In the Eyes of a Child


The day was perfect. The breeze was cool and relaxing, the sky was blue and clear; the world seemed very peaceful for once. Maybe it was also because Erasa had her mouth shut for nearly an hour now, Sharpner wasn't busy flirting with the woman who was once his dream girl, and Videl was comfortably snuggled against Gohan's chest.

Of course, Sharpner still liked Videl, but because she and Gohan had been together for quite sometime already --- although the couple kept denying what was obvious --- Sharpner decided to ignore her and look for someone else. It didn't takehim long enough to find her, though. She was just around the corner, plainly unnoticed because he had his eyes on Videl all the time. But that was before.

And of course, the tranquility didn't last long. Erasa finally woke up from her beauty rest and her mouth was, once again, on the run. "Hey, Sharpner! Where are we? How far have we gone? Are we anywhere near the cabin yet?"

"Erasa, relax," he replied as he slowed down the car so it would be safe for him to turn sideways to look at her. "We're going to be there in around half an hour. So, chill."

Erasa turned to look at the couple behind her and began squealing excitedly. "Heard that, you two? We're going to get there pretty soon!"

"Mmm..." Videl mumbled in her sleep, which was most probably an affirmative.

The demi-saiyajin just smiled. "Yeah," he said, but a split-second later a loud rumble was heard in the air.

"What was that?!" Erasa asked, looking around uneasily. She then rested her eyes on Sharpner, who was trying to hold his laughter, but to no avail. "Hey guys, what's going on?! What was that?!"

"Gohan's... stomach..." came Videl's drowsy reply.

The other girl slumped back into her seat in relief. "Well... that's good to hear! But you have to admit, that was scary!"

"Not when you're used to it!" Sharpner blurted out with a short chuckle.

"When do we eat?"

Sharpner did not stop his laugh at that. "Gohan, Gohan... We're half an hour away from our destination. Didn't you bring anything to eat for the meantime?"

His black eyes darted guiltily to the pile of junk food bags --- pile of empty junk food bags --- just beside him. "Umm... I kinda ate everything up already."

"Oh well... you'll have to wait," Sharpner replied with a sly grin. "Damn, my feet hurt, I can't go any faster than 20," he continued to joke as he slowed down the car speed to an 18 KPH.

Gohan didn't get the joke, however. "Can I drive?" he asked innocently, and when the couple started laughing, he said instead, "Can I just lift the car and fly it to where we're going, then?"

"No fun," his girlfriend commented as she shifted into another position, stretched her arms and half-yawned. "For once, Gohan, travel in a car for heaven's sake. Road trips are fun, you know."

"But I'm hungry," he continued to whine. "And nothing's fun when your stomach is empty."

Another sly grin formed on Sharpner's face. "Well, let's make things a little more exciting," he blurted out excitedly as he forcefully stepped on the accelerator and sent the car zooming on the road. It didn't cause much of a shock --- until he spun the wheel and the car took a sudden turn to the right.

"SHARPNER!!" the girls exclaimed as they recovered.

"This is what makes road trips fun," he answered as he took another sudden swerve that sent the girls screaming. As more of his antics came up, Erasa grew paler and paler, and as for Videl, she was practically clinging on Gohan on all fours.

"You're going to get us killed!" Erasa shrieked after Sharpner did another quick swerve.

"Erasa's right, you should be more careful!" Videl added.

He had a mock look of hurt on his face. "Aw, c'mon guys, this isn't so bad, is it?" he asked, his voice heavy with sarcasm. "Why, are you chicken?"

"NO, WE'RE NOT!" they chorused in reply.

"So what's the matter? Let's keep things going!" he exclaimed, but Gohan's reflection on the rear view mirror was a threatening one.

"Cut it out, Sharpner," Gohan warned with a slight glare as he held Videl tight in his arms. However, that totally set the excitement bomb off Sharpner and he stepped it up even more.


"I'm just heating things up a bit!" he mumbled as he gripped the steering wheel, the smirk on his face reaching up to his ears. "Everyone, prepare for the Sharpner special!"

The car took a very sharp left turn that sent his passengers screaming, yelling at him to stop. When he finished his turn, he spun around to address the couple, "How'd ya like that, Videl? I hope you clung to Gohan---"

"SHARPNER!! WATCH IT!!" Erasa once again shrieked, and when he focused back on the road he knew the time had come to pay the price of their fun.

A truck was coming straight towards them.

He hit the brakes and turned the wheel as hard as he could to keep them from crashing into the zooming truck. But because of that sudden, extremely forceful maneuver, it was next to impossible to prevent the car from flipping over.

And it did.

Before the darkness took him, Sharpner told himself that he should have stopped when Gohan told him to...