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Carnaby's Battered Rolls Royce pulled up at the Gothic building that was ST Trinian's. After their latest prank that got them in the newspapers, Carnaby wanted his daughter out of that school.
She may have been a drip, but she was still his daughter.

As Carnaby entered the building, it was eerily quiet. He surveyed the place critically. No cycling signs on the staircase, for goodness sake. Defaced photos of the teachers. A glass cabinet full of shrunken heads. A cannon in the corner with a stack of cannonballs next to it.
The more he saw of the place, the more he had to get his daughter out.
Carnaby turned back to the staircase and jumped. A group of angry looking girls had appeared on the staircase. Despite being a grown man, the still scared Carnaby, especially the one dressed from head to toe in black with an eyepatch and bright red fringe, and the tall, dark-skinned girl with a sour expression on her face and muscled arms poking out from a customized white shirt.
She was the one who spoke first. "Wot you doin' 'ere?" she growled in a deep, almost masculine voice.
Carnaby composed himself. "I'm here to see Miss Fritton. I believe she is your headmistress." he said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice, though internally he was quakingin fear. Where was Annabelle? He just wanted to rush out with her and never return.
"She's out. She's at a conference." The girl growled.
"Well, then, I'd like to see the next person in charge."
"That would be the head girl." A different girl said in a high voice, moving forward. Carnaby was instantly scared of her, too; she was tall, with wild, thick dreadlocks and a uniform so customized she might as well have been wearing casual clothes. The only shred of uniform was the St Trinians's badge, sewn onto her strange felt hat.
"Well the, may I see the head girl?" Carnaby was sick of prolonging this horror, and was beginning to wish he'd never come.
"Oi! HEAD GIRL!" The dark skinned girl bellowed.
There was the sound of high heels, then the crowd of girls instantly parted in half to make way for the girl who was coming down now.

She was absolutely the most terrifying of all of them, Carnaby decided. She was very tall, almost his hight, and the massive heels she wore didn't exactly help either. Her face was confident yet intimidating, painted with make-up and framed with billows of deep brown hair styled to perfection. Her uniform, though not as severe as the dreadlocked girl's, was artistic and differed a lot to the original. On top of her brunette head, a strange hat perched, tilted to the side. The girl stood on the step above Carnaby, staring him down until he felt tiny.
"Yes? What do you want?" she asked him in a sharp, deep voice that sent shivers down his spine.
"I- I'm here to see my daughter, Annabelle Fritton."
The girl nodded understandingly yet angrily. "So you're the Anti-Fritton." she started circling him intimidatingly like a panther might stalk his prey.
"I'll get my tongs." the dark-skinned girl interjected.
The head girl sighed, a smug smile creeping onto her lips. "Not yet-"
"I never get to use me tongs!" the girl wailed.
"I said not YET! However, it would be a good Idea to prepare them. I'm pretty sure they'll come in handy this time, Bianca."
The one named Bianca smiled and darted up the shabby stairs. The head girl continued her circling of Carnaby, her high-heeled boots clicking loudly, her deep brown eyes narrowing under their eyeliner. She looked even more like a panther than ever, Carnaby decided. He tried to stay calm, hiding his gulp by straightening his flamboyant necktie.
"I repeat, I am looking for my daughter." he said sharply. "Annabelle Fritton. Miss Fritton's niece."
"Annabelle is-"
"A drip, I know." Carnaby cut the girl off. "A total ugly nerd. She must be bullied to death at this dump- she was at Cheltenham, and that was a decent school." Carnaby babbled haughtily, before stopping himself.
The head girl's manicured eyebrows had shot up her ivory forehead, her eyes wide with fury. The others were totally stunned silent too- he must have offended their school, and the little brats probably loved it.
Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! Carnaby cursed inwardly, fliching. They were probably going to torture him now in some strange way- he shuddered a little as the maculine, dark-skinned girl re-appeared, her hands behind her back, most likely holding some kind of metal tongs.
"What... did you call Annabelle Fritton?" The dreadlocked girl growled, stepping forward. Although he was frightened, Carnaby couldn't help scoffing at her uniform.
"Well, you know, the one that you obviously bully and hate... Where is she, in your dungeons?" Carnaby snickered at his own lame joke. "Walking the plank?" he indicated the cannon. "Tied up with school-ties and hair extensions?"
Before Carnaby knew it, a slash of hot pain lashed across his face. He let out an embarrassingly high-pitched scream and leapt back. For a moment he did not realise what had happened to him- then he saw the head girl, a cruel smile across her face, her hand raised.
"What the-"
Had that girl just slapped him?
"Annabelle Fritton is a respected member of this school!" A girl with oddly styled blonde hair yelled. Carnaby thought she was familiar- some rock singer he had seen in a magazine. She held no interest to him, but the words she spoke did.
"What?" he yelped. "Respected? The girl couldn't be respected if she was among lunatics- OW!" The head girl had slapped the other side of his face.
"How dare you raise a hand to me? You're just like my wife was before she left, stupid idiot, I'm surprised Annabelle didn't get her spirit... What?"
The girls had their arms folded, giving the guy raised eyebrows as if he was missing something important.
"What?" Carnaby repeated. The girl with dreadlocks giggled a little, and the head girl was smirking.
That smirk! It reminded Carnaby so much of his wife...
With a start, the pieces came together. Annabelle was well respected like the head girl, the head girl was like his ex-wife, just like Annabelle...
"NO!" He yelled. The head girl let out an evil laugh.
The girl was his daughter.
"Annabelle!" he whimpered, shrinking down as the girls closed in menacingly. "I didn't mean it! Just a joke! Ha ha!" Giving up on flattering her, Carnaby spun around to make a run for it, only to see that the girls had encircled it.
"Now, Zoe!" Annabelle yelled, and a butch girl dressed entirely in black- except for a bright red fringe- tossed something strange on Carnaby.
"HELP!" he tried to yell, but by then the world had gone black.

