Tsuzuki Asato was in a bit of a panic. He wanted to ask his partner Kurosaki Hisoka if he would like to attend the New Year festival with him but didn't know how to put it into words. Sure Tsuzuki had been on dates before but he had never exactly fallen in love. He was in love with his partner and was hoping to tell him that night. He decided to have a shot at it anyway and went over to Hisoka's apartment.

Hisoka answered the door holding his black cat Akira in his arms. When Tsuzuki had first come over to Hisoka's apartment he had been a bit stunned to find out that he kept a pet cat. Hisoka explained that it was a present from Watari so he wouldn't get lonely but Akira was the grumpiest cat you could ever know. He only liked Hisoka at first and was very protective over him. Tsuzuki remembered it all so clearly.

"Hey Hisoka!" Tsuzuki had cried out cheerfully. "What do you want Tsuzuki?" Hisoka had asked. "I just found out where your apartment was and decided to drop by and see how you were doing!" In truth it was just after Tsubaki had died and Tsuzuki was worried about Hisoka. Hisoka had only made an acknowledging noise and let him past. When Hisoka came to sit down his cat had jumped in his lap.

"Oh you keep a cat?" Tsuzuki had asked. Hisoka nodded scratching the cat behind the ears absentmindedly. Tsuzuki had found out that the cats name was Akira and that he had been a present from Watari. Tsuzuki tried to stroke the cat but ended up with a few scratches it seemed that Akira was only fond of Hisoka and also very overprotective. Watari had arrived to his house covered in scratches which put Hisoka off at first but they both grew used to each other.

Tsuzuki was now on friendly terms with the cat too now. He no longer hissed and scratched Tsuzuki in fact he let him stroke him now so it was all well in that situation but Akira still took his place on Hisoka's lap because Hisoka was warm apparently. "What can I do for you Tsuzuki?" Hisoka asked. It had been a year since Kyoto so they were on polite terms with each other. Things had changed a lot since Hisoka's plea in the flames of Touda.

Tsuzuki knew he had to ask him sooner or later otherwise he would only piss Hisoka off by hiding it. 'May as well just go ahead and ask.' He thought to himself. "I came to ask if you would like to go to the New Year festival with me." Tsuzuki told him. "You want me to go with you? Is it going to be like a date or something?" "If you don't want to then I won't force you." "No I-I'd like to go with you Tsuzuki." Hisoka stammered out.

Tsuzuki was happy that he had asked Hisoka. They met up at the shrine Hisoka looked really smart in a traditional festival kimono. Tsuzuki couldn't help but notice how beautiful he had looked. They looked around the festival stalls for a bit and went to pray at the shrine. It was really dark by the time they had finished and Tsuzuki knew how edgy Hisoka would get in the dark so he took a hold of the boys hand.

They stopped for a while in one of Tsuzuki's favourite places. Fireflies would always be there and it would ease Hisoka's fears a little bit. They watched them for a while still holding hands and they were both at peace there. A strange sight to see was a sapphire blue butterfly landing on Hisoka's palm. He noticed Hisoka look quite sad after it had flown off. "What was that about?" Tsuzuki asked concerned.

"That butterfly was possessed by the soul of a sick child I could hear her thoughts and see her memories." Tsuzuki didn't know at the time but the butterfly had also told Hisoka something else but Hisoka didn't want to mention it. Tsuzuki took Hisoka back to his apartment. "Umm thank you for tonight Tsuzuki..." Hisoka said shyly. "It was no problem you seemed like you needed a night out." Hisoka smiled blushing then he stretched up on his tiptoes and kissed Tsuzuki on the cheek.

"See you at work Asato." Hisoka said walking into his house. "Tsuzuki smiled and waved. He hadn't gotten around to telling Hisoka his feelings but he was sure that he would get the chance to. Little did he know that there was something approaching the Shinigami in Meifu that would change their lives forever...