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A Random idea that occurred between myself and another Admin on our HP FaceBook Page: The 7 HP Books Are My 7 Horcruxes, without them I wouldn't have a Life.

I, SailorSilvanesti [Admin: Phoenix Fire 3] & the ever-awesome, iloveyou-DracoMalfoy [Admin: Mrs Malfoy] were bored and thought, WTHogwarts, why not make a Harry Potter version of the South Park Song, The F Word?

Here it is!

~*50th Story!*~

~*The F Word*~ HP Style…


Professor: Okay children, today we're going to start off with a few new Math problems...what is 5 x 2?

Come on children, don't be shy!

Harry: I think I know the Answer Professor!

Draco: !

Harry: Shut up, Fat Boy!

Draco: Hey! Don't Call Me Fat you Firebolting Mudblood!


Professor: Draco, did you just say the F word?

Draco: Mudblood?

Harry: No, he's talking about Firebolt. You can't say Firebolt in school you Firebolting fat-Auror!

Professor: HARRY!

Draco: Why the Firebolt NOT?

Professor: DRACO!

Ron: Dude! You just said Firebolt again!

Professor: RON!

Neville: *muffled* Fooo...

Professor: NEVILLE!

Draco: What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anyone!

Firebolt FireboltyFireboltyFirebolt

Professor: How would you like to go see the School councillor?

Draco: How would you like to suck my Bludgers?

Professor: What did you say?

Draco: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what I said was...HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BLUDGERS... Professor Phoenix Fire?

Harry: ...Holy Snitch Dude...

****YOU ARE MOST WELCOME, Mrs. Malfoy & I thoroughly enjoyed making this random piece for your enjoyment!^^~SailorSilvanesti/Phoenix Fire***

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