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Rayne raced forward laughing, her eyes darting back and forth, her attention being caught by every blinking light and smiling face,

"Robin, this is amazing!" she did a little twirl. Robin laughed throwing his hand behind his head,

"yeah, I still cant believe you have never been to a Carnival." she laughed and grabbed his hand dragging him through the crowd to the game booths. Robin couldn't help but notice how Rayne was literally turning heads. Robin scanned the crowed and watched a small group of teenage boys laughed and punched each other as she ran by. Robin's stomach pinched with jealousy, when Rayne jumped on his back wrapping her legs around his waist, she leaned forward giggling,

"betcha cant make the bell ring!" she twisted still wrapped on him and pointed to the oh-so-original test of strength hammer game. He smiled as he saw the group of boys frown and sulk off, and with renewed excitement he stared back at her,

"you're on."


Robin smiled victoriously as people cheered and Rayne pushed him out of the way,

"my turn." With a single stroke she lifted the over weight hammer with ease. She smiled when she was rewarded with a gasp from the crowd that was collecting to watch the mini girl try to ring the bell,


Rayne spun on her heels swinging the hammer so that it rested on her shoulder pushing out her hip, and smiled to the now cheering crowed. Robin smiled as she curtseyed, cheers erupting from the crowd. He had trained and shared a home with Rayne for two months now and he knew the second she lifted that hammer that winning would be no problem. However, watching so much strength come out of such a small being would never cease to impress him. Rayne bounced as she chose her prize,

"she really is hot-"

"Man you should totally go after her." Robin spun glaring at the same group of teenage boys, who were too busy staring at Rayne to notice him. They were your stereotypical punks with piercings and jeans that looked like they had played dress up in their little sisters' closets. Rayne's laughter caught his attention and he turned just in time for her to jump up throwing a headband on him. He laughed looking at her,

"of all the prizes we could have chosen you chose cat ears on a headband?" she smiled and rolled her eyes,

"oh please, they're tiger ears-" she pointed dramatically to the stripped ears on her head,

"see? Stripes. Besides, yours are puppy ears." Robin laughed tilting her head up by her chin,

"you should really stop being so cute, those boys back there are going to have a heart attack." He tilted his head to the side and she looked past him finally noticing the boys who stood staring at her. She giggled happily and pulled Robin's hand so that they turned giving the four boys a perfect view. She jumped up on her tiptoes and smiled pulling Robin by the back of the neck and kissed him. Immediately he reacted and she smiled into it. She pulled back readjusting her ears and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him tightly, whispering into his ear,

"I am yours." she paused moving back to look into his eyes and continued,

"and you are mine." She let out her best impression of an evil laugh and turned to run off but Robin was quicker and he scooped her up bridal style. Ignoring her complaints he held her tight and walked towards the rides,

"Put me dow- is that a rollercoaster?" As if flipping a switch she stopped struggling and pulled her self up by wrapping her arms around his neck,

"I've never been on one! Lets go!" Robin laughed and nodded, dropping her legs gently. She took off running pulling him behind her by their interlocked fingers. He smiled and slowed down just enough to annoy her,

"Robin! Come on!" she pulled furiously and he smiled smugly, whining in an overly dramatic way,

"but im tired." She spun, letting go of his hand and throwing her hands on her hips,

"fine, ill go ask those other boys to join me. I'm sure they're not to tir-" Robin pushed her up again the wall of a food shack, encasing her with in his arms, he smiled down at her shocked face,

"don't you dare." Her mouth twisted into a sweet yet malicious smile and she ducked out his hold,

"then move faster." She gripped his hand entwining her fingers with his once again. They walked together to the rollercoaster, Rayne swinging their arms.

Afterwards, They stood laughing at their picture. Rayne laughed at Robin's face, who looked like he couldn't be having more fun and Robin at Rayne's, who's mixture of wide fear filled, eyes and smile made her look border line insane.

"oh come on, its not that bad, it was my first rollercoaster." Rayne pushed Robin playfully as he laughed. She smiled and walked off her attention now caught on a cotton candy booth. Robin bought her the pink cloud-like mass and they walked together both picking at it and looking at everything the park had to offer. Robin stopped at a water gun game and easily won a stuffed elephant handing to Rayne who eagerly named it peanut. For a while the two just walked around enjoying the merriment.

It was just dark out when Robin suddenly grabbed Rayne's hand pulling her fiercely to the right. She grabbed her tiger ears as they ran together to the very edge of the park.

Rayne stood there silently looking up at the big flashing wheel and gasped,

"what is it?" Robin laughed pulling her forward to the ticket booth,

"don't tell me you have never heard of a Ferris Wheel." She shrugged and continued staring at the spinning contraption,

"you sit in cages?" The man in the ticket booth laughed at her comment, but she just continued to stare in amazement. Robin smiled kindly at the man and turned to Rayne,

"yea, pretty much."

Robin smiled as she hesitated before entering the 'cage' and squeezed her hand that he was holding. Once moving Rayne flew to the edge of the basket and gasped as they were lifted from the mess of people and games, and pulled above it all to where it looked like a mass of twinkling lights and music, Rayne moved to the place next to Robin on the bench and looked beyond the basket's restriction bars and at a large striped tent,

"Robin?" she pulled his hair slightly and he looked at her questioningly,

"Whats that tent?" Robin looked to were she was pointing,

"it's a circus tent, they must have one here." Rayne watched as his eyes left the tent and he smiled. Her heart tightened, im so stupid. Wally had warned her not to go near the circus because for some reason they made Robin depressed. Rayne watched as Robin's eyes stared at the yellow and red striped tent and she felt a wave of guilt wash over her, I should have known, what kind of idiot doesn't know what a circus looks like. Rayne gripped his hand tighter and he looked at her with a sad smile, his eyes widened when he saw the distraught look on her face,

"I'm sorry." He blinked a few times not able to put what she said into context,

"f-for what?" his confusion rang clear in his voice and she looked down not meeting his eyes,

"if I had known that was a circus I would have never asked, Wally said-" but Robin was hugging her and she stopped mid sentence wrapping her arms around him he lifted his head a bit so that his breathing tickled her ear and he whispered,

"Rayne-" he paused for a long time and she pulled him tighter against herself until he continued,

"I love you."

Robin felt her freeze up and his mind raced, why did you say it like that? What if she only likes you? You are an idiot, its way too soon. She would neve-

"I love you too, Robin." Rayne was hugging him tightly and smiling and he froze not expecting her answer. She tugged him tighter and he pulled her in his smile wide.

Together they sat like that, hugging each other and laughing, the oversized elephant awkwardly squished between them.

For the remainder of the night the two ran about, hand in hand, never leaving each other's sides, until they reached a small sandy hill where they watched the fireworks display. Long after the excitement had died and the families and tourists had gone home, Rayne leaning against Robin, sat there for hours talking and laughing, watching the tide roll slowly in.

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