Chapter 17


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The little one kept everyone on their toes with acid reflux problems and colic, the only one that calmed her, to everyone's surprise, was Luna.

Hermione was recovering very well. It had been a couple of weeks with very busy days; between learning how to become a family and how to handle Liani's visits, gifts, owls with well wishes, and of course, a small amount of annoying threats.

Harry and Luna had moved to the Manor to be close to their goddaughter, and enjoy the new family. They had settled in the East Wing of the Manor. Even Severus and Constance found the cottage in the property comfortable and adorable. Everyone was surprised when Severus conceded to live close to the dunderheads and Sirius, but he couldn't deny Hermione when she asked him to stay closed to her and Liani. Constance was the one enjoying it the most, the teasing to her husband was the best perk about the decision.

The danger with the Weasley's was always in the back of everyone's mind, and the only thing that clouded the happy moods of the blended family. With Liani's birth and upcoming presentation to the world, every bit of security had tightened; even the elves were on alert.

As for the parents of the child, they were sleep and sex deprived, making for a very cranky family in general. They had been able to enjoy spare minutes here and there, slipping in alcoves and cupboards had been a drastic measure to be intimate, but for some reason, conventional methods had become an impossible task. Sirius was having fun at their expense, teasing them without mercy, catching them in very compromising positions several times.

As for Hermione, her frustration was shown with accidental magic mostly directed to her husband's when she noticed that they had been together without her. Severus explained to everyone that the pregnancy hormones would diminish, but for now, they had to endure the process. "She will be fine once we check her inheritance and give her a clean bill of health."

They had received information from the twins and Bill about Ron and Molly's plans. To this day, Hermione couldn't believe their hatred towards her. What bugged her most was the uncertainty of the situation. She wanted to live her life without worry, and free to enjoy the love of her husbands, her daughter, and her family.

Today was the trip to Gringotts and the first outing for Liani. It was a change to the daily routine and a tiresome preparation for the trip. Between the discussions about situations, positions and the expectations of the test, Hermione was about to scream. She understood the protectiveness of everyone, but they were going overboard for a simple trip to Gringotts.

Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco would be waiting for them at the Leaky Cauldron and the rest of the Charm Clan, with their respective spouses and sons, would be dispersing in all the stores along Diagon Alley.

The plan was simple; they would Floo to the Leaky Cauldron then go directly to Gringotts, stop in the Editorial and return home. If something went wrong, Hermione and Liani would activate the Portkey, removing her and the baby from harm.

Severus and Constance went ahead to Gringotts to wait for them.

Meanwhile, in Diagon Alley, protected by the shadows, were someone waiting for them.

"Stop fidgeting, Ron!" Ginny hissed.

"I can't, I'm nervous," Ron responded, shifting again.

Ginny sighed.

"Are you sure you saw Hermione? I mean, she hasn't been out in weeks," he whined.

"No mistaking that head of hair. Look, we just want to talk, right? We have to make her understand."

Ron made a face. "I don't know. Mum seemed pretty angry. I don't think it's a good idea to put them two in the same room."

He paused, looking up and down the cobblestoned street of Diagon Alley. "What if she doesn't come with us? What if she doesn't want to talk?"

Ginny's face hardened. "We'll make her talk."

Just then, Neville rounded the corner with two other men. Ron tensed for a moment before a small, slender woman followed shortly. She had a glow about her and she was smiling and cooing at the infant she was holding.

Ron tilted his head at the scene in front of him. He hadn't realized how pretty she was and what he was missing.

Suddenly, a picture flashed through his mind at Hermione's bossy ways and her constant head shaking at his antics when they were younger. He felt his heart beat faster and his skin heat with anger. She thought she was better than him. But he knew better; he was a pureblood – a benevolent one. He'd fought for the side of the light; he'd treated Muggle-borns no different than anyone else. How dare Hermione go off without him!

How dare she shake her head at him or berate him for his actions!

