'Barbra, could you stop here, we can walk the rest of the way' Mark said, leaning over to the drivers side.

'Alright love that'll be £5.50'

The three climbed out of the car and started down the familiar streets, chatting and laughing as they did.

This is nice, Steve thought, not worrying about writing or the ki-


'We should call, not that they'd believe us.' Mark said

So one by one they called their spouses, Ian – Marks other half, took it the best of the three. And both Steve's and Reece's wives decided it would be good for the men to take some time off together. Before their families they had been inseparable – something that Steve missed, so once everything was sorted he got everyone back to enjoying this weird but wonderful opportunity.

It wasn't long before they were stooped again. This time by an acne ridden man holding a camera.

'Hello there, my name is Dean Taveloris', he said in an odd part American showbiz accent. 'I am out on the streets of Royston Vasey, impressing people with me magic twicks, power of the human mind sir?'

With that the boy offered a hand of cards to Steve, 'Pick a card sir'. Steve did, showed the others and replaced it in the deck. Dean went off talking to the camera, showing it cards as Reece watched, amazed. Reece, being a magician and –more importantly - being Dean watched his every move. The whole thing was surreal; his thoughts were cut short by Dean returning with a triumphant,

'Is this your card?'

Steve simply nodded, 'Yep, that's the one, okay gotta run', and with that the League walked away. After walking for a minute Mark leaned in,

'That wasn't your card, was it?'

'Nope', Steve admitted, 'but the kid needed a break'.

Walking up to the door they heard a loud, high pitched voice


None other than Barrington 'Barry' Baggs.

'Get in', Steve said quickly.

Reece, Mark and Steve were laughing as they walked into the living room, however that was quickly cut short.

'Hello Dave'

Shit. They didn't know what he wanted but it they knew it wouldn't be good. Theman who was sat, lounging on their sofa, slowly rose. Reece looked him up and down. He was wearing a long coat – the inside lined with wooden clothes pegs, a brown waistcoat and a top hat. His face was black, with thick white outlining his eyes and mouth. Everyone thinks that the League were high whilst writing Papa, understandably. Reece found it so much fun to play, but looking at the character now, alive. He was scared.

'Wanna buy some pegs Dave? I've got some pegs belonging to you…'

Reece laughed, he didn't know why, but the whole thing was mental. Thinking about it he realised, none of the men had actually stopped to think about how they would get home. Reece's laugh had brought Papa Lazarou's attention to him.

'Autom…Prou…Kana, chickbana'

Reece relaxed slightly, putting on his Papa voice and making up words,

'Praytou… catnip, catnip ayyee shlofawn.'

This was hilarious to Mark and Steve, watching their freind trying to out-papa Papa Lazarou.

Papa's black eyes flashed and Reece was immediately scared as the black and white man laughed.

'You're my wife now'.

Mark and Steve looked at each other, confusion wiped across their faces. But they quickly realised the seriousness of the situation as Papa Lazarou picked up Reece and threw him over his shoulder.

Thoughts flew around Reece's mind. What the fuck is going on? What happens to them after we stop filming? Oh my ass is actually quite nice!

Papa ran out of the door, Mark and Steve left at the porch shouting after them


They ran out after the horse-drawn cart, Reece's face full of fear looking out of the back, however they couldn't catch up. Much to their luck a piece of paper flew out of from the cart.

Papa Lazarou's

Pandemonium Carnival

Real Freaks!