Story - Embrace of the demon

Fandom - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Pairing - Sebastian x Ciel

Warnings: AU, Shota, Yaoi, a little mention of violence.

A/N: Now I present to you the last chapter of this story. It feels strange to end it. I also want to thank everyone for their patience, time and the kind words. Now read and enjoy.

Ciel shied from those fingers, which had been tainted with his own blood. The touch felt like acid poured on his skin, and bile rose in Ciel's throat. He struggled to cover himself and he whished Sebastian would come in that very moment.

"You act just like you did back then. To think I went to such lengths to bring you down here." The angel shook his head almost disappointed.

"Why? Why did you do that? What was in for you if I was thrown out of heaven?" His voice held little authority but the angel answered him nonetheless.

"Because you were always so unattainable. It was fun to see you so vulnerable without your wings, without your pride, your soul laid bare for everyone to see. And when Father heard what you did he was so angry..." The man laughed but the sound made Ciel sick. But if he could get answers he would get them anyway possible.

"What are you talking about? What have I done? Or rather what did you say?" Ciel's eyes narrowed, blue glinting dangerously with something akin to murderous intent. All that he wanted to draw the other's sword and drive it right through his heart. But he was not strong enough...

"Ah, Ciel, don't tell me you don't remember your little romp with that human?" The boy was left speechless. He had never done such a thing, actually the first time someone had touched him was a few days ago with Sebastian. He felt betrayal tearing at his heart and he promised never to be so gullible as he used to be. He still could not believe the guts this man had.

"You... lied?" He asked still not believing. The man only laughed and his hand rested casually on the hilt of his sword.

"Now, Ciel, you have entertained me enough. Now it's time you die." With a scrapping sound the sword was drawn and Ciel closed his eyes preparing for the pain. He wished that he could have told Sebastian he had feelings for him but now it was too late. He was going to die for sure this time.

The pain and the darkness never came. Cautiously opening his eyes Ciel could only see black. Black like his darkest nightmares surrounded him. A soft feeling like feathers soothed his arms, and looking around he saw that indeed what surrounded him were feathers, dark like Sebastian's hair. As if in a dream that voice he was expecting asked with worry laced in the tone.

"Are you all right, Ciel?" Eyes usually a wine red were now a vibrant crimson and filled with fury. The black feathers were actually Sebastian's wings, beautiful and elegant, they fit with Sebastian's style. As the wing retreated to fold on Sebastian's back, Ciel could see the sword was stuck in the wood of the desk and Ash was on his back, probably knocked out. Ciel shifted his gaze to Sebastian and asked.

"How much have you heard?" Ciel trembled slightly as the adrenaline pumped through his veins. He felt a warm coat being slipped on his body and at the scent he realised it was Sebastian's. It smelled exactly like him, soothing yet dangerous. The man's eyes were hard and narrowed and that meant something had ticked him off. Sebastian answered with a strange calm.

"Every word" Ciel felt his stomach sink with dread. He hoped Sebastian hadn't heard all of it. Especially that part about the human. Although it was not true, he didn't want Sebastian to think he was nothing more than a whore.

"I can explain..." Ciel tried but a hand stopped him. That finger pressed on his lips silencing him. Sebastian smirked at him and answered his wordless plea for an explanation.

"There is nothing to be explained," Ciel was ready to receive punishment from this harsh angel that was holding him close now." I know it was all a lie." A sight left Ciel's lips at the word and he looked at Sebastian hopefully. His body visibly relaxed in Sebastian's hold and he raised a hand to cup the red-eyed man's face. Their lips met without urgency, their kiss slow and meaningful. Ciel had tried to convey all of his feelings in that kiss, and Sebastian was more than happy to return them.

After they parted, Ciel leaned his head on Sebastian's chest and passed out, exhausted by the eventful day.

