Rayne walked over gathering a squirming Cole into her arms,

"hey let me—" she gave him a playfully serious look answering him before he even finished his demand, "Never."

Megan laughed from behind them and flew over, throwing her arms around both Rayne and Cole, "you can count me in on that one too!" Rayne smiled up at the first person she made eye contact with, which just so happed to be Artemis. She stood there a distant smile on her face with one arm holding the other in a sort of awkward stance. Rayne watched as Wally waltzed over to her and her smile grew brighter instantly. Rayne reminded herself that saying anything about how perfect they were together would just make them reject all feelings towards eachother, and bit her tongue averting her eyes and finding Kaldur. He smiled warmly at her and his eyes darted to the speedster and the archer just as knowingly. Rayne giggled and dropped Cole gently, pulling away from the hug. She spun looking at everyone, deciding silently to herself that after everything that happened over the last few months the last thing she wanted to do was go out,

"so how about we get Tornado to get us pizza and we watch a movie or play a game?" Wally spoke up instantly making everyone smile. "pizza? Hells to the yes."

Robin walked over to Rayne throwing a arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to himself. She molded her body comfortably against him and looked up, her smile stretching across her entire face. Cole who had been busy talking with Megan spun and grabbed both Robin's and Rayne's hands, yanking them towards the couch.

"WE CALL COUCH!" Kalduur laughed, throwing himself across what was normally Robin's chair. Wally pushed Artemis to the floor and sat next to her, her annoyed comments about how uncomfortable it was on the floor only fueling Wally's smile. Megan and Connor both sat together in the other small couch. Robin looked to Rayne who had claimed the remote and was spastically trying to figure out how to get to the movies. Robin held out a hand and she stubbornly pulled the remote from his each, "I got this," Robin laughed at the frustrated tone in her voice, and held up his hands in surrender.

Cole looked around, watching all of the teens smile and laugh and talk. His smile slowly melted from his face, as he watched Artemis punch Wally for saying something that Cole didn't understand completely. They both laughed and Cole looked to his right and left watching Robin and Rayne's silent war about the remote. He stared straight forward at the t.v. which was flipping randomly from input to input because it was under Rayne's control. He closed his eyes, his mand flashing to the face of a woman. She had long hair, her eyes a deep brown, with wrinkles sprouting from the corners from smiling through out her years. Behind her was the blurry figure of a man, he was impressively tall, but Cole's memory still could not place a face with the man. He sighed opening his eyes again, remembering his mom and dad, meant a reason to go home and leave his new family. Cole shook the thought from his mind. He would go home. he missed his mom, his dad. He tried to think of siblings but nothing came. He smiled at the gaps in his memory, gives me more time to play. He reached up grabbing Rayne's hand and smiled at her. She returned the gesture by giving his hand a quick loving squeeze and smiling down at him.


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Anyways here it is:

Summary: what happens when the Young Justice team is transported to our earth, from theirs, with no way of getting home? What will they do? How will they cope?

And the sneak peak!:

Wally reached up pushing his wild hair from his face,

"where the h-" Wally's head snapped to the right as he heard a thundering boom come from somewhere over a sandy hill. He pushed his way onto his unreliable, shaky legs and only took a single step before crashing back down onto his knees. Sand flew in all directions making him pull his goggles down to protect his eyes. For the first time since he woke up, Wally looked down realizing that he was in his Kid Flash costume and then took a moment to fully take in his surroundings.

He was in what, to him, looked like a giant sand box, however, he couldn't remember of any sand boxes that were this large. The sand was a golden brown and the dry wind swirled it around, covering all traces of his movements.

He strained to hear anything but was only met by the cry of a lone hawk.

Rob? Superboy? Megan? Aqualad? Artemis? Wally yelled the names of his teammates in his mind, hoping that in some way they were still connected through M'Gann's telepathy. He waited for a minute or so in silence before giving up and continuing his weak journey to the top of the sand dune.

Wally's stomach growled angrily and he pulled open his secret snack compartment in the arm of his costume. He growled when he found it empty. By the time he had staggered to the top of the small hill, he was sweating and his throat was parched. He spun on the unsteady sand and squinted across the blazing horizon, looking for anyone or anything. Wally threw his hands up around his mouth screaming the names of his team members in every direction. Wally tried desperately to remember why he was in a desert, or even which desert he was in, but it was of no use, its like Bialya all over again.

Wally heard a sudden, yet distinct, pop from behind him and spun in time to see a distant explosion of green gas leaving a trail from the ground into the sky,

"A flare—Artemis!" without a second thought, Wally sped off down the hill, sliding and stumbling along the way.