Shots ringing out are soon muffled by flesh
lipstick smears, acrid, bitter and bright

Body falls down.

Patterns on nightgown like red roses in vertigo
hands stretched to the ceiling and a shower of red
a shower of blood
a lurch in my stomach
the petals fall

Last moments are deafening, roar of hurricanes,
bleeding the red out into the carpet
bleeding my fucking everything away

World ends.

the first time the voice comes it scares and confuses
but before the screen blanks it pulls my mind free
and settles inside it


Awakening, not I now but We
and We speak to the world inside of our heads
filling the vacuum with static and chatter

Experience, emotion, too much, and the red rose falls again
hands stretch once more to the ceiling
this time it is We who hold the knife
and the pattern goes on
and on
and the shower of blood burns bright in the night
and helps Us