The whole area was in mayhem. Ghosts were swarming everywhere trying to take down the Midori family and the Ruka family. All Tsuzuki could think was 'what a mess this turned out to be.' But he was also focused on the boy in front of him. His lover who was currently possessed by an evil spirit and he had to harm his lover in order to rescue him. He didn't want to do it but he was the only one who could.

Tsuzuki summoned Byakko knowing that he had to paralyze Hisoka in order to get this to work. Ruka Nagisa had turned up hearing all the commotion outside she brought along with her some chains to bound Hisoka when he was paralysed so she could finally perform the cleansing ritual that had been awaited by all Ruka family members for many years now. She would take Kaori's soul out of Hisoka's body and then they could finally make her move on so everybody else kept there from her rage could move on too.

Tsuzuki was surprised at how fast Hisoka could move though he supposed it was from Kaori's power. He was having trouble at throwing Hisoka off guard; he kept floating away and teleporting making it hard for Byakko to locate him. Tsuzuki would not lose and he wouldn't give up until he had Hisoka back and safe in his arms. He had promised Hisoka he would never leave him and he wouldn't no matter what happened. He loved Hisoka dearly and he didn't want to see him get hurt.

He kept hearing both Hisoka and Kaori's voices mixed together. Hisoka was saying "don't leave me! I don't want to be alone! I want to be by you side only! Please Tsuzuki help me!" And Kaori was saying "Kei why did you betray me? Why did you leave me alone? Because you died everyone else had to die as well!" He could hear all the feelings of pain and betrayal and loneliness in both of their voices and Tsuzuki knew that because of what he tried to do in Kyoto Hisoka was in so much pain.

Tsuzuki knew that he would have really hurt Hisoka if he had succeeded but he also knew that if he had Hisoka would have gone with him. He knew Hisoka would be willing to die with him when he threw himself against Tsuzuki clinging on as tight as he could manage spilling out every thing that he felt towards Tsuzuki. How being by Tsuzuki's side was the only place for him and how he didn't want to be alone anymore. He snuggled against Tsuzuki in a desperate manner as if searching for comfort and Tsuzuki provided it; he pulled the boy against him and held on tightly.

Tsuzuki couldn't give up on Hisoka and he would prove to him that he would never leave the boy alone again no matter what, he wouldn't let go of him. He wanted to show Hisoka how much he loved him and he wanted to always be together with him like they promised. They promised to be together forever for always and that's how he always wanted it to be. He was happy to spend eternity by Hisoka's side and he had never loved anyone as much as he loved Hisoka. Hisoka was his one true love and his soul mate and also his best friend there was no way he could let him go now.

With pure determination and love by his side Tsuzuki managed to accomplish it. Hisoka was paralysed and it gave them the opportunity to save Hisoka or lose him forever. Nagisa dashed over to Hisoka and bound his wrists and ankles. Hisoka couldn't move and he didn't struggle. Surrounding him were the many spirits of shrine maidens and priests who had failed to cleanse Akiko Kaori.

She took out a knife and cut along Hisoka's abdomen. She began chanting and in her hands she was grasping the spirit of Akiko Kaori. Something inside Tsuzuki sparked and Midori Kei exited from Tsuzuki's soul. Kaori just looked at him in stunned silence and Kei smiled sadly at her. "Kaori I have so much I want to say to you. But the most important thing to say is. I'm so sorry I wanted so much to explain what happened to me to my family but I couldn't and because of me and my carelessness you ended up dying along with your family." Kei paused.

"I'm sorry I left you behind and I'm sorry you got the blame for it but now it stops I have to put an end to this mess because I caused it. Will you come with me Kaori? I want to be together forever with you and now we can be together forever. Will you help me make this right?" And with those words at last spoken to her Kaori's spirit began to feel with the light she had always hidden deep inside of her and she grasped Kei's hand.

"Yes it's time for this to end I'm sorry Tsuzuki, Hisoka and Tomoyo and I'm especially sorry to you Nagisa for everything but it's all over now. The malice that was filled inside my soul is finally gone and I'm finally free. Thank you for purifying my soul I can move on now." Kei and Kaori disappeared and all the other spirits having heard everything all became free of hatred and malice.

Leading the way Kaori and Kei stepped inside the door all the others following them. They all thanked Tsuzuki, and Hisoka who was unconscious and Nagisa for helping them became free of the consuming hatred that they all felt. Tsuzuki closed the door and then ran to Hisoka's side. He lifted his head and shook the boy. Hisoka finally opened his eyes. "Hisoka!" Tsuzuki cried. "Tsu-Tsuzuki? Is that you?" He asked. "Yes Hisoka it's me. I'm here Hisoka and I'll never leave you alone again."

"Tsuzuki everything is so dark and I'm scared." Hisoka answered. Tsuzuki looked closely at Hisoka and found that his eyes weren't looking directly at him. His eyes were damaged, how badly he didn't know yet but he had to get him back home to find out. He lifted Hisoka into his arms and teleported him back to Meifu. He found out from Watari that Hisoka's eyes were only temporarily damaged and they would recover soon enough. But for now Hisoka had to wear a blindfold so he wouldn't damage them more.

Tsuzuki held Hisoka in his arms the whole time knowing that they still had a lot waiting for them on the road ahead. Hisoka would be traumatised for a while and there was still a trial to be run on how serious what Hisoka did was, but that was to wait until Hisoka had completely recovered physically from his wounds. Hisoka had been through hell and it was surprising that he was still alive after that. But that wasn't the end of it. Hisoka's trial and the return of Muraki were lurking just around the corner...