It was hella cold. Hell, Ruri had forgotten to give me a blanket, she was too busy worrying about that hella wimpy guy, Alma. So instead I had to freeze my rocks off in the mansion. Why the hell did they not turn on the heaters? Where the hell were all the maids? Hell, where was that useless butler? I was asking myself a hella lot of questions, and getting hella no answers.

It was also hella dark in the mansion. Dark and quiet and cold, I wished someone would come hellp me. I was also hella bored, and kinda lonely I guess.

"Hello?" I called, full well knowing no one in hell would answer me. "Oh, hell. Where is everyone.."

I resigned myself to a fate, a hell of a boring fate. I supposed I'd just have to wait until they returned from doing whatever the hell they were all doing.

Because I was so bored I fell asleep and had a hella bad dream.

"Hell.. hell.. no .. hell no!" I muttered as I woke up from my dream. What the hell sort of dream was it? Hell, I couldn't remember. But I noticed the mansion was more dark than it was before; super hella dark! Hell, It didn't seem at all like a natural darkness, I swear it was darker than a Darkstones heart.

"What the hell is going on?" I called out.

I thought I saw something move, and it creeped me the hell out. A Darkstone? Was I in a hella lot of trouble? Hell, I didn't want my life to end here!

Suddenly a hella bright light flashed over me; hell! I'm dead? No!

Oh hell, everyone was around me! Ruri and Alma and Kagami, hell even all those maids.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They yelled, with hella big smiles on their face.

"╰ (●/つ/●╰)" I said, blushing a hell of a lot. "H-hell.. You guys!"

Ruri gave me a hella lot of presents, and Alma was even nice to me for the day. The butler was still hella useless, but I ignored him so it was okay.

It was a hella great day.