Carnaby awoke groggily, groaning. It was dark, and he smiled.
It had been a dream!
He leapt up, then winced as he felt a sting across his cheeks.
"Ouch." he muttered to himself, rubbing his face, which felt like it was burning. "I just had the weirdest dream." Carnaby announced to no-one in particular. "I dreamt that Annabelle was popular and wearing slut clothes-"
"I wouldn't call them slut clothes." Someone snapped from the darkness in an unfamiliar voice. "And Annabelle is popular."
A light shone in his face, causing him to blink.
"Where am I?" Carnaby yelled.
"St Trinian's." Of course. The torchlight reflected into a pale face with painted red lips, framed by dyed-black hair. The girl looked too old to be in school, Carnaby decided, but maybe she was a teacher. His eyes met her furious ones, narrowed angrily.
"Who the devil are you?" Carnaby spat. This girl must not have been a teacher- surely a teacher wouldn't hold him imprisoned in a school.
My natural Fritton charm would make her or him fall in love with me and let me go. He though vainly, staring angrily at the girl.
"Kelly Jones." The girl told him, as if that explained everything.
Carnaby stared at her blankly, before snarling "Never heard of you."
The girl sighed, frustrated. "Former head girl, before your daughter took it up. I still like to visit, and they decided I'm the perfect person to keep you here, because I'll be good at stopping you from escaping."
Carnaby gulped, then shook his silver head. He wouldn't let some stupid girl tell him what to do.
"Well, good luck. I'm leaving now." He said matter-of-factly, pulling himself up and walking towards the door. With a start, he fell across the dark room. He felt numb, then searing pain flared in his chest. He winced and looked up to see that Kelly girl's manicured fist, outstretched towards him. "Don't try to leave. It's just a waste of time."
Carnaby shivered, but refused to be scared.
"Now look here..." Carnaby began, but a frightening look from Kelly shut him up.
"Don't try to get out of here. You insulted us- you're going to pay!"
Despite his composure, Carnaby started to cry.

Did you like it? It's just a really random oneshot I decided to do.