over the boy holding him up, and moving him gently to the bed. The boy's body was almost statuesque, still on the sheets, only the quivering of his lips giving away the fact that he was indeed alive. His muscles stopped trembling at the touch of the stranger's hand.

The man, Sebastian by his name was not one to be kind to his underlings rather, he was harsh and unforgiving, but something about this young cherub made something inside of him soften. He was so helpless, hurt and betrayed, quivering in his hold. The tears that slid down the boy's face were scalding hot and he wiped them carefully, worry seizing up his heart when the boy refused to give in to his words and comforting touches, Sebastian used the only way that could make a human stop crying. He kissed the boy. Lips steady and experienced covered trembling ones, silencing soft sobs for a few short moments. And it seemed to work. The cherub's eyes opened, wide at first then closed, relinquishing all of his resistance to the older male.

Sebastian pulled away to look at the calmer, now, face. Large blue eyes stared at him from behind long curled lashes and long fringe of stormy skies, like all of his hair. And that mouth, that he had just kissed, was slightly parted to let sweet breath pass through the coral lips. The boy lowered his gaze and his hands once again tried to cover his body...

A chuckle came from the stranger. "You know you don't need to be so modest around me. I have, after all, cleaned and healed you. And you are so cute..." Ciel felt blood rise to his cheeks.

"I'm not cute" he grumbled blushing and eyeing the other.

"Whatever you say. I am Sebastian Michaelis and you are to become my assistant and partner..." Ciel looked up confused, partner in what? Business or bed? But he did not dare to ask.

"I am Ciel..."

Sebastian smiled and answered.

"Welcome home, Ciel."

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