He'd make her see. He'd let her know what she was missing!

He heard Ginny whisper a spell that caused Hermione to frown, hesitate in her forward motion, then deviate from the beaten path.

"Hermione?" Faol called when he felt the shift in magic. When he turned, his wife and daughter were walking away from him.

Hermione was moving slowly, fighting whatever spell was cast. She'd felt the dull sensation overcome her and heard a vaguely familiar voice whispering in her head.

NO! She screamed in her mind. She tried to look down at her daughter's face, but she couldn't. She could hear her husband's now calling after her, hear their footsteps, but the voice in her mind told her to stop them.

Waving her hand, she cast a Confundus Charm and moved into a smaller alley and down past the large rubbish bins.

A hand grasped her arm firmly and right as she was released from the spell, she felt the familiar pull of Disapparition.

All she focused on was keeping a strong hold of her daughter. She stumbled when she landed, but was able to keep her balance. Liani was screaming at the sudden mode of nauseating transportation.

"Ugh! Can't you do something about the baby, 'Mione?" Ron said covering his ears.

Hermione knew where she was and who was with. She'd been to the Burrow more often than her parent's home during her teen years. "Ron," she said.

Hermione looked around at the familiar surroundings. "I'm leaving," she said and whispered the words to Disapparate on the spot.

Nothing happened.

"Anti-Apparition wards," Ginny said with a smugness in her voice.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at the self-absorbed Weasley daughter. "What do you want?"

Ginny shrugged. "We want to talk."

"Why not just send an owl instead of kidnapping my daughter and me?"

Ginny sneered and stepped closer, making Liani scream louder. "Face to face is so much more effective. Shut her up!"

Hermione hugged her daughter closer to her breast and shushed the little girl. "It doesn't matter, Ginny. They'll find me and when they do, it'll be Azkaban for the both of you."

"Azkaban?" Ron screeched.

Hermione nodded her head. "Yes, Ronald, Azkaban. Kidnapping is a punishable offense."

"I'm a war hero!" he responded indignantly.

"As am I."

Ginny began walking to the door saying, "No matter. You'll listen or you won't leave."

The words chilled Hermione to the bone. She was a very capable witch, strong magic and a focused mind, but Ginny was powerful as well, with a vindictive nature to accompany it.

When Hermione turned to follow her, she saw the Weasley matriarch standing by the door, waiting for the trio to near.

"Hermione, what a pleasure," Molly greeted, but the smile didn't quite reach her eyes and Hermione thought she saw a brief snarl pass her expression when Molly's eyes roamed the now quiet Liani.

"Mrs. Weasley."

They were all stopped at the door. Molly and Hermione standing squared, eyeing each other. Mrs. Weasley broke the silent battle of wills and moved aside for Hermione, Ginny, and Ron to enter the modest home.

It was a wreck as usual. It smelled of old food left out too long and Ron's sweaty socks. The furniture was mismatched and not well kept, and the wood floors had not been cleaned, much less swept, in what looked like weeks.

Molly could cook, but she wasn't a great house keeper. Hermione and Harry were usually the ones who would clean up in an effort to pay the Weasley's back for their kindnesses during the war.

Hermione remembered one summer weekend where she, Harry and Fleur cleaned every inch of the home only to have Molly complain that it didn't have the 'lived in' feel to it anymore.

Fleur and Hermione had shared an exasperated look then dispersed to prevent an argument.

"I want to leave."

Molly smiled and motioned towards the kitchen. "No, dear, not yet."

Hermione sighed, focusing her energies on her husband's. They would find her, she just knew it.

The four sat down on the bench of the outdoor picnic table turned indoor kitchen dining table and waited for Molly to pour the tea.

"Hermione, we can forgive you the child. Once you marry Ronald, you will have others, but it would be best if you let those… those…" Molly was at a loss for words.

"Half beings," Ginny supplied.

Molly perked up. "Yes! It would be best if you let them raise –her."