This warmth is really comfortable, Ciel thought as he snuggled even closer to that not-quite-fluffy-but-not-quite-hard pillow on which he had been sleeping for the last two hours. And it smelled so delicious, just like Sebastian. The soft thump of a heart lulled him back to sleep. Warm breath ruffled his hair as he tried to get comfortable again. Then blue eyes opened wide at the realization. What he was sleeping on was not a pillow. It was Sebastian. In his haste to get off of the man he missed the amused little laugh Sebastian gave. A large hand pressed on Ciel's lower back and he was forced to lie down again on Sebastian's chest.

"Welcome back, Ciel" Sebastian gave his cherub that smile, half-sweet and half-sexy and Ciel felt his heart melt at the sight. If he wasn't ready to ask Sebastian earlier, he was definitely going to ask now. But before he could utter even a single word, Sebastian had already put his fingers on Ciel's lips, demanding the boy's attention.

"After what happened today, I think you could go back to heaven. I can talk to Father on your behalf; I know what happened so he should listen." Ciel's smile faded, an enraged look taking its place.

"Do you even hear yourself, Sebastian? What made you think that I would want to return to that place? If I'm nothing but a burden then you should just say so." Ciel backed up from Sebastian's embrace and almost fell from the bed. A well-timed hand caught him around the waist and put him back on the bed. Ciel wished the hand would linger, it's warmth soothing for his enraged mind.

" I never wanted to get rid of you, Ciel. It's just, I don't want you to feel like you are a prisoner here." Sebastian answered seriously.

"I don't want to go back there. They will treat me differently because I don't have wings anymore. And I would never leave this place. I don't want leave you, Sebastian. Because you were the one to be there for me, to pick up the pieces of my soul and put them back together. For tonight I want to indulge in the darkest of sins. I want to dwell in the same darkness that you reside in. Make me a demon, Sebastian." Ciel waited for a few second, waited for an answer but when Sebastian gave none Ciel looked in his eyes. Those eyes were smouldering, lust and another something swirled in them. It couldn't be love, it was far too early for that but Ciel could tell care and fondness were involved. And those would turn into something bigger over time, Ciel was sure of it.

A hand found it's way to Ciel's face and holding him, Sebastian bent to the other's level and kissed him passionately. Ciel could hardly breath from the excitement, it seemed that his feelings were returned in the most pleasant way possible. But when a hand tangled in his hair he knew that the night would turn out to be great.

Ciel's own hands found purchase in Sebastian's raven black locks as he opened his mouth, allowing the demon to thoroughly devour him. He wanted Sebastian to have every drop of his innocence, to turn him into something evil, without any redeeming qualities.

At the shudder that ran through his body, Ciel realised that they were naked but for the blankets that surrounded them. Sebastian's skin glowed like marble in the dim light of the fireplace. Ciel felt goose bumps erupt all over his skin at the chilly air of the room. His nipples hardened and at a close inspection he found that Sebastian's were just as hard. And all of that pale flesh was untouched, unmarred. Ciel smirked at the idea. He was going to mark Sebastian in the same way that Sebastian had marked him. So he sunk his teeth on Sebastian's neck, drawing blood, and he heard that moan, unrestrained, that left Sebastian. Ciel got the hint that he enjoyed his pleasure with a tiny bit of pain, so he started biting and sucking at Sebastian's skin. Tomorrow they will be bruises but they would certainly match those on his neck.

Sebastian was amazed at how vicious this little cherub turned out to be. But he was not that submissive. His hands slid down Ciel's sides rubbing every protrusion of his ribs and the sharp hipbones. One of his hands wrapped around Ciel's hardening length and gave it a slow stroke, swiping his thumb over the head, spreading the moisture resting there. Ciel gave a strangled moan in the skin of his neck and arched, demanding more of that pleasure. Sebastian let three of him fingers slip in Ciel's mouth, the moans a pleasant vibration against his fingers. Ciel enthusiastically took the fingers, wetting them thoroughly. He nipped slightly at the tips, trying to get a reaction from Sebastian who was simply watching him with eyes so soft and loving.

