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Sam stood at the edge of the stage, looking up at the D.A. The lawyer seemed fairly worse for wear, his face was white, his shoes covered in vomit. He was looking at the fallen police sergeant, but seemed to be in shock. Sam hefted himself onto the stage and clapped him on the back to raise him from his stupor.

Mike looked up at the young hunter's face. "I feel….."

"I know" Sam replied. "Been there, possessed by that. Not a good feeling"

Mike waivered and Sam grabbed his elbow.

"Ah, maybe you should sit"

He helped the D.A. to the edge of the stage and sat him down, then turned to Lou, who was starting to groan. He was regaining consciousness, so Sam dragged him over to Mike, and away from Carin's body.

Mike helped Lou sit up. "What do you remember?" he asked him softly. Lou's eyes were wide, his face white and a greasy sweat had broken out on his forehead.

"Everything. I remember it all"

"Aw man, that sucks" Mike placed a comforting arm around Lou's shoulders. "Are you all right? Are you going to throw up?"

Lou shook his head and rubbed his brow.

Mike turned to Sam as he jumped down from the stage. "What do we do now?" he weakly groaned.

Sam gave him a grimace. "Well, you can sit there until you're sure you're not gonna hurl again while I go and check on my brother."

"And then?" He turned his head and looked at Lou, then back at Sam. "What are we supposed to do about all this? What happens now?"

Sam shook his head. "You're asking me? Well, here's the thing, guys. You and your cop buddies nearly killed my brother, you caused the death of more girls while you had me and Bobby tied up trying to help Dean and not hunting the demons." He ran an exasperated hand through his hair, then took a large breath.

"And now, to me, it sounds like you want us to clean up this mess into a nice tidy package, so you both can go home and sleep at night."

He folded his arms and looked down. When he looked back up, his eyes were bright with tears. "You see, Mike, Lou, we don't get to sleep at night. Nothing's ever a nice tidy package for people like me and Dean. Bobby's in a wheelchair because of a demon. My brother went to hell because of a demon. We've lost all of our family, most of our friends, all because of demons and this job."

He swiped angrily at his eyes. "Look, I get it, I do, I know this is all a bit much for you to take in, and you're scared and worried and sure your life has changed forever, but you know what? I don't care"

Mike looked shocked. "What? I don't get it, you come here and.."

"No, dude, no. We did not come here and change things. We came here to stop girls getting killed, and get rid of whatever was doing that. The demons changed things. They ruined your life, not us, man, not us. Maybe if you hadda been a little more professional and a little less brutal…"

Bobby had wheeled up unnoticed as Sam and the men were talking. "This could have all gone a completely different way if you'd just have listened to Dean when he tried to tell you he was innocent. Maybe next time you'll think twice before bashing someone's brains in"

Lou dropped his eyes and Mike turned red.

"Don't lay all of this on us. You two were impersonating federal agents!"

Sam shook his head. "After all we've told you, after all you've been through, you're trying to justify what you did? Lay blame on us? Dude, that's low"

He turned to Bobby. "How's Dean?"

"He's resting fine. Let's just get outta dodge and put this whole thing behind us"

"Fine by me" and he stormed off to the back of the theatre. Mike looked at Lou.

The cop shrugged and looked down at the chair bound hunter. "Where are we? Where is this place?"

Bobby took off his cap and scratched his head, then tucked the cap firmly back in place. "You mean the theatre, as in what town are we in?"

Lou nodded.

"Well, we aint in Kansas anymore, Toto" He turned the chair, then looked back over his shoulder at the two confused men. "You guys can clear up here, right? I think we've done enough for you, don't you agree?"

Lou gave him a ghost of a smile. "Thanks, yes, we can fix this. I don't know how, but we'll think of something." He turned to his best friend. "Won't we, Mike?"

Mike ducked his head. "Yeah. Yeah, we will. I'm sorry, I really am. I was, just, you know, pissed, and confused, and I guess a bit overwhelmed, but you guys, you really saved our lives, and the lives of those girls, and Denise…" he looked towards the back of the theatre. "Where is she? We should probably keep her with us, get all our stories straight. We can get her home, too"

"Good thinking. And I don't think we really need to have her hanging around us" Bobby wheeled off towards the back of the theatre.

Sam was hunched over his brother and looked up as Bobby stopped beside him. "He's sleeping, still. We're about nine hours from Dean's car, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to jack us one to get back. What're the law guys gonna do?"

Bobby shrugged. "Don't know, and don't care. They are taking her with them, though" he pointed at Denise.

The girl shook her head frantically. "No, I wanna stay with you guys!"

Bobby frowned, and Sam touched her hand, his face a forced smile. "I think you'd be better off with uncle Lou and Mike, they're both okay now, the things that were making them do the weird stuff are dead. Besides" he turned up the puppy dog eyes "You shouldn't really get into a car with three strange men"

She smiled back at him, appreciating his little twist on her earlier comment. "All right then, but how do I thank you guys? I mean, you guys did everything to save us, your brother nearly died, I feel like I should be doing something, anything, to say thanks!"

Sam huffed a little laugh. "You just did, and that's all we need. That, and go along with whatever story your uncle comes up with. Deal?"

She threw herself at him, her arms wrapped around his neck, and he fell back with the force of her enthusiasm. Bobby laughed until she unwrapped from Sam and threw herself at the older man. "You smell like my grandpa" she whispered to him, and he peeled her off him with a frown.

"Um, thanks?" he murmured, and she waggled her eyebrows at them.

"Well, thanks again, you guys. And tell your brother that I said thank you. And give him a big kiss for me"

Sam chuckled. "Yeah, Sure. I'll kiss him for you" Denise skipped off to the men on the stage. "When pigs fly" Sam added and Bobby laughed at him.

