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A/n: This was a little something written for the Bones Gambler's Anonymous Sextember ficathon.

Prompt: Brennan admits that she has never had sex in a car. She chooses a stakeout with Booth for this confession.

Car Sex

"Do you truly believe he'll come here?"

Booth shrugged. "Well, you know, he had a bad day." Courtesy of one Special Agent Booth and his interrogation room. "When you have a bad day, you want to see the person you love."

Thoughtfully, Brennan nodded. She had noticed that going home to Booth after a troublesome day was very nice. "So you really believe he loves her?"

"I really think he does."

"He was quite adamant that he did not." Though, of course, the fact that they were engaged in this stakeout obviously meant Booth had not believed the man.

"He was, but when he said her name—" He leaned forward when a silver Honda pulled into view. "Well, look at that." Booth snapped a couple of pictures of the car, making sure to get the license plate number. "Fling, my ass. Tell me, Bones, do you go see your ex-lover after you tell the FBI that your little fling is over?"

The car drove slowly to the side of the high rise building and a woman rushed out and quickly got inside. Booth snapped more pictures and then passed the camera to Brennan while he followed at a discreet distance.

"It appears he lied," Brennan conceded, her fascinated gaze landing on Booth. "You knew he had. Even though it's extremely foolish of him, you knew he'd come here." She frowned, puzzled. "Why would he do that? It's completely irrational. If they wish to strengthen their respective alibis, they should be staying as far away from each other as possible."

"Well, sometimes people don't do the rational thing." He gave her a sideways glance and a tiny smile. "Especially when they are in love."

Brennan mulled it over and thought about arguing, but restrained herself. "Do you think they murdered our victim?"

"I don't know, but they sure got motive, don't they?" Booth followed his suspects to a deserted park. He turned off his lights and waited to see what they would do. The couple got out and walked to a bench. "And they lied to me, which just pisses me off."

They talked for a while and it was obvious that their affair was far from over. The woman's head rested on his shoulder. He stroked her hair tenderly and they shared a steamy kiss. Brennan snapped some more pictures. A lie caught with a simple snap. "These will be hard to explain."

"Yeah." Booth shook his head. Brennan was right, those two should have really stayed away from each other, but he knew better than anyone how that was easier said than done. "Even if they didn't kill him, they know more than they're telling me and now I've got leverage."

A few splatters of rain hit the windshield and the couple stopped kissing long enough to run to the car. Booth waited a few minutes, but the Honda stayed put. After another few minutes, he figured the stakeout was over. Even though they were across from the park, Booth made sure to keep his lights off until they were to the end of the street.

"Why are we leaving?" Brennan looked back. "They are still there."

"Yeah, probably having sex," he guessed. "It's fine. We got what we came for. I'll bring them in first thing tomorrow."

"You think they're having sex in the car?"

He chuckled at her surprised tone. "Well, you saw the way they were kissing."

Booth turned the corner, leaving behind their horny suspects, but Brennan was unable to stop thinking of sex. In a vehicle. "Have you ever engaged in vehicular intercourse?"

It took him a moment. "Are you talking about car sex?"


"Then why don't you just say car sex?" Booth griped. She gave him an impassive look that said his stalling attempt had been noted and he sighed. "Um … yeah. Hasn't everyone?"

"I haven't."

Booth looked at her quickly before focusing on the road again. "You serious?"

"Yes." Brennan looked out the window. "Why do you sound so surprised?"

Because this was the woman who'd once told him that she'd had sex in a planetarium. And a yurt—which she'd explained to him and then he'd googled. And a few other weird places he tried to block out because honestly he didn't want to think of her having sex with anyone besides him.

But not in a car. Yeah, that was surprising for sure. How did anyone go through college without getting it on in the backseat of a car? Except this was Bones. She hadn't even had sex until she was practically out of college. His heart squeezed, unexpectedly. Sometimes he forgot that despite everything she'd seen and done, his gorgeous genius was still innocent about so much.

He glanced at her. She looked pensive and maybe a little wistful as she stared out the window. "Bones?"


"Do you … do you want to try it?"


Booth inhaled deeply. Sometimes, she could drive him nuts. "Sex, Bones. In the car."

"With you?"

What? His head whipped around and he saw her sneaky grin. "Funny."

Brennan chuckled and turned a little sideways on the seat. "You want to have sex with me in the car, Booth?"

"I want to have sex with you anywhere." He kept one hand on the wheel and reached out with the other to grab hers. "This cannot be news to you."

Bringing her hand to his mouth, he nipped her fingertips. She gasped a little and squirmed in her seat. Booth smiled and released her hand. A few minutes later, he was parking the SUV in their two car garage and pulling Brennan to the back seat.

"The logistics of this are a bit puzzling." Brennan looked around as he settled her astride his lap. Booth worked on the snap of her jeans with one hand and tugged up her sweater with the other. "It would also seem that I'm not wearing the appropriate attire for this activity."

He'd discarded her top and bra and was so busy fondling her pretty breasts that her words were kind of a buzz. "What?"

"A skirt would likely make this much easier for you," she noted, shifting to help him as he worked a hand between her thighs. "I should make note of …ohhh."

Booth slipped beneath the edge of her panties and burrowed a long finger inside her warmth. She moaned softly and squirmed and stopped analyzing. He smiled against her lips. "You like that?"

"Yes." She threw her arms around him and kissed him avidly. "Oh, yes."

He stroked her lazily, feeling her creamy wetness. His free hand he anchored in her hair as her mouth kissed him with increasing demand. Whimpers and groans echoed in the car and their make-out session escalated quickly.

Booth laughed hoarsely when her eager hands roamed under his T-shirt in a near frenzy. "You in a hurry, Bones?"

"I want you, Booth." She rubbed the bulge of his jeans and fumbled with the zipper. "I want to feel you inside me."

With a groan of surrender, Booth helped her out. It wasn't the most comfortable way to have sex, but that hardly mattered when he stretched out on the seat and pulled her over him. She tugged off his shirt and laughed breathlessly as they maneuvered in the confined space.

He looked up at her and his throat went tight. Her eyes glowed, her smile was full of fun. She was enjoying herself, he realized and the fact that he was the only man to ever give her this made him nearly dizzy.

"Bones," he whispered and she circled her fingers around him and sank into him. "Oh, baby, you're amazing."

She rained delirious kisses over his face and he cupped her bottom and surged up. In the backseat of his car, he rocked her world and she completed his.