When Sebastian withdrew his fingers a disapproving sight left Ciel's lips, but he was sure more pleasurable things would follow. Sebastian shifted slightly, to grind on Ciel's thigh trying to relieve some of the pressure in his groin. Ciel's fingers darted down and boldly teased the tip, dipping one nail in the slit and making Sebastian hiss with pleasure. But Ciel was taken by surprise when a slick finger pushed past the entrance and prodded slightly at the walls, making him rest his forehead on Sebastian's shoulder.

"Does it feel good, Ciel? Better then when you're doing it?" Sebastian spoke the words aggressively, and as he moved his finger inside he kept stroking the boy's erection. Ciel arched and pushed back on the finger, trying to adjust, that finger being just as large as two of his own.

"Ahh it's better with your fingers, they... They are larger, and longer." Pleased with the answer Sebastian moved his hand faster and licked at the stiff nipples that stood to attention, darker in colour than the rest of Ciel's skin. Ciel felt so good, and he was going to lose it soon if Sebastian did not stop. The pleasure was so overwhelming that he barely realised that he had now three of Sebastian's fingers up his ass and he was grinding wildly on them. The fingers just slightly grazed that button that made his body go limp with pleasure. He arched his back and moved his hips so he could feel those fingers press there. Right there, and everything became white, with blinding hot pleasure.

Ciel was moving on his own on Sebastian's fingers and he bucked hard in his hand, trying to bring himself to completion. Sebastian sped his movement making the boy dig his blunt nails in Sebastian's hips as he screamed and hot liquid soaked Sebastian's hand. He took his fingers out and looked at the boy that rested almost spent on his arms. His cheeks were a vivid red and his lips were swollen from the kissing and the biting Ciel had inflicted upon them. Ciel opened lust filled ocean eyes and Sebastian saw the desire reawaken in them. The boy strained his neck and laid a sweet kiss on Sebastian's lips in a silent 'thank you'.

"Now if you're done staring at me why don't we move on to you driving that hard cock in my ass?" Sebastian was pleasantly surprised at the seductive tone Ciel's voice had assumed and rolled over so Ciel was on his hands and knees wiggling his sexy ass, teasing Sebastian as much as he could. Sebastian gave his erection a solid stroke with the hand still covered in Ciel's come and he guided his cock inside that hot body that was expecting him.

Ciel gritted his teeth at the stinging pain that ran over his spine but Sebastian stilled and he was now gently kissing Ciel's neck and back trying to soothe him. After a few deep breaths to steady his body, Ciel moved his hips experimentally and he moaned the word Sebastian was waiting.

"Move..." Ciel arched his back with every thrust and Sebastian couldn't remember if he saw anything more enticing in his whole immortal life. He bent over the boy; his hot chest plastered to Ciel's back, feeling every move, every breath the cherub took, only to release it as a moan. A hand sneaked to the front of Ciel's body and started teasing at the nipples only to go lower with feather-like touches to encircle the once again hard erection. Ciel arched his back even more, his arms having given in, now resting on his elbows. With every thrust Sebastian made Ciel step closer to that edge. As soon as the demon that was thrusting wildly inside of him hit his prostate, Ciel screamed his name and came all over the sheets. Not far behind Sebastian heard that loud scream of his name and pushed faster into that pliant body. Ciel was hardly meeting his thrusts now but it didn't matter. Sebastian leaned over Ciel and with a bite at the boy's nape he let go, screaming his name in ecstasy. His cum splattered on Ciel's back and thighs, mixing with Ciel's own mess.

They both fell onto the bed gasping for breath and Ciel shifted so he could lean on Sebastian, listening to his heartbeat...

In the morning nothing felt different to Ciel until he looked in the mirror. His eyes flickered briefly in between blue and crimson and a strange feeling of power ran through his veins. The scars on his back were no longer there. As soon as he realised that Sebastian had kept his word Ciel conjured his wings. Dark slate grey in colour and as soft as feathers could get they fluttered around his body. Ciel was overjoyed. He jumped in the bed and literally glomped Sebastian who was still happily asleep. Choking slightly at the added pressure on his chest Sebastian woke up to find himself face to face with an unbearably beautiful demon that he had created with his own hands.

The End

A/N. Thank you once again and I hope you had fun reading my story.