"Well, boy, get off yer ass and get us a ride, I wanna be outta this joint before the law guys decide to make this a party"

Sam jumped up. "I'll be quick" and he was off through the vestibule to the outer door, which opened quite easily this time, after a helpful hunter kick.

Dean groaned and forced his eye open. "Where the fuck am I?" he complained, trying to sit up.

Bobby wheeled a little closer and offered him a hand, helping shuffle to some semblance of a sitting position. "Best we wait on that till Sam gets us a ride. Can you stand?"

Dean looked down at his legs, then back at Bobby. "Why wouldn't I be able to stand?" He tried to pull himself up, but slumped back down. "Bobby? You better tell me what went down here, and what the hell's wrong with me, right now!"

Sam chose that moment to slam the door open in the little vestibule, making them all jump.

He rushed over to his brother, and fell to his knees. Grabbing him up, he stood the shorter man, but didn't let him go, he hugged him tight in a relieved embrace.

Dean pushed back from him but waivered and nearly tumbled over, so Sam reached for him again, this time only holding him enough to steadying the swaying.

"Dude, what is going on?" Dean looked more than worried, and Sam gave him a reassuring smile.

"Let's get to the car, I'll explain it all once we're on our way"

"To where? Where are we going, and what the hell happened here?"

Bobby pushed passed him. "Aw, stop yer whining and get to the car. You heard your brother, he'll explain on the way"





Dean sipped his hot coffee carefully and frowned at his surrounds. "Smells like cat pee" he grumbled.

"Dude, you said that already, like five times" Sam replied, steering the tiny Japanese car along the highway. "This was the closest car and the easiest to jump. We'll be back with your baby soon enough" he looked at the review mirror, still pleased that Dean was able to sit up and bitch after hovering so close to death just hours before.

Bobby turned and handed a brown paper bag. "You want another donut?" he called to the back seat.

"No" Dean answered, taking the bag and fishing out one anyway. "So, seriously, a demon worked healing mojo on me? No strings attached?"

"Yeah, weird as that is, he kept up his side of the bargain" Bobby answered.

Dean shook his head and immediately regretted the movement as his brain pounded its discomfort behind his eyelids. "Are you sure there's no side effects, like someone losing their soul in a year or ten?"

Sam handed his empty cup to Bobby. "We didn't make a deal, like I told you, it was 'an agreement'. Totally different"

"And you ganked the demon anyway, even though he kept up his side of the 'agreement'?"

Sam made eye contact with Dean in the rear view. "Yeah. Why?"

Dean gave his a raised brow and a crooked smile. "Cold. And the right thing to do. Like I said before, you so bad ass" he sipped from his coffee cup and looked thoughtful. "Seriously, dude, you did a great job, going all hard assed lawyer, and sorting out those demons. I'm grateful. Really"

Sam smiled back at him, pleased that his brother had showered some rare praise his way.

"Okay girls, if you've had enough kissing up to each other, there's something I wanna bring up"

Sam cleared his throat. "Yeah, sure, Bobby, what is it?"

Bobby flipped his empty cup, along with Sam's, onto the floor of the smelly car. "I think we gotta hit Denise's house after we get back into town, find that box a stuff she told us about. We need to relieve her of all of the spells and summoning rituals, so she don't get tempted to stir up any trouble in the future."

"Sounds like a plan" Sam answered. "How far out are we now?"

"Bout three hours. You still okay drivin'?"

Sam nodded and looked into the rear view. "Bobby, can you grab Dean's cup, please?"

The senior hunted turned as best as he could and reached behind him to grab the cup as it started to tip over. Dean shifted slightly, his head slumped against the door, softly snoring.

"Aw, he's so cute when he's asleep" Bobby quipped.

Sam sighed. "I'm just glad he's better. Well, better than he was before."

"We copped a break on this one. Not that it started out in a good place" Bobby drank the last of Dean's coffee. "Still, all in all, we're alive, the bad guys are gone, I'd say a job well done"

"Do you think he'll let me get him checked out by a doctor once we get back to your place?"

Bobby huffed. "Not a hope in hell, son"





Dean stumbled into the kitchen, still wiping sleep from his eyes. Sam handed him a cup filled with steaming coffee.

"How you feeling?" Bobby asked him.

"Just peachy."

"You sure?" Sam asked him.

"What's with all the mother hen crap?" Dean frowned back at them.

Sam pulled out a chair from the table. "Well, we got a job. You remember Donna? Our old baby sitter?"

Dean got a far away look on his face. "Yeah. I remember her" he smiled.

"Well, she needs our help. Bobby can always get someone else if you need more time.."

"No problem if you need to take a little more R & R" Bobby reassured him.

"It's been two weeks. I'm good. Stop fussing over me, you'll get your apron all twisted"

Sam smiled at Bobby. "I guess he's all right"

"Better than all right" Dean grinned at them both. "Damn legendary. Let's do this"

Sam smiled. "Maybe hit the shower first, dude. If I gotta drive for hours with you, I'd rather you smelled a bit better"

Dean snorted and made a face, but sat his cup down and headed off to the bathroom.

Sam leaned back against the counter and sighed at Bobby. "It's only been two weeks. You sure he's strong enough to do this?"

Bobby ran his hands down his face. "If you keep him on the bench much longer he'll climb the walls. He's fine. Old Lou-demon fixed him just right. You boys go. Help the lady. Hunt a normal job for a change"

Sam nodded. "Sure thing, Bobby" He tilted his head to one side as the sound of Dean's singing off key in the shower filtered back to them.

He grinned and Bobby started to laugh.

It was the last time he'd laugh that year…..

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