If Molly was a wiser person, she would have been able to recognize the signs of danger once she uttered that sentence. Hermione stood calmly, trying not to disturb Liani, and spoke in a very low tone. It was a tone Ginny and Ron recognized as dangerous.

"Her? Her, Molly Weasley, is my daughter. Her is the reason for me to look for a better and brighter future. Her is the fusion of my LOVE with her fathers. Her is my joy, my strength and the part of me that you will never sully, because you are a crazy woman." Hermione took a breath to calm her raging emotions. "Now, Liani and I are leaving and I don't want to see you three ever again. If I do, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Azkaban will be nothing compared to what I will do to you three if you touch a hair on Liani's head."

Hermione turned on her heel and began to walk out, but was stopped by an invisible barrier that surrounded the area.

"Hermione, you are not going anywhere. See, the thing is, if you want that thing to live, you will do as we say. Once you marry my Ronald, everything will be in its rightful place and we can have our happily ever after," Molly said in a crazy tone.


"NO? We are saving you from a life full of shame and sorrow!." Ron exclaimed.

That was it. Hermione's patience was running thin. She faced the three Weasley's with tight resolution. "I hope you understand that I can forgive you your trespasses and will never think of you again after today."

Hermione closed her eyes for a moment, focusing on shielding Liani from any harm. Molly and Ginny recognized the spell and smiled at the perceived futile attempt.

"You can do nothing, Hermione. You can't leave. We put wards around the premises. They won't find you. They probably aren't even looking for you; a boring, bookworm, Mudblood," was Ginny's contribution.

"Mrs. Weasley, didn't I warn you of the consequences that you will suffer from calling my daughter that awful word months ago?" Severus said menacingly.

Hermione nearly fainted with relief at the familiar voice. "Severus," she whispered.

With tears in her eyes, she looked around at the angry faces of her saviors. Even the Charmed Clan was present with wands drawn and battle-ready stances.

Hermione moved swiftly into the arms of Faol and Neville, while Terry took Liani and hugged her close. The little girl opened her bright eyes and cooed at the warmth of her father's arms.

Constance waved her wand dismantling the Anti-Apparition wards. Severus watched his wife with pride, nodding in appreciation for her bouncing breasts and swaying hips. He was confident that the Weasley's would try nothing as even they knew when to stand down.

"This is no longer a warning, Mrs. Weasley. You, Ron and Ginny will be tried and sentenced," said Harry, casting a spell to bind the three. Just then, three Aurors walked forward to take them into custody.

Molly began screaming, Ginny tried to run away, and Ron just fell to the ground in tears. Hermione, still in her husbands' embrace, watched from a safe distance.

After they were gone and Hermione's family had made sure that she and the baby were unharmed, Narcissa took Liani and Apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Severus took Constance by the arm and Disapparated with a loud crack to their cottage. All he could think about was seeing her clothes in a puddle by her feet and getting his hands on her naked hips.

Once inside the privacy of their home and once his wife was disrobed with a quick spell, he dropped to his knees simultaneously latching onto one of her nipples and thumbing her clit.

She yelped in surprise, but succumbed quickly to the sensations.

Hermione was whisked away and dropped onto the first flat surface of their home. The three men made a production of removing her clothing and kissing every inch of disclosed skin. She loved every minute of it, sighing with pleasure, and moaning at their hot breath.

Three pairs of large, calloused hands spread her legs, pinched her nipples, and caressed her body.

Three sets of lips placed open-mouthed kisses on her breasts, her shoulders, and the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

Three tongues licked their way to swirl around her areola, trace a path from her ear to her pulse point, and taste the sweet nectar of her slit.

She bucked her hips as Neville suckled her clit, while Faol held her legs spread. Terry swallowed her screams of ecstasy with a consuming kiss.

Seeing stars and still feeling the effects of their ministrations, Hermione was lifted and carried into their bedroom for some much needed tender loving care.