The League and their Creators

'So…where to start'

Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson were sat in the living room of Reece's house, planning series 4 of The League of Gentlemen and they were stuck for ideas.

'How about' started Reece 'we bring the Dentons back?'

'I'm not sure, we could always create a few more' Mark added.

'Wow who would have thought it could be this hard' said Jeremy

'Maybe we could include Mr Ingleby, from the radio show' Mark suggested

'Maybe, but we do have a lot of shopkeeper characters' Reece said, rubbing his eyes, before getting up to walk to the kitchen, 'Cuppa tea anyone?'

Following many nods from the rest of the team Reece walks out, deciding to cheer everyone up by walking like Papa Lazarou.

After a few laughs, the topic got back to brainstorming ideas.

'Steve, mate, are you ok? Bit quiet' asked Jeremy

He was away in his own thoughts; his sleepless nights now the baby was here were catching up to him. 'What? Yeah just tired'

'Mate if you want you can go home, we've been here all day and not thought of anything' said Reece as he came back with some mugs of tea.

Steve looked at the clock, it was 11pm and none of them had a single idea. Usually it was so easy to make each other laugh and come up with new concepts but with a fourth series comes its challenges. Many cups of tea had been drunk and nowhere to start the adventure of Royston Vasey.

'Alright, I'm off' started Steve 'Round mine tomorrow?'

'If you don't mind' said Jeremy with a smile, 'hopefully we'll have more luck then'

Mark and Jeremy shared a taxi back not long after, leaving a tired Reece with his thoughts.

'Sometimes' he muttered to himself 'I wish we could go to Royston Vasey, ask the characters what they want'

Short I know but the next chapter will